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then aged 23. John Cadbury. He branched out into cocoa. and by 1831 the shop was devoted entirely to drinking chocolate (it was not for eating in those days).In 1824. Birmingham . John Cadbury . grinding the cocoa beans himself. opened a tea and coffee shop next door to his father's drapery in Bull Street.

Appalled by deplorable living standards in Birmingham. his sons George and Richard imported a Dutch chocolate press. George and Richard had a vision of a 'factory in the country'. in 1860. he had a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria and.1850s. Now. They bought a farm on the banks of the River Bourn and named it Bournville . they could separate the cocoa liquid from the cocoa butter and create what we would recognize as a bar of chocolate.

´BE THE WORLDS BIGGEST AND BEST CONFECTIONERY COMPANYµ and their purpose i.e..Vision and Values The CADBURY success is because of their big vision i.. . ´Creating brands people loveµ.e.

Quality: Quality: They put quality and safety at the heart of all of their activities Respect: Respect They genuinely care for their business and their colleagues Integrity: Integrity They always strive to do the right thing Responsibility: They take accountability for their social. economic and environmental impact .Their values are Performance: Performance They are passionate about winning.

Process of making CHOCLATE .

Facts And Figures .

1 or No. making brands such as Dairy Milk chocolate.‡Cadbury is the world's second-largest confectionery company after Mars-Wrigley.9% of global market share ‡Cadbury has the No.000 people. ‡Cadbury operates in more than 60 countries and employs more than 46. with 9. ‡Cadbury is the largest global confectionery supplier. . ‡Illinois-based Kraft Foods Inc took over Cadbury for $18. after Nestle. 2 positions in more than 20 of the world's 50 biggest confectionery markets. Trident gum and Halls cough drops.9bn ‡Kraft is the world's second-largest food group.

‡Induri (Pune) ‡Malanpur (Gwalior). it today has five company-owned manufacturing facilities at ‡Thane. Mumbai. ‡With annual revenues of approximately $50 billion ‡In India.Cadbury India ‡Cadbury India is a fully owned subsidy of Kraft Foods Inc. Kolkota and Chennai). Cadbury began its operations in 1948 by importing chocolates. ‡After 60 years of existence. Baddi Factory Malanpur Factory . ‡Bangalore and ‡Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) ‡4 sales offices (New Delhi.

. ‡Candy and ‡Gum category. ‡Chocolate Confectionery. ‡Milk Food Drinks.Cadbury India operates in four categories viz.

23.500 tpa Consumption: Urban :73% & Rural : 27% .41 bn mkt: Total Vol. turnover : 2.Fact and Figures Confectionary Market in India Indian confectionary industry: 1) Chocolates 2) Hard boiled candies 3) Éclairs and toffees 4) Chewing gums 5) Lollipops 6) Bubble gums 7) Mints and lozenges Total confectionary mkt: Rs.

Organizational Structure .

Although day-to-day management is handled by the Chief Executive Committee. Cadbury operates subsidiaries in almost every region of the world.Organizational Structure Cadbury Schweppes is another global company that operates with a multinational strategy. each region is represented on that committee Thus the company operates in a DECENTRALIZED manner . The confectionery industry is particularly well-suited to this kind of operation since tastes are so localized.

Gum & Candy Rajesh Garg Director.Cadbury India C Y Pal Chairman .Cadbury India Anand Kripalu President. South Asia & Indo China. Finance Rajesh Ramanathan Director. Human Resources .Cadbury India Atul Bhatia Director. Operations Narayan Sundararaman Director.Non Executive Anand Kripalu President. Managing Director . Managing Director . Powdered Beverages. Chocolates & Strategy Jaiboy Phillips Director. South Asia & Indo China. R & D Chandramouli Venkatesan (Mouli) Director.

HRET POLICY ( HUMAN RIGHT AND ETHICAL TRADING ) Five elements of Cadbury HRET Policy Core labour rights and dignity at work Health and safety in the workplace Fair remuneration Diversity and respect for differences Opportunity for development .

SWOT Analysis .

SWOT Analysis of Cadbury Strengths: Global confectionery supplier Global market share High financial strength Largest Sales turnover Strong manufacturing competence .

g. Nestle Competitors have greater international experience .Weaknesses: Dependent on the confectionery and beverage market Competitors : e.

Opportunities: Expansion of New markets where population are growing: Reduce internal costs Diversification .

Threats: MARKETING STRATEGY OF CADBURY Attracting Shoppers Attention:  Increase in demanding cost environment Global supply chain On Every Hand Everywhere: Aggressive price and promotion activity by Growing with Emerging Markets: competitors A strong foundation Competitive pressures from other branded Growing with the market suppliers Functional advantage Affordable indulgence: Importing success .

Social responsibility Non-formal school set up for children of migrant workers in Baddi Marketing strategies .

Cadbury in tie-up with Bharti-Walmart .

Ad Campaigns .

Target: encourage those who have pass the exams to celebrate with Dairy Milk. Target: widening chocolate consumption among the masses  Campaign: ¶pappu pass ho gaya·. .CADBURY DAIRY MILK During late 90·s  Campaign: ¶Khanewalon ko khane ka bahana chahiye·.

.CADBURY DAIRY MILK Campaign: ¶pehli tarik hai· Target: Focusing on the adults«.

Celebrations .

Success Achievement .

Maulik Thank You Jibu Poonam Viral Vikas Thank You Pradeep Kishan Khalid .

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