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Idols of the Mind - Why Terence McKenna Matters

Idols of the Mind - Why Terence McKenna Matters

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Idols of The Mind

Bacon also listed what he called the Idols of The Mind. He described these as things which obstructed the path of correct scientific reasoning.

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4. world.

Idols of the Tribe (Idola Tribus): This is humans' tendency to perceive more order and regularity in

systems than truly exists, and is due to people following their preconceived ideas about things. Idols of the Cave (Idola Specus): This is due to individuals' personal weaknesses in reasoning due to

particular personalities, likes and dislikes. Idols of the Marketplace (Idola Fori): This is due to confusions in the use of language and taking

some words in science to have a different meaning than their common usage. Idols of the Theatre: This is the following of academic dogma and not asking questions about the

Machine Elves 101, or Why Terence McKenna Matters
Daniel Moler

If anyone ever wanted to get to know me (i.e., what makes Daniel tick) the first thing I would have to tell them is, "Read Terence McKenna." In online forums and real life scenarios alike, I quote McKenna like Jules Winnfield quotes Ezekiel in Pulp Fiction. Passionate. With conviction. My armor and weapon when I'm ready to blast the meandering monotony of day-to-day living. However, most people ask, who is this guy? What exactly is the Terence McKenna circus? And, what makes him so important? A few weeks ago my friend Michelle suggested I write a "Terence for Dummies" piece. So, since "For Dummies" is under copyright, here's my bent on the McKenna legacy.

The Background

in Ecology and Conservation at U." ayahuasca is renowned for giving healers supernatural abilities such as the ability to speak with the dead. privileged to a higher dimensional perspective on experience. can produce changes in consciousness in the temporal dimension. was evident in their escape into the wilds of the rainforest. Settling on the outskirts of the Mission at La Chorrera. with animals. Particularly." (5) These fantastical attributes inspired Terence and his brother to apply the Baconian practice of scientific investigation with shamanic faculty. Terence moved to Japan. and with plants. After attaining his B. it was indeed part of a larger quest in the spirit of imagination and exploration. I have considered that [this journey] may well give us. you can change reality while tripping on ‘shrooms. by effecting the neural matrix. the shaman becomes.C. The seed planted by this classic experiential account never left the McKenna boys in their ever-growing studies in philosophy and the sciences. Not unlike most psychopomp aficionados. . The bread crumbs leading the McKenna brothers to this perspective was in fact the shamanic method. Berkeley. A year later. to investigate the capacities of psychedelic consciousness. eventually travelling throughout Southeast Asia until his mother died of cancer in 1971. Called "The Vine of the Dead. which bears a structural relationship to serotonin in the human brain. and friends made a long-awaited trek into the lower Putumayo of the Amazon Basin in search of a shamanic plant preparation called oo-koo-hé.Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16. and finally divination. "We are at last freed of our umbilical connection to civilization. and the trials that came with Western society. Terence wrote: "By entering the domain of plant intelligence. in a way." wrote Terence in his journal the first day on the river. In their experiments. (1) Dennis makes this sentiment clear as well. Terence.April 3. shared a penchant for the eccentricities of the fringe. The Experiment It was here that Terence and his party became acquainted withStropharia cubensis fungi (now known as Psilocybe cubensis). and spiritual ailments of all kinds. The Amazonian medicine ayahuasca-brewed from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine mixed with shrub leaves containing dimethyltryptamine (DMT)-is used by indigenous ayahuascerosor curanderos (curers) as a sacrament and medicine to heal the sick. including addiction. emotional. In essence. Dennis." (4) The temporal phenomena experienced here is not just described as pertaining to the dimension of time. testing out this hypothesis: "Hallucinogens. . as living men. in a letter to his brother a year before their expedition: ". curing physical." (2) Though their trip was specific to the exploration of a particular ceremonial medicine. the correlation of biochemical functions between tryptamines and serotonin is what inspired them. . The psilocybin alkaloid in this particular mushroom is part of the tryptamine class. they put this hypothesis to the test. McKenna's introduction to the realm of psychedelic phenomena came through Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception. His brother." (3) The study involved Terence and Dennis as guinea pigs. The death of their mother. 1946 -. Dennis. 2000) was born under the auspices of a conventional upbringing.S. telepathic communication. Undergoing a lengthy binge in psilocybin mushrooms. but that of the physical or material world as well. Terence and Dennis pursued through firsthand experience the "phenomenology of the tryptamine dimension. willful access to the doorway that the dead pass daily. it was the events that transpired during this crusade that became the catalyst of McKenna's ideas.

