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Four Decades Anniversary

Four Decades Anniversary

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Published by Daniel Tan
This is the piece written for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary
This is the piece written for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary

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Published by: Daniel Tan on Jan 12, 2011
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Honeymoon Years And God said, “let them be Husband and Wife”, Love to share and a family of Five; During honeymoon, children they did strive, Pauline, Joyce and Daniel but lottery they didn’t strike. Everyone said the kids were images of Joe’s, Personalities of whom no one really knows; But Mother knows best and in their characters she did sow Lessons of life, faith in God she really did show. Foundation Years Rosa strict but loving mother loved us all, How she did it left us in awe; Joseph loving father, laid the foundations, For a family he so loved he sets no conditions. Mum was and still is the pillar in our lives, And Dad could not have chosen a better wife; Whilst a roof over our heads he did provide, The Pillar and the Roof, a HOME they made in their stride. Living Years In each of us you do see, And know that they have been a busy bee; To bring up their children to their best, Never once did they give up or even rest. The living years were of great import, Family values in us they did impart; For it is when we had to part, To lead up our lives with values of their mark. Remembering the Years Families of each soon we did build, Core Family values to which we will always yield; To lead our lives as our loving Parents have revealed, And in God’s given life, we all have willed. Forty years is a gem and a rarity, For our family lived with great variety; We the children and our families love you MUM and DAD Perhaps it was God’s lottery they did strike!
Children Pauline New Children (inlaws) Philip Paul Grand Kids Clare, 17 & Clarence, 2

Joyce Daniel

Francis Cheah Mei Yoong, Lai

Joel, 11 & Joey, 1½ Akan Datang

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