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• There are 10 slides, each showing two pictures

that pupils should aim to link in 6 steps (the
second slide is an example of how to do this).
Pupils need to think carefully about how the
pictures can be linked and use their knowledge
to ensure the correct number of steps can be
used. There are no right or wrong answers
here, but pupils should ensure that their links are
scientific and realistic.
6 Degrees of Separation

Can you make links from one

picture to another in only 6 steps?

Tree Cow (in 6 steps)

• A tree gets it’s energy from the sun
• The sun is a star
• Stars can be seen at night
• Night animals are nocturnal
• Nocturnal animals use their instinct for survival
• Cows can (theoretically) instinctively predict the weather
Microscope Elephant

In 6 steps…
Flea Leaf

In 6 steps…
Fungi Pineapple

In 6 steps…
Bone Virus

In 6 steps…
White blood cell Hair

In 6 steps…

In 6 steps…
Apple Mars

In 6 steps…
Scalpel Capillary

In 6 steps…
Pylon Fish

In 6 steps…
Gold Water

In 6 steps…
• Why are these tasks good for G&T pupils?
• They are fun
• They are visual
• They require deep thought
• They require links to be made
• They require pupils to think outside the box
• They can be used by individual pupils on their own
• They can used for a whole class activity
• Individual slides can be used as a starter/ plenary task
• Pupils can produce their own, similar slides for each other to