the 2012 phenomenon was almost exclusively in the McKenna camp. materialistic." (10) This end point is a chaotic and trying time. 2012. or crest and trough. the McKenna brothers traced this zero point to an approximate location on our calendar and found it correlating with the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 22." (6) Basically. (11) "In the view of our present cultural impasse. became tangible. that time is an objective apparatus acting as a wave (instead of the linear line framework we get from historiography) and that all events and thought forms are the development of that wave's motion. which does not repeat.. of this wave is represented by critical moments in history they call novelty: the discovery of fire. "Time is a topological manifold over which events must flow subject to the constraints of the manifold [. did the McKennas really see this as the end of the world? The Revival "So historical patterns are largely cyclical. Using a computer program they wrote." he wrote. Through his story-telling prowess. Terence recognized this shift in the world around us and did not lack a compass for which he could direct this oncoming transformation. the birth of agriculture. the invention of the steam engine. morphogenetic patterns related to those in DNA. I conclude that the next evolutionary step must involve not only a repudiation of dominator culture but an Archaic Revival. and that's the part that is responsible for the advance into true novelty. The common pattern found in the majority of his presentations is a deconstruction of the modern. "The last best hope for dissolving the steep walls of cultural inflexibility that appear to be channeling us toward true ruin is a renewed shamanism." (9) What Terence saw as the zero point at the end of history would actually manifest as the dissemination of the dominator value system. a zero point. psychedelic movement. or maybe even Ronald Reagan's Presidential reign as the cusp of Armageddon. long before the 2012 hype. No sleep for eleven days without any physical strain. The back and forth motion. paternalistic. But. and so on. Now. a cycle in which the time spans become shorter and shorter. Most all of the apocalyptic doomsayers saw 2000. the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It is a social recovery of the value systems that have been lost since the late Neolithic Age and can be surmised by these three aspects: ." (7) Within this waveform the brothers found a pattern of novelty. filling a void that had long been empty since the quiet death of the hippie movement in the early 1970s." (8) Terence McKenna spent a large part of his career after this experiment attending lectures and seminars. but not entirely-there is ultimately a highest level of the pattern.The Result Time stopped." (12) The Archaic Revival is McKenna's notion of our saving grace. Y2K. Before the 21st Century. This period would be characterized as the "passing out of one set of laws that are conditioning existence and into another radically different set of laws. These tendencies are represented as the "dominator" model: "hierarchical. Encounters with a UFO. When this pattern ends it becomes a singularity.] by examining time from this point of view we can see when in history great outbreaks of novelty occurred. He had become an emerging figure of the counter-culture. he regularly testified his arduous transition from Platonic philosopher to psychonautic proselytizer. consumerist tendencies that pervade Western society. and male dominated. keep in mind this theory was presented in 1975. These are just some of the phenomenal developments manifested during the experiment at La Chorrera. Terence and Dennis postulated that "all phenomena are at root constellated by a waveform that is the hierarchical summation of its constituent parts. the creation of the Mona Lisa.. To summarize their conclusions.

" (14) The Elves "There are forces friendly to our struggle to birth ourselves as an intelligent species. In indigenous societies. where one can speak and interact with otherworldly beings." (15) The elf component is the spice in the Terence McKenna flavor. What this Revival looks like in the McKenna framework is a symphony of imagery described as "energy unbounded by space or time. the shaman receives all of his/her knowledge from the same type of beings through entheogenic plants." (13)." or a "revelation of the interspecies' mind" as an experiential "confrontation with the Jungian 'collective unconscious'. archaic and modern. these elfin beings are a construct of a greater picture. The machine elves act as a sort of ambassadorship for the Logos." (19) Again. It is the supernatural entities encountered during his tryptamine experiences that compose the language of McKenna's Archaic pulpit. low-grade signal about a future event that is somehow built into the structure of space and time. he is an intermediary to the collective unconscious. one quanta away. the ultimate source of all knowledge. there is raging a universe of active intelligence that is transhuman." (18) In fact. or Gaian Mind. · A sense of planetary connectedness as a primary component of all cultural habits and policy. the collective unconscious. we are confronted with an intelligent and seemingly alien life-form. Whatever the result." (21) ." (17) What this suggests is that the psilocybin experience opens the pathways to a sort of parallel dimension. or to put it in Jungian terms. And as a consequence of this they dissolve cultural programming. "Right here and now. Terence makes it clear the "speaking entity" of the tryptamine realm is an interior manifestation of the Logos. Simply put. "The shaman is able to act as an intermediary between the society and the supernatural. psychedelics of the entheogenic (plant spirit medicine) class are ego-suppressors. the shamanic model makes itself evident." a "quantum jump. it is integral to the success of their curing methods. even unvarying. "In the phenomenon of Stropharia cubensis. · Instead of values being imposed from external agencies.· The tribalization of society. the role of the tryptamine is vital to this paradigm shift into the Archaic Revival. manner in which this experience presents itself. It is from this place that Terence received the knowledge of his time wave theory: "Shamans and mystics and psychedelic travelers may be getting a very noisy." (16) McKenna recounts time and time again the analogous experiences with these entities. what he calls "self-transforming machine elves" which one can make contact with in the psychedelic universe. The intrigue of this lies in its repeatability of these alien forms and the nature of their interactions: "This spectacle of more than Oriental splendor is the characteristic. This is the cardinal remedy for the dominator problem afflicting us. Oversoul. which remains the fountainhead of all human cultures. and extremely alien. reminiscent of the Goddess-worshipping days before agriculture. because "they dissolve boundarieswhatever the boundaries are." (20) The Gist "A reinstitution of the shamanic role in modern society might prevent its total estrangement from the collective unconscious. they should be discovered in the inner realms through various forms of consciousness expansion. hyperdimensional.

