Southern Earth

White fluff covers over the land, Punctuated by white peaks lined in a band; Southern Earth welcomes two weary tourists, Made us ever more the travelling purists. Rolling Hills thunder across the southern plain, And beauty displayed even from the plane; Colours in full bloom tickled our senses, Picture perfect we agreed with our census.

Timaru is a quaint seaside village, From its hilltop suffered no pillage, From conquering hordes of brethren lineage; A sleepy town with some of that coastal vintage. The journey to the lake that is Tekapo, Brings us to a game of peek-aboo; On the edge of the lake, in bloom were Lupids, In that little chapel, its role best known as Cupid.

Dunedin may be linked to history,

Every crook and cranny still tells a story; From nesting albatrosses to yellow eyed penguins, To steeple churches and a castle on the hill they seem so genuine.

At the edge of the Southern Alps a picturesque pose, Queenstown and its beauty in poetic prose; For it was at its height I did propose, And on her finger then a Brilliant

Rose! The Love of my life and Rose of my eye, Responded with nothing less than a resounding aye! The Remarkables celebrated us in silent joy, On the evening that was the eve we bid it goodbye. Mitre Peak lined the path to Milford Sound, In good company ancient lands we were bound; The roar of falling waters we had found, In its majestic presence swirled us



Northwards we journeyed to ancient carvings, Work of art from Mother Nature in constant servings; Glow worms and glaciers kept us craving, Time stood still where melting ice were flowing.

Hanmer was a hot spot with waters from its springs, Tired bodies we really did bring; Shooting stars from other worlds

we were wishing, For a bright sparkling future on the night of a beautiful late spring.

Gentle giants from the deep, Memories of which is ours to keep; Into the sea the mountain ranges sweep, Treasures of the sea the ancient stations no longer reap.

The Cathedral was saved for the best, When Christchurch was build on historical past; Again beauty we consumed at Arthurs Pass, Chinese cuisine served at long last! With great difficulty we bid farewell, To New Zealand a time that was swell; Ask if we will return time will only tell, I’m sure we will soon after our wedding bells!

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