Integral (wet wing) Flexible (bladder type) Tanks (Main & Auxilliary) Rigid (welded or riveted type) External (drop


Diaphragm Pump Gravity Feed Fuel Feed System Pump Feed Engine Driven Pump Vane Hand Type Positive Displacement Pump Auxilliary Pump Pulsation / Plunger Type

Vane Type

Centrifugal boost pump Dynamic / Velocity Pump Fuel ejector (jet pump)

Check valve - flapper valve - orifice valve Fuel selector valve / Crossfeed valve Drain valve

Cone type Hand operated Poppet type Motor operated Gate type


Solenoid operated

Vent line Fuel System Fuel vent system Ram air vent Vent valve Surge tank

Ground fuelling unit micro filter (fuel from external source before entering the tank) Fuel filters Finger boost pump strainer (fuel from tank before entering the boost pump) Main fuel filters (fuel from tank before entering the engine)

Fuel jettison system (dump system)

Warnings Indicator Fuel level Manual

Drip stick Dip stick Magnetic level indicator

Direct (mechanical) Volumetric Automatic Mass (weight) Indirect (electro-mechanical) Capacitance type fuel level sensor

Single point receptacle (pressure fuelling / underwing refuelling) Refuelling / Defuelling Overwing refuelling

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