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Mud Nyschoolcatalog 2011

Mud Nyschoolcatalog 2011

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Published by: Renee Nichelle on Jan 11, 2011
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Student ServiceS



the Make-Up Designory (MUD) Financial aid Department can provide information and
assistance to students concerning a variety of fnance options for their education. the
primary purpose for fnancial aid is to provide assistance to students who may not be
able to afford to attend classes through their own means.

MUD understands that fnancing an education can be one of the most complex issues
that students face. For this reason, MUD’s Financial aid staff is available for all students
and families who would like to discuss their fnancing options. the Financial aid offce
is open from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. additional assistance and
updates can be found at MUD’s Financial aid website: fnaid.mud.edu. Prospective students
should be sure to select the campus at which they intend to enroll for correct information.

If a student obtains a loan to pay for an educational program, then he or she will have the
responsibility to repay the full amount of the loan plus interest, less the amount of any
refund. If the student has received federal student fnancial aid funds, he or she is entitled
to a refund of the moneys not paid from federal student fnancial aid program funds.

Federal aid is available for qualifed students who are enrolled in eligible programs. MUD
highly recommends that all students take advantage of any federal aid for which they
may be eligible. to apply, complete a free FaFsa application online at: www.fafsa.ed.gov.
Detailed information on available fnancial aid assistance, including school codes, can be
found on the school’s Financial aid website: fnaid.mud.edu.

For many students, federal fnancial aid only offsets a portion of their educational
expenses. applying for aid is a multi-step process. the kind of aid a student can receive
will be dependent upon several factors, including, but not limited to: the program a student
is pursuing, the student’s income, and any contributions from the student’s family. the
MUD Financial aid offce can explain the types of aid available, offer advice regarding the
advantages of different programs, and instruct prospective students about how to apply, in
order to help fnd a fnancing option that is best suited for each student.

the career training smart option student loan is an ideal solution for families that have
a gap when it comes to funding their student’s education. the career training smart
option student loan helps students save money, pay off their student loan faster, and
build credit. to apply, please visit: salliemae.com/ctsmartloan.

Prospective students from other countries should contact the Ministry of Education or
Department of Education of their native government. Many of these agencies provide
fnancial assistance to individuals who wish to study abroad, particularly in career felds
for which training is not readily available in their home country. MUD is ready to assist
any agency in evaluating our qualifcations to be recognized as a viable vendor.

For citizens of the UK, you may fnd information on fnancial assistance to support your
learning by visiting: www.direct.gov.uk/adultlearning or contact 0800 100 900.

MUD is approved by the New York state Division of Veterans’ affairs for the training of
veterans and eligible persons under the provisions of title 38, United states code. this
approval is for Non-college Degree (NcD) Programs under title 38. the school provides
a written brochure for all service members and their families that offers details of the
Veterans’ Benefts Program. Please contact us for more information.

students enrolling at MUD are responsible for meeting the fnancial commitments required
in order to attend school. at MUD, the enrollment process is not complete until a student
can confrm that he or she is fnancially capable of covering the costs of school





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