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Domenic Hughes 12JL

¢ `n this section ` will be explaining three
concepts of how techniques used by coaches
can improve the performance of athletes.

¢ They include :
¢ Goal setting
¢ Simulation
¢ Modelling
Goal setting
¢ Goal setting should be used by coaches to
increase athletes motivation and confidence.
This should be the first stage of the planning
process for any coach as goals should be able
to provide motivation and focus for athletes.
¢ There are 3 terms used in goal setting .They
include v 

¢ v  These can extend from one
day to one month e.g. a target that an athlete
wishes to achieve after the next training
  This should
progressively support the progress of the
athlete and their coach towards acheieving
the long term goals.
¢   These are set for and with
athletes to help determine what their aims are
and the best way of achieving them . A coach
should use these to shape their coaching
schedule for a season or longer.
¢ They can also run over a number of years as
with an elite athlete who sets themselves a
target of competing for example in the
Olympics .
Ñffective demonstration
¢ `n sport demonstrations are very important
and should be used by coaches to support and
develop athletes of all abilities . A coach will
have to make a decision to either use video or
still images to help development .
¢ Ñxamples include working with children or
beginners the coach will have to demonstrate
the skill they wish for the beginners to
¢ ÿhen demonstrating a skill to athletes a
coach should include the following :
¢ Purpose and type of demonstration
¢ Make it clear for athletes of what they got to
¢ Repeat demonstration more than once.
¢ `nvite questions at end of demonstration.
¢ ÿhen the athletes figure out the hard aspects
of the coaching sessions which the coach may
use video simulations to improve the skills in
the training sessions.
¢ Also coaches would use small games to
replicate some elements of the game.
¢ Coaches also use conditional games to enable
athletes to develop more on the skills they are
¢ `t can also be sued to support athletes to
prepare for a specific event .

¢ This can include time and also altitude training

that could simulate the sporting activity.

¢ This is when coaches introduce new skills to
athletes and use modelling to demonstrate
exactly what they expect the athletes to
¢ The two forms of modelling include:

¢ !

¢ The model is an example of the skill,
technique or activity which the coach wants
the athlete to master.
¢ For example when a coach delivers a session
with the aim of improving a players ability to
correctly and safely administer a specific skill,
a coach may use a model of the action to
show learners what is expected of them.
¢ The modelling skills should be used to help
athletes achieve the skill or activity effectively.

¢ Dartfish technology provides an opportunity

to stop movements or slow them down or
freeze them which allows coaches to
demonstrate difficult skills. `t can also show
two performances simultaneously to compare
the two athletes.
¢ row ` am going to explain some coaches that
are effective in using some of these
techniques and how they help their sides to
achieve a athletes full potential.
¢ Some examples of effective coaches include :
¢ ÿarren Gatland
¢ Jose Mourinho
¢ Clive ÿoodward
ÿarren Gatland
¢ Here is a quote of How the opinion of ÿarren
Gatland is key in the welsh setup .
¢ "ÿhen you look at teams and you look at
success, ` think it͛s about overachieving." So says
ÿelsh Rugby's celebrated Head Coach ÿarren
Gatland in this candidate interview about his
team management style, his big lessons on and
off the pitch, and how four soldiers in a Jeep
helped him create a siege mentality.
¢ ÿarren Gatland in the welsh setup uses his
assets such as his coaches such as Shaun Ñdwards
to be able to train effectively to be able on match
day internationals to be able to make the players
the most effective and improve their
performance each game.
¢ Ñvery game Gatland and Ñdwards use goal setting
techniques to get the players to be able to
improve a certain aspect of their performance.
¢ For example if their defence was not good
enough Gatland will give the players a target
area where they have to make every tackle in
a certain amount of time to be able to be
quicker up on the opposition defence.
Jose Mourinho
¢ José Mourinho will always be a figure who
divides opinions. His apparent arrogance, his
forthright opinions and occasional petulance
have all got under the skin of those on the
receiving end of his psychological games in the
past, but there is surely little doubt that he is
one of the greatest managers of the modern
¢ Mourinho though the years has learned how
to help the teams he coaches and to the best
of his ability .
¢ He is also considered himself in the past as the
͞Special one ͞ which could be considered how
he has so much success in the sport he
coaches and is so effective with his sporting
techniques for example Chelsea or inter Milan.
Clive ÿoodward
¢ Clive ÿoodward is considered the architect of
Ñngland's sporting achievements. His
reputation as a þ
 makes him
one of the most sought after # $ 
¢ Clive ÿoodward's experience of achieving
the worlds biggest competition was that it was
a mix of sport and business.
¢ This is a quote of Clive ÿoodward's opinion of
how a team can achieve something if they work
together and how the coach can use techniques
to help and athletes performance .
¢ ͞The ability to think correctly under pressure is as
key to success in the boardroom as it is in the
cauldron of a sell-out international fixture. Clive͛s
success lies in his ability to communicate and
instil often challenging ideas with a practical and
proven methodology.͟
Ñffective Coach