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28 Monday, January 10,2011 —yYourBorough DAILY NEWS)OaiiNews om SOUNDVIEW PARK PLANS Group seeks art, music for 205-acre Bx. site BYDANIEL BEEKMAN THE SAME. PARKS initiative that produced the Bronx River Al Tne and the High Bridge Coal tion is looking for friends friends of Soundview Park, that ‘The Catalyst for Neighbor hood Parks initiative is bulding support for a new Friends of Soundview Park group, while bringing free at, concerts and ft ness programsto the park The park is beautiful, but it needs programs.” said Carlos Martine. staffer at Partnership for Parks, which oversees the in titive.“We wantto upportlocal ‘groups and help them take more ‘ownership othe park Launched 15 years ago, the i titive follows up on improve ments to parks in underserved neighborhoods. Te brought local community groups together in 1997 to form fhe nonprofit Bronx River Alli “The initiative also. produced the High Bridge Coalition, now working to reopen the histori High Bridge between the Bronx and Manhattan (Over the next several years, the city plans to build new play grounds. and baseball fields at Soundview Park, plus a running trackandamphitheatr. ‘A new Soundview Park boat launch and Bronx River green sway arealready complete Community Board 9 parks committee member Walter Nes terblasted Parksforcuttingback ‘on promisedimprovements But the Catalyst initiative is based on the idea that new play grounds arenot enough, sid Js ‘on Schwarz, director of Partner Ship for Parks, comprised of Parks and the City Parks Founda Neighbor and artist Lucy Aponte was thiled when Sound view Park was picked for the {our yearCatalystinitatve ‘She loves to stroll along the Bronx Riverlookingforrabbits Now Aponte belongs to ‘edging Friends of Soundview Park group backed by the initia tive Last summer, she taught “re le-t-art” workshops in the park, making kites out of maga: Zines and maracas out of used In the past, litter choked the waterfront of the 205-acre park land neighbors thought of tas a Inangoutfordrug dealers. Last September, the park hos eda festival that included healthy cooking courses and sports. Last ‘Summer, a SummerStage concert Starring Latin jazz logend Ede Palmieri drew a record 1,500 mu: sicfanstothe park ‘We want to take back the park,” said Aponte, “Some peo ple think poor folks don't care bout art and culture. But they ae,