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TO:_______________, and all others in possession.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that your month-to-month tenancy of the hereinafter described
premises is hereby terminated as of the date that is sixty (60) days after the service of this
NOTICE upon you and that you are required to quit and surrender possession thereof to
the undersigned on or before the date that is sixty (60) days after the service of this
NOTICE upon you.

The premises of which you are required to surrender possession are situated in the City of
________________, County of ________, State of California, and commonly known as

This is intended as a sixty (60) day notice for the purpose of terminating your tenancy in
accordance with Civil Code § 1946.

If you fail to comply with the terms of this notice, legal proceedings will be instituted
against you to declare the forfeiture of any lease or rental agreement whether written, oral
or implied, under which you occupy the premises described above, and to recover
possession of said premises, to recover court cost, attorney’s fees as permitted by law,
and you may be liable for additional statutory damages of up to SIX HUNDRED
DOLLARS ($600.00) in accordance with Code of Civil Procedure § 1174(b), as a result
of your failure to comply with the terms of this notice.

Dated this ___ day of ___________, 20__.

You MUST serve this notice on the tenant by certified mail or
registered mail or by one of the methods specified in Code of
Civil Procedure section 1162, which provides:

"(a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), the notices required
by Sections 1161 and 1161a may be served by any of the
following methods:

(1) By delivering a copy to the tenant personally.

(2) If he or she is absent from his or her place of residence, and
from his or her usual place of business, by leaving a copy with
some person of suitable age and discretion at either place, and
sending a copy through the mail addressed to the tenant at his
or her place of residence.

(3) If such place of residence and business cannot be
ascertained, or a person of suitable age or discretion there can
not be found, then by affixing a copy in a conspicuous place on
the property, and also delivering a copy to a person there
residing, if such person can be found; and also sending a copy
through the mail addressed to the tenant at the place where the
property is situated. Service upon a subtenant may be made in
the same manner."

Delete this notice and all other notices before using this