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Ethics of animal experimentation

To discuss an ethical point from all sides.
The purpose of this sheet is to help you express all the arguments of the ethics of animal
experimentation. Note your thoughts in the table below.





You can use colours to shade those points that you agree with; those you disagree with and those
where you can see both sides of the argument.

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Activity sheet
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Ethics of animal experimentation

To provide a writing frame that looks at an ethical issue from different viewpoints.

Teaching notes
The website for the Bioethics Educations Project (BEEP) is strongly recommended:
BEEP is part of the National Grid for Learning.
There is a large amount of animal protectionist information available to schools and on the web, e.g.
A scientific point of view can be found at and
The activity is a general discussion on animal research ethics. It is an activity that lends itself to free
writing and arises from the smoking timeline. Ethical discussions are an essential skill.
This sheet can be modified simply to fit any other discussion.
There are of course no correct answers to such questions. However, the following guidelines are

• Students should be able to put both sides of the argument.

• The context of this activity shows the benefits of understanding the links between
smoking and health. Too often, students only see animal research in terms of the
cosmetics industry.
• Phrases such as ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, ‘Some people think/most people think’, ‘but I
don’t agree because’, ‘The Koran/Bible/etc. teaches’ enable students to be able
to express themselves as is proper in such a question.
Try to discourage the use of unqualified phrases such as ‘it’s cruel’ and ‘playing God’.

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