215 9. rather the community serves the system. p. That message is about returning to a way of living that is more conscious of the Earth as personality. Nature is ourselves. it will take an absolute and agonizing reappraisal of our situation.11 8. The Archaic Revival. Terence will be the first to admit that he doesn't have the complete answer to this enigma: "You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility. p. The McKenna recipe is about finding a new language in which to understand our world. McKenna's approach was to turn the value system of modernism upside down. True Hallucinations. The Invisible Landscape. His claim is that by ingesting certain plants we come into contact with an objective reality that has a message for us. The Invisible Landscape. True Hallucinations. he was not without practicality." (25) Footnotes 1. Terence McKenna was a scientist turned gypsy spokesperson for the shamanic realms. that reside in that nearby dimension of ecstatic beauty and understanding that we have denied until it is now nearly too late. Food of the Gods. p. The great attractor to Terence McKenna as counter-culture icon was his insistence on having a good time. p. to be cherished and explored.149 10. p. rather than a resource to tap. Shamanism has always known this. p. taught that the path required allies. luminous and transcendental. The Invisible Landscape. However." (23) In conclusion. These allies are the hallucinogenic plants and the mysterious teaching entities. and shamanism has always. It doesn't serve the community. When asked in an interview by David Brown what the ultimate goal of human evolution was." (22) Are his ideas totally out there? Absolutely they are! But.74 5. Indeed he felt technology was a problem-solving mechanism that would help get us out of this mess. p.98 4. and Cosmic Consciousness. True Hallucinations.111 7.Terence McKenna evolved to a sort of psychedelic prophet. "I think the electronic shaman-the person who pursues the exploration of these spaces-exists to return to tell the rest of us about it." (24) But taking ourselves too seriously is not part of the McKenna formula. And although at first glance it may seem Terence was obsessed only with the naked embrace of the natural world." The reason I feel he has something to offer society is because he recognizes that the current system is broken. in its most authentic expressions. Chaos. a good party. to be raped and conquered. Because our current model of operating is so damaging to our way of life that it might actually end our life. Creativity. because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.23 2. Terence's judicious response was plainly: "Oh. The Village Voice called him the "Copernicus of consciousness. The Archaic Revival.8 6. It is Terence's contention that the plant spirits are trying to tell us this and that it is imperative to tune in to their frequency. p.199 . p.5 3. that is precisely the point. p. "Nature is not our enemy.

p. Dennis and Terence McKenna. the Amazon. and Cosmic Consciousness. True Hallucinations: Being an Account of the Author's Extraordinary Adventures in the Devil's Paradise. Park Street Press.114 19. The Invisible Landscape. and the I Ching.12 21. p. McKenna. The Archaic Revival. Bantam. Virtual Reality. Food of the Gods. The Archaic Revival.27 22. p.11. Food of the Gods. The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms. p. The Invisible Landscape.274 25. The Archaic Revival. Chaos. 2001.92 13. p. Food of the Gods. The Archaic Revival.156 20. p. 1991. Creativity.165 23. Food of the Gods.210 Bibliography Abraham. Evolution. The Invisible Landscape. p.209 17. The Invisible Landscape. and Cosmic Consciousness. McKenna. Creativity. McKenna. Hallucinogens. p. Terence McKenna. Ralph.88 24. UFOs. Chaos. Image by Felipe Venâncio. p. the Rebirth of the Goddess. San Francisco: Harper Collins. 1993. The Archaic Revival. McKenna. San Francisco: Harper Collins. Terence.176 14. p. Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge. • • • • • Tags: 7-30-10 Daniel Moler's blog Login or register to post comments ShareThis Printer-friendly version terence mckenna Shamanism • • . and Rupert Sheldrake. Terence.38 18. p. San Francisco: Harper Collins. p. The Invisible Landscape: Mind.243 15.98 12. Terence. p. 1993. True Hallucinations. 1993. p.13 16. p. and the End of History. Shamanism. courtesy of Creative Commons license.

