Author – A.Kishore http:/www.appsdba.

info Multi Node Installation on Oracle Apps R12 On linux1 – Database Server On linux2 – Web Services, Form Services, Concurrent Processing Server Assumptions: 1> Install Red Hat 4 Operating System on both the server Refer - 2> Pre-install tasks are completed on the both the servers Refer -

Database tier

Application tier Web Services Form Services Concurrent Proc. Srv linux2

Database Server


groupadd dba useradd oratest –g dba Run Rapidwiz .Kishore http:/ On linux1./rapidwiz .Author – A.appsdba.

Author – .Kishore http:/www.

Author – .Kishore http:/www.

Author – A.appsdba.Kishore http:/ .

Author – .appsdba.Kishore http:/www.

Kishore http:/www.Author – .appsdba.

Kishore http:/ .appsdba.Author – A.

Kishore http:/www.txt.Author – A.appsdba. it will have entries of linux1 and linux2 .info Check conf_TEST.

Kishore http:/www.Author – On linux2 server --------------------groupadd dba useradd appltest –g dba .

Author – .Kishore http:/www.

Kishore http:/ .appsdba.Author – A.

info .appsdba.Author – A.Kishore http:/www. .Author – A.Kishore http:/www.

Bounce services .Author – A.adstpall.appsdba.Kishore http:/www. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SolutionLogin as sysadmin/sysadmin Choose System Administrator Go to User Define and query up %sysadmin% Add the responsibility System Administration Save and exit (located in <INST_TOP>/admin/scripts) Login as sysadmin and choose "System Administration" .info Connect to and check whether the application is working By default OEM is visible in PROD instance. follow the below steps Here is an excerpt of the and adstrtal.

appsdba.Author – .Kishore http:/www.

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