Setting up and using the random name generator… Configuring This is required for initial set up. 1.

Open the spreadsheet. When prompted, press ‘Enable Macros.’ Upon first use a Microsoft add-on will install. This is perfectly normal. If you can see the add-on installing on your screen, proceed to step 2. If the add on does not install… If you do not see an ‘installing’ screen, then the add-on has not installed. This is normally the case where Office security has been set to high. To install the add-on manually…. a. b. c. d. e. f. Open the spreadsheet and press Enable Macros when prompted. Go to Tools  Add-Ons. Tick the box next to ‘Analysis Toolpak’ and click OK The add-on will now install. Close excel, and re-open it. Continue to step 2 below.

2. Once the spreadsheet has opened, switch to the ‘names’ sheet.

3. In row A place your first class of names. Then highlight the row by clicking on its corresponding column letter.

3. In the names box, type in an identifier for the class. It must start with a letter.

4. Repeat if necessary in each subsequent column (B, C, D etc) for each class you want to enter. Each class must have a unique name assigned to it. Do not put class names in the list within the column as it will appear as a random selection. 5. Switch back to the selection sheet and save.

Using the Random name generator 1. Open the spreadsheet and press enable macros when prompted. 2. In the selected class box, type in the name of the class previously assigned. The class list will be automatically read and a name selected at random.

3. To select another name press the “Randomise!!” button. A new name will be displayed from that class at random. 4. To change classes, simply enter a new name in the selected class box. 5. When finished close and save.

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