LEARNING OBJECTIVES: ‡ Definition of Directing ‡ Motivation ‡ Theories of Motivation ‡ Communication ‡ Types of Communication ‡ Barriers to Communication ‡ Leadership ‡Types of Leadership Directing .

Directing . communication and leadership.DIRECTING DEFINED T e f rth universal functi n of management which refers to the rocess of motivation.

MOTIVATION ( movere ) ‡ concerned with what activates human behavior ‡ concerned with what directs such behavior toward a particular goal ‡ concerned with how the behavior is sustained Directing .

THEORIES OF MOTIVATION ‡Traditional Theory ‡ The Hierarchy of Needs Directing .

THEORIES OF MOTIVATION ‡ Achievement-Power-Affiliation Theory ‡ Motivation-Maintenance Theory ‡ McGregor s Theory X and Y ‡ Achievement Theory ‡ Bernard-Simon s Theory of Equilibrium ‡ Vroom s Preference-Expectancy Theory ‡ Reinforcement Theory ‡ Maturity Theory ‡Job Enlargement ‡Job Enrichment Directing .

the transmittal of understanding.COMMUNICATION DEFINED The transfer of information that is meaningful to those involved in general. Directing .

Downward Communication c. Lateral Communication Grapevine Communication Directing . Upward Communication b. d.Types of Communication a.

ersonal Incompatibility 9. Distortion 3. Inaccessibility 7.BARRIERS TO COMMUNICATION 1.Failure to Use Proper Media 11. Lack of Trust 6.Lack of Direction Directing . Lack of Levelling 5. Distance 2. Semantics 4. Refusal to Listen 10. Lack of Clear esponsibility 8.Communication ap 12.

Directing .LEADERSHIP ‡ the art and science of influencing people so that they willingly move toward the achievement of the group goals.

TYPES OF LEADERSHIP ‡ The Dictatorial Leader ‡ The Autocratic Leader ‡ The Democratic Leader ‡ The Laissez Faire Leader Directing .

MANAGEMENT SKILLS ‡ Technical Skill ‡ Human Skill ‡ Conceptual Skill Directing .

MANAGEMENT A LA PINOY ‡ Management by kayod Directing .

MANAGEMENT A LA PINOY ‡ Management by lusot ‡ Management by libro ‡ Management by oido ‡ Management by ugnayan Directing .

E D Directing .

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