the essence of the radical change of pace incorporated in The Fifth Element and Connective Physics.• • • Psychedelics Entheogens Biography Comments A refreshing counterpoint to Submitted by mczilla on Sat. More on Timewave. 07/31/2010 .D. represents change itself accelerating to incredible levels.Mc Kenna was great. providing Professional SEO Services.] Furthermore. SEO Company India with fully Professional SEO Experts.scheduled for December 21.14:47.] In the last 135 minutes. February 24. 08/02/2010 . In one summary. a 6-day cycle when things began accelerating even faster.org/dward421. there was also associated with the longer cycle. “What Happened BEFORE the Big Bang?”. 2003. would be crossed. • Login or register to post comments ebb and flow of Novelty Submitted by Five on Mon. I always thought Terence was on to something. Kaku. it was noted that this last cycle extending over 384 days contained more transformations than in all previous cycles. 13 of which would occur in the last second. George Johnson. “The Purr of the Qubit”.halexandria. [Essentially all of the year 2012 and then some. Link Building. Astronomy.. • Login or register to post comments Martin B Submitted by jackfrostjack on Mon.16:32. 08/22/2010 .11:43. I can tell you Maritn B's ego transended personality wouldn't hold the attention of a bunch of ravers at 2 in the morning. make an ease-path to the intense interchange that is really caused to the business successions.10:43.. http://www. amalgamation with us. This is equivalent to an acceleration of current or velocity -. [Presumably.. sana Web Designing India and content writing services. May 1996. You would think someone who can't mention enough times how experienced they are with 5meoDmt would realise that Mckenna was entertaining and fun. Professional SEO company Sana SEO Company India New Delhi India (alibag Mumbai).. Sana Seo Company is a Professional SEO company where the web clients follow the widespread economizing from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 08/02/2010 .shows an extraordinary “ingression of novelty into spacetime” or in other words. His rants were certainly entertaining. 2012 A. • Login or register to post comments . 2012 -. December 15-21. 18 barriers comparable to the appearance of life or the invention of language. • Login or register to post comments Sana Seo Company is a Submitted by smneyaz2009 on Sun. Time Magazine. Reference: M. devise your website completely surrender in the World Wide Web. We can terminate your services to the ROI growth of marvelous maturations. A refreshing counterpoint to Martin Ball's rather dismissive piece.htm Of particular importance to the end-of-the-world types is the fact that the end of the wave -.

. biologist and chemist Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D. but doesn't know it! • Login or register to post comments Yes. If we're sensitive enough..08:35. 08/04/2010 . I have gone through many changes since that time. However. 08/03/2010 ..15:34. and are paying attention..06:21. • Login or register to post comments Chaos Theory Submitted by Daniel Moler on Mon.21:15.. 08/02/2010 . Thanks for writing and posting it. Very nice article. • Login or register to post comments This book.. honestly.. • Login or register to post comments Thanks Daniel Submitted by Leon Night on Tue.. you should check out "Chaos.. In the discussion over McKenna's TimeWave and novelty theory. I can see how the acceleration could be calculated as being mathematically exponential.05:28. . Submitted by Leon Night on Sun.informative and well-written. nice review of Terrence's singularity postulate.16:25. I figured you would be interested to check out that particular text.D.. • Login or register to post comments ebb and flow of novelty Submitted by ginobuckthorn on Sun. 08/02/2010 . it goes right over my head. as we watch the event horizon rushing toward us.. and Cosmic Consciousness" a trialogue between Terence McKenna. However. but only McKenna has consistently rang true and . This seems connected to Douglas Adams' idea of the Infinite Improbability Drive that drives The Heart of Gold in the Hitchhiker's Guide series.. • Login or register to post comments 3 synchronous McKenna appearances in three days Submitted by KY Traveler on Mon. 08/01/2010 . we can actually experience the Doppler effect. Perhaps it will alter my thinking on the subject. I still stand by my above comment at the present time. Arthur Dent.. 07/31/2010 . 08/01/2010 . and immediately understood that this man was the truth. This weekend I have had three separate instances of McKenna being mentioned. Random in the mathematical sense. being a situation of chaos where patterns of order are actually taking place.. Very interesting! Also. I'll order it from Amazon. I doubt that chaos theory would support such a precise calculus. Submitted by Leon Night on Wed. Thank you Leon (and others) for your thoughts. I discovered McKenna when I was 18 years old (in '98) after my initial psychedelic experiences had absolutely rebooted my brain and left me craving an understanding of the newly unveiled inner-space.great article Submitted by PaulRoberts on Sat. Ralph does suggest a place for McKenna's novelty in the patterns of "random" behavior in chaos models. I wouldn't be able to dig much more into his details because. I had a brilliant conversation with a bouncer at a bar last night who discovered McKenna after a chance DMT trip drove him to attempt to understand the experience.00:36. Creativity. twice by strangers and once by a friend who I didn't know was aware of his work. Leon.is also sold under the title "Trialogues at the edge of the west" which I already own and have read. is given a lift at one point by a minor character called Rob McKenna who happens to be a rain god. but it still seems unlikely to me that we will experience an acceleration of such precision and magnitude as described. and mathematician Ralph Abraham Ph. A nice link is that the hero.

