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The main objective of this research is to find various financial strategies which can
be adopted to uplift the Sick Public sector enterprise in India, In this project a live
case will be studied on “HMT LIMITED”. The Project will include Industrial Analysis &
Financial Analysis of the company, the Valuation of the company for Divestures,
Disinvestment, takeovers etc. and the recommendation.


• Incorporated in 1953 by the Government of India as a Machine Tool

manufacturing company.
• Over the years diversified into Watches, Tractors, Printing Machinery, Metal
Forming Presses, Die Casting & Plastic Processing Machinery, CNC Systems &
• Successful technology absorption in all product groups through collaborations
with world renowned manu- facturers & further strengthened by continuous
inhouse R&D.
• Today, HMT comprises five subsidiaries under the ambit of a Holding Company,
which also manages the Tractors Business directly.

This is a secondary research which will include analysis of financial statement of
the company. Data will be from companies annual report, website of Ministry of
Heavy Industry and Board of industrial and financial reconstruction and other
authenticated website and data bases

1. Prowess Data base
2. Excel

1. Limited Time Period
2. Unavailability of latest data
What all I have to study ?

Determinants of capital structure

Valuation of distressed companies
Laws for disinvestment and self generation of income by spin off or divestures
Is it viable to sell the company.
What are disinvestment and bankruptcy law ? in US and india
What is SICA?
Valuation of scooter india if atul auto take over ?