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Example of a Reflective Account From Which to Develop an Academic Poster

Example of a Reflective Account From Which to Develop an Academic Poster

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Published by: Ganesh Gadave on Jan 11, 2011
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Introduction Recently I have been studying on a Masters course and have been studying about leadership and management in health. I have little practical experience of leadership and management of health projects or services. It is important that I reflect on my learning as I hope to develop my skills and experience of management and leadership once I leave the university. Greenwood( 1993) suggests that reflection is about considering what one is doing whilst doing it and is often the result of something that has surprised the practitioner. Fitzgerald (1994) believes that the individual is retrospectively considering practice undertaken through recall, thereby uncovering the knowledge used in that particular incident or situation. There are various models that can be used to reflect on learning and practical experience. Gibbs reflective cycle ( 1988) provides a useful framework to reflect on my learning about leadership and management. For the purposed of this assessment I will use Gibbs cycle to help structure and guide my analysis and reflection of my learning relating to leadership and management. Gibbs model Gibbs model is straightforward and covers 6 key areas.. The situation is described, feelings are considered, the experience is evaluated, the situation analysed for clarity , conclusions are drawn and an action plan is developed so that the individual can consider what they would do if the situation arose again. At the conclusion stage it is also important to consider what else could have been done to affect a different outcome. A model diagram can be seen below.
GIBBS REFLECTIVE CYCLE Description (What happened?) Action Plan (If it arose again what would you do?) Feelings (What were you thinking & feeling?)


Evaluation (What was good & bad about the experience? Analysis (What sense can you make of the situation?)

I found it difficult to understand many of the concepts and theories and to link these to practice. At first I felt unsure about attending the module and how my experience compared to others. I could also have been more participatory I class and asked for clarification. Stage 4. Now that the module has ended I feel I still have a number of skills to develop but that my future career can build on what I have learnt. I felt that others in my group were able to understand things better than me and that they had practical experience which helped them and as I did not have this I felt disadvantaged. The module leader is excellent and I enjoy her lectures immensely!! Stage 2. I enjoyed and participated in group work but on occasions I did not contribute as much as I could have. As the module progressed I still felt unsure but felt I did gain more knowledge and understanding about the theory and issues that were relevant o me. I also recognise that there are skills that I could develop in terms of leadership and management in the future.Stage 1 Description In stage 1 Gibbs suggests that it is essential to describe the event that is being reflected upon including the context. I have been studying on a Masters in Health course and have been attending module entitled Leadership and management I public health. The topic is new to me and we have covered a number of different theories and concepts that have been interesting. Some of the other students took over discussions in class which I found interesting but I did not feel I had the opportunity to say anything. In this example I felt that I did attend classes and participated less than I could have. I am in large group with lots of diverse students from both home and overseas with differing backgrounds and interests. what part you play in the event and what part others play.Evaluation At the evaluation phase it is important to make a judgement ( good and bad) about what happened. I also should have discussed the issues with my class mates more. This is something I would like to learn more about. I have been a regular attendee. I also could have contacted the tutor for advice. I felt that the tutor helped me to feel at ease in class but I did feel very anxious and concerned about my lack of management and leadership experience .Analysis This breaks the event down into its component parts and discusses what worked well and what did not work well. I feel that there were both positives and negatives derived from this experience. I think that I could have taken more time to read around the topics under discussion in class. what did others do well etc. In . I also feel that I have learnt a lot from my peers and have made some good links and friendships. Stage 3. Stage 5 -Conclusion During this stage I need to ask myself what I could have done differently and to learn from that experience. I enjoyed the leadership theory sessions and can see how his is important to public health practice. On a positive note I do feel I have learnt a lot that I could use in a future public health role.Feelings This stage is about reflecting about the feelings about the event. I found I am particularly interested in leadership issues and would like to explore these further.

I tended to focus on leadership issues as these were what I enjoyed learning about.to discuss with my peers issues that are being taught to gain their perspective. My action will be to try and apply my earning in my future practice . I discovered that in such a diverse group of students there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that in the future I could draw upon. I have discovered I am a good student and keen to learn but that at times I do not fully engage and therefore do not learn as much as I could. .my assessment I could have tried to link the theory to more to an example and I could have made sure I had a balance between leadership and management issues.to ensure that on other modules I try to participate more and ask for clarification if needed . I would plan and present my assessment differently and spend more time preparing and planning this. Stage 6 Action plan In the future I feel I would have done many of the same things but on reflection I would have spent more time on my reading and on critically examining and discussing the theory and it application in public health.

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