" --Terence McKenna "The starships of the future that will explore the high frontier of the unknown will be syntactical. and some centuries are very novel indeed. Best Terrance McKenna summary I have ever read.Terence McKenna "Hello. Your guide will be gardener/curatorTerence Mc Kenna http://www. You have entered an Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Time.. Spreading Acacias bend low over reflecting pools. there's this quality to reality. and that your bank account doesn't fluctuate. Salud.. promote empathy.com/eschaton/hyperborea.. and allow deeper insights into our problems has any validity at all. every moment is expected to be the same. Have you ever noticed how. Submitted by teknozen on Mon. • Login or register to post comments Best Terrance McKenna Submitted by szs88 on Mon. interweaving. These are the reveries of the Proustian bees. And they come and go on all scales.10:04. differently. "Alien Dreamtime" "Consciousness is what we're in need of to avoid running off the cliff into armageddon.16:31. or has a name for it. all right. Now I'm much more inspired to study this! • Login or register to post comments T was a great man. 08/02/2010 . um.17:40."-." And I think we never notice it and we never talk about it because we're embedded in a culture that expects us to believe that all times are the same. And some days. ebbs and flows. 08/03/2010 .Terence McKenna (1946-2000). 08/02/2010 . In other words.html If the mathematics are correct. Daniel . and some years. Submitted by Five on Tue. resonantly.levity. And this is what time seems to be. The air is filled with an all pervasive hum. If the claim that these drugs expand consciousness. it's stranger than we can suppose.we are in for an incredible adventure as the wave accelerates!! Thanks..for a great and very comprehensive article on Mc Kenna. Andy • Login or register to post comments sweet event horizon. it should be explored very carefully and very thoroughly. and a kind person. He lives on within us. And nobody ever mentions it.resonated so powerfully throughout all these years. And so what I noticed was that. • Login or register to post comments ... exhilirating and beautiful years." . running through reality is the ebb and flow of novelty. Except that some people call it a bad hair day or they say. and yet this isn't what we experience. There is haze upon the distant hills. The engineers of the future will be poets.. which comes and goes and kind of. except according to the vicissitudes of your own existence.. I wish he were here to see his vision unfold perfectly in these next few magical."--Terence McKenna. And some ain't. "Reality is not only stranger than we suppose. "Things are really weird recently.

