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2: What was I?

There are 10 slides, each showing a skull x-ray. Pupils should observe
each slide and deduce the animal that it belongs to. Pupils can be given a
list of jumbled answers to match up. Socratic questioning can be used in
class discussion to aid the explanation and reasoning given by pupils.
Answers are included in the notes for the slides.
Why are these tasks good for G&T pupils?
 They are fun
 They are visual
 They require deep thought
 They require links to be made
 They require pupils to think outside the box
 They can be used by individual pupils on their own
 They can used for a whole class activity
 Individual slides can be used as a starter/ plenary task
 Pupils can produce their own, similar slides for each other to
20 Socratic Question stems for teachers… to develop ideas and reasoning
to be used with power point activities.

1. Describe what you see

2. Where is this set?
3. How do you think…
4. Why do you think…
5. What might this mean?
6. Explain what you mean by…
7. Can you apply what you know to solve…
8. What assumptions are being made?
9. What is the function of…
10. What is the evidence…
11. What does this symbolise?
12. Propose an alternative…
13. How else would/ could you…
14. Where else might this be useful?
15. How does that link to…
16. Why could it not be…
17. What evidence would you need?
18. What could the environment be?
19. What does the shape tell you?
20. How is it different to…