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When following up a particular lesson and where simple Question and Answer would be
too pupil specific, try involving all of the class in a 'show me' activity with a response grid.

1 2 3

4 5 6

What is a response grid? A pre- prepared grid (eg 3 x 3, 4 x 3 etc) into which are put
facts, words, pictures etc. Pupils then use a dry wipe marker to put X in the box the
teacher is referring to.

This is a useful means of checking how many of the class have absorbed a particular
point. The prompt questions are kept to a minimum in the printed resources. This
encourages a wider range of responses.


Mercury Venus Earth

Mars Jupiter Saturn

Uranus Neptune Pluto

eg biggest planet is . . . . . two planets with rings are . . . . . 'gas giants' are . . . .
or, on the same theme

93 25km
million miles

250,000 km

distance from sun . . . . diameter of the earth . . . . . etc


Pupils could be set questions such as 'Which is NOT . . . . ?

Pupils could use the cards for an adaptation of bingo in which they can add words, images
from a selection and then cross out as questions are asked - the first to cross out all their
squares is the winner.