• Login or register to post comments Great article. hearing McKenna speak is much more different than reading him. I wouldn't completely deny the possibility of McKenna's Episcopalian upbringing having an influence on his ideas. it's one of his most important concepts in my opinion • Login or register to post comments . but he is sending a clear message in my opinion. Raw. 08/03/2010 . A good synopsis of this can be found in Patrick Harpur's Daimonic Reality. Dust_23. and McKenna as a journalist and who blogs on dangerous minds. since he was raised episcopalian which I guess is a more end-times. Not in any dogmatic way of course. Metzger actually says he asked Leary what he thought of McKenna and Leary said "he's a high episcopalian". 08/02/2010 . • Login or register to post comments Great Introduction Submitted by nagash on Tue. I had read Submitted by nautis on Mon. and utilized it to spread his own unique gospel. I don't take his ideas without a grain of salt as I did when I first discovered him.22:16. 08/02/2010 . realized he had a knack for it. but I don't think he fully believed all his theories either. he just wanted to push people to think outside their mundane because there is a lot of reality outside of the mundane reality that people are afraid to look at. Great article. • Login or register to post comments Re: Ingrained Christianity Submitted by Daniel Moler on Tue. It has only been the last few months that I have stumbled upon the wonders of DMT and the Pineal gland. If you've never heard McKenna speak. I had read McKenna's books since I was an undergrad and finally had a chance to meet him at a conference in California in 1997. to some people (Richard Metzger who met Leary. As nautis commented. His books are great but hearing him talk is where he's at him best. It's not that he is apocalyptic. listen to one his lectures on the web.09:47. 08/02/2010 .20:27. Thanks for your comments. The Jungian model of the psyche would suggest the 2012 phenomena maybe not being a literal event. for one) who say that his constant discussion of the eschaton and 2012 was ingrained Christianity. His mastery of the English language and his ability to put complex concepts into words was truly amazing. But. people respond to that. Just missed a mention to the "stoned ape theory" found in the book Food of the Gods. I found this article so interesting as an introduction to Terence's ideas that I added a link to it in his Wikipedia entry. not the content. but I'd like to hear anyone's ideas on these points. I'm also a fan of McKenna. 08/03/2010 . I'd be interested to hear your response though. and I don't like the idea of equating any discussion of the supernatural with Dogma in general. And I mean that more in the tone of McKenna's words. • Login or register to post comments Religion for the Hell of it. revelations centered form of Christianity. but at least a projection of the collective unconscious. Terrance McKenna is a great person for bringing the knowledge of that to society. And I thank you for bringing the love of McKenna to us. It's entertaining. Later that night he hosted a rave in downtime Santa Cruz. but he does have a charisma and allure that one can get from an impassioned pulpiteer. It's no doubt Terence's Episcopalian roots most likely gave the eschaton his own flavor. or preachy.09:34. I think Terence knew this.23:39. You have inspired me to look further into the subject. with some Mayan/DMT spices mixed in. Submitted by Dust_23 on Mon.Informative and Beautiful Submitted by mcspargeslarg on Mon. To me I don't think his idea of the eschaton was an apocalyptic one but a liberation.

I wanted Submitted by Daniel Moler on Tue.. and Novelty: I haven't actually listened or read what Ralph said. Thanks for your thoughtful analysis. it's just a projection of your subconscious mind. I don't know where that space is. 08/03/2010 . On the one hand. I would be skeptical of Ralph. as if changing the map would change the territory. I've been thinking about it for years.. As to Ralph Abraham. Sam on Tue.Thank you! Yeah. he linked to Lord Monckton's thoughts about Global Warming (or at least that is my memory -.he has coauthored papers with Smale and Marsden. but that's my take on it. Just Hallucinations. 08/04/2010 .. and it sure doesn't look like it.... In a way.I haven't looked at his blog in a while). Submitted by E. Afraid that I had just misheard (and misjudged) some of what he said on this second point. It feels ALIEN... But. two heavyweight mathematicians). • Login or register to post comments creatures of the current... 08/03/2010 . but I don't think it's just a projection of my subconscious mind. The engineers of the future will be poets.that's not the way it feels when you experience the space yourself. :) • Login or register to post comments I don't know what to think. and came to the conclusion I hadn't misheard. and he has written some articles on ``New Age Science'' that struck me as a little odd -.... but had to make an editorial decision... and seemed to delight in redefining words like `real' and `reality'. I'm glad someone else thought Martin Ball's criticism of McKenna was off the mark. I noticed. I listened again and again. Submitted by Five on Wed..see for example his article ``Consciousness and the New Math''.. . looked up on the internet several other things he had said about science. It seems like some sort of Eternity. • Login or register to post comments thanks Submitted by gushtunkinflupped on Wed.Terence McKenna What brilliant concepts!.. it feels EXTRATERRESTIAL! That's weird to say. it sure doesn't feel like it. Chaos Theory."the engineers of the future will be poets!" • Login or register to post comments machine elves 101.11:52.I wanted to include it in the article. or was (I looked up some of his publications on mathscinet -.. he said some very silly things about science (especially scientific institutions and scientists). for example. 08/04/2010 . so what I'm about the write may not be appropriate. the entities and the visions are all in your mind.10:28. But he is a serious mathematician.15:02.. Thanks for writing such an intelligent synopsis of Terence McKenna's work and why we love it. ..13:28. tek"The starships of the future that will explore the high frontier of the unknown will be syntactical.. some sort of Bardo world outside. on the other hand. it's the old reductionist criticism... 08/04/2010 . of Terence McKenna. Maybe that will have to be included in the next installment. and even some transcripts of his monologues. I didn't want to make the piece too long and couldn't find a way to introduce it without going on a tangent.. he had some very sensible ideas about culture and technology. Thank you! Yeah. that is. but looking at his old blog. I've been thinking about Martin Ball's criticism of McKenna's theory of the entities as a sort of misplaced concreteness. beyond this world.why terence mckenna matters Submitted by Ed McIlvane on Wed. so I am not quite sure what to make of him.12:43." .

