Sock Earrings Finally.

I have written my pattern down on the computer and have decided to share it with those who are interested in making the earrings themselves. It s been a while since I ve made these so if you do decide to make them and either my instructions are unclear or you find an error please feel free to let me know. Chip s Sock Earrings Feb. 2009 Nelvin Chase Needle size: 000 DPN Yarn: Any thin yarn will work. I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn as that is what I had on hand. Cast on 10 sts and divide evenly on needles K 8 rounds even K 5, turn K1, p3, k1, turn K, turn K1, p3, k1, turn K, turn K1, p3, k1, turn K, pick up 3 sts on side K instep Pick up 3 sts K5, k2 tog, k7, ssk K4, k2 tog, k7 ssk K2, k2 tog, k6 ssk K 4 rounds K2, k2 tog, k3, ssk, k1 K1, k2 tog, k2, ssk, k1 K1, k2 tog, k remaining Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts, weave in end. Add fish hook earrings and you re done!

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