A MUST listen for the psychedelically inclined. a trully gifted speaker. and most of the time they just disorientated and scared me the few insights i did gain did not really help me.matrixmasters. i very much enjoyed Daniel pinchbecks books and i think there is a lot to them..htmA good site for video.. an inspiration. 08/05/2010 . though I am not sure he himself always believed them. Mostly. etc. Here is a link: http://www. but i just cant get past the fact that when i was much younger i took a lot of psycedelic drugs. 08/05/2010 . but he reads it and it's like being around a campfire with a good storyteller). 08/05/2010 .. . Aldous Huxley.. The Genesis Generation. Thank-you Daniel! A good write. For anyone interested in McKenna http://deoxy. Definitely a great person to listen to for independent. 08/05/2010 . Peace • Login or register to post comments psycedelic drugs Submitted by pixipete on Thu..many video lectures. I think his sense of humor really comes through his speeches. It's one of my favorite podcasts---not only does he often feature McKenna (probably the most). and Lorenzo's novel..htmA good site for video.org/mckenna. mellow dude named Lorenzo. Like someone else said in these comments.12:45. creative thinking (sometimes I think a talk of his is the next best thing to entheogens!).net/salon/ Oh. an inspiration. Hey everyone. Nick Sand.. a trully gifted speaker. Hi im new to this site so bear with me.lancerules. mostly pscicibin mushrooms and LSD.12:41.org/mckenna. thanks danielhttp://www. I HIGHLY recommend checking a podcast called The Psychedelic Salon. -Bryan • Login or register to post comments Thank-you Daniel! A good Submitted by micko on Thu. i guess. he seemed to get off on exploring new ideas. Thank-you Daniel! A good write. Matthew Pallamary. And above all. so i wonder if the use of psycedelic drugs is really an answer or just an amusment park or even a gateway to insanity. hosted by a kind. Terrence was real. is also quite good (though only available as an audio book. If you are interested in getting a reasonably steady dose of McKenna lectures. etc. my last big trip did indeed involve me seeing my soul but left me feeling mentally ill for about a month and finally stopped me. And above all. For anyone interested in McKenna http://deoxy. I am sure you can find it through the POdca Anyway.nice little summation of mckenna. So why did i persist? well a mixture of peer pressure and determination. Peace • Login or register to post comments Thank-you Daniel! A good Submitted by micko on Thu.01:06. Terrence was real. I agree with those who said listening to him is different from reading him. Timothy Leary.. his incredible sense of humor brought light into a darkness . his incredible sense of humor brought light into a darkness . i just cant see how a huge leap of conciousness can come from what for some people seemed to be just a bit of fun or an insight into insanity in my case. but he also has talks from Alan Watts.many video lectures.12:43.com/terence/ ^^ For those who are unfamiliar with the territory • Login or register to post comments Check out Psychedelic Salon Podcast! Submitted by nihonbryan on Thu.

anyway. Is not the easy way to go. Expansion is a walk into the abyss. other drugs or fucked up people.16:50.. We are a duality. rattling.maps. To ingest ethnogens in a party situation. I wouldn't say psychedelic drugs are the answer at all.always someone wanting to play with your head. 08/05/2010 . I would always suggest finding a legit shaman/curandero to guide you and to only enter that space if you are called to do so. They are tools to gain access to the Unseen Realms. Regardless. i did most of my early experimentation. See the The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) at www. • Login or register to post comments regards pixipete Submitted by micko on Thu. Your ego might not like what it sees. or deep within the Self. but found an amazing mushroom field.org. Especially if experienced only on ethnogens. just as drumming is a tool. entheogens in particular. at first. The realm of plant medicine is not to be tread lightly and it will bite you in the ass if you misuse it (i. the effects on a 15 year old brain were like a pebble being dropped in a pond.doing it just for the fun of it.e. Medicine needs to be treated with a sacred respect and never rushed. with alchohol. recommend never to use them recreationally or even. Hi Pete.). the growth of drug taking in the past 20 years is staggering i remember being so glad when extacy came along as it it seemed to be what a recreational drug should be= FUN not a doorway to another world.15:41. Psychedelics. The only "answer" lies within you. I am in agreement with Daniel On this one Pete.. Mushrooms place a strait jacket on the ego and a gag in it's mouth. I thank you both for your intelligent and thoughtfull replys.you were young. etc. even terrifying. are used by certain shamanic curers as a means to end. Your ego in the words of Terrence McKenna is "cultures software" This ingestion of ethnogens is a spirit quest. a walk into madness at first. i still have my doubts about a huge leap forward in conciousness i find the youth of today though seemingly more mature even more hedonistic than my generation and certainly more materialistic i just dont think as a species we are ready to learn the lessons that nature can teach us. and that with the right guide and circumstance great insights can be gained. In re-reading you comment.But slowly the real takes hold One must have a dark nite of the soul. and the rapid results for certain psychological disorders such as PSTD. by yourself. this can be terrifying to those were the ego believes it is the self. Ethnogens push the ego out of the way. my friend. though. I wouldn't say Submitted by Daniel Moler on Thu. we were just kids that couldnt afford cannabis. 08/06/2010 . back in the early 80s in Suffolk England so there werent really many wise shamen or guides to show the way i agree that the use of psycedelic drugs should not be used for fun.• Login or register to post comments Hi Pete. it seems you disliked being stripped bare(correct me if I am wrong). and only in a healing manner. Peace captha-rethink schemings • Login or register to post comments Thanks for your replys Submitted by pixipete on Fri.12:00.. in fuck up situations. I think the hype comes from the instant access the psychedelic consciousness offers. In a situation with a shaman or trusted loving friends(and I mean trusted) in warm comfortable surroundings.leading to dropping out of school and many wasted years. That's my two cents. Especially if experience for the first time. The shadow can be frightening. I would. these days kids have a much larger variety of drugs to choose from with ketamine being very popular at the moment. not an end to itself. peer pressure. I remember those days. 08/05/2010 . etc. This is the best. i hope i am proved wrong • Login or register to post comments . yogic meditation. It would seem like a form of madness/insanity to strip those controls away.. . within the Self as a complete open vessel for Spirit (whatever that means for you).

. Personally. and he saw everything clearly.Great Article! Submitted by Justeye on Fri. but for now. Being driven to Disneyland. science isn't everything.14:43. I'll try not to do it too often. • Login or register to post comments Entheogens are not party drugs..) I had to quote you a few times on my facebook page and you inspired me to send you another lengthy message.com. How many intellectual lightweights appeared in America at the close of the 60s. his ideas are speculative at best. -(from Mark 8) ~In the human body the sympathetic nervous system looks like a tree when standing upright~ • Login or register to post comments . Let's Party! • Login or register to post comments "Copernicus of bullshit" Submitted by blipmode on Sat. isn't the same as being able to go there whenever you wish. but we need some form of critical discourse.is saltcube. 08/23/2010 . if they so desire. but I do know there is much people have overlooked. 30 years of dumbing down." 25 Once more Jesus put his hands on the man's eyes. When he had spit on the man's eyes and put his hands on him.04:36.. one can delve as deeply as they wish without ever touching one. "Do you see anything?"24 He looked up and said. Submitted by Enderdog on Mon. If I'd had that resource.. Thanks for being such a good writer Daniel . the best resource I've found. maybe I'm just a lazy man's mystic. Deleuze and Guattari's work from 1972 to 1980 makes Mc Kenna's inane ramblings come off like extended adolescent dope fuelled mutterings. They are sacraments. they look like trees walking around. I think it would have been waaaayyyyyy easier. Learn to dream lucidly.00:53.although I had already learned it over twenty or so years. if you can keep it" --Benjamin Franklin • Login or register to post comments McKenna--Plants--and Christ. -response for Dust_23 Submitted by StillWiLL on Fri. Then his eyes were opened. McKenna is not unblemished. But. sorry. -I don't know if that had any influence on McKenna. 23 He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. Jesus asked.. they belong to one man. However.09:30. and particularly in reference to the coming of Christ. 08/27/2010 .. but this guy is overrated in the extreme. his sight was restored. 08/06/2010 .. we need dissent. " A republic. No. There is much symbolism of the plant kingdom throughout the bible. they are not universal. go find your own truth rather than structuring your understanding of reality around the Terrence McKenna mythos.. 08/21/2010 . then. "I see people. no surprise then where the largest market for New Age goods and services happens to be. and were then lauded by an utterly disillusioned community of truth seekers? But now look at the level of scientific illiteracy in the US.

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