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Cisco CCNA Discovery 2 Final Exam

Cisco CCNA Discovery 2 Final Exam

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CCNA 2 Final V4.

1. A company is developing an Internet store for its website. Which protocol should be used to transfer credit card information from customers to the company web server? FTPS HTTP ** HTTPS WEP2 TFTP 2. Refer to the exhibit. A new branch office has been a dded to the corporate network and a new router is to be installed to allow branch office users to access the database server at headquarters. How should the serial 0/0/0 interface of the new branch office router be configured to connect to the headquarters router? branch_23(config -if)# ip address branch_23(config -if)# no shutdown branch_23(config -if)# encapsulation hdlc branch_23(config -if)# ip address branch_23(config -if)# no shutdown branch_23(co nfig-if)# encapsulation ppp branch_23(config -if)# no shutdown branch_23(config -if)# encapsulation ppp branch_23(config -if)# ip address **branch_23(config -if)# encapsulation ppp branch_23(config -if)# ip address 25 branch_23(config -if)# no shutdown 3. Which two commands ensure that any password that permits access to the privileged EXEC mode is not shown in plain text when the configuration files are displayed? (Choose two.) ** Router(config)# enable secret cisco Router(config)# enable cisco Router(config)# encryption -password all Router(config)# enable login encrypted Router(config)# enable password encryption ** Router(config)# service password -encryption 4. A new network is to be configured on a ro uter. Which of the following tasks must be completed to configure this interface and implement dynamic IP routing for the new network? (Choose three.) ** Select the routing protocol to be configured. ** Assign an IP address and subnet mask to the interfac e Update the ip host configuration information with the device name and new interface IP address. ** Configure the routing protocol with the new network IP address. Configure the routing protocol with the new interface IP address and subnet mask. Configure the routing protocol in use on all other enterprise routers with the new network information.

6. Which command will the administrator use to configure the router name? Router# ip hostname Boise Router# enable hostname Boise Router(config -line)# name Boise ** Router(config)# hostname Boise Router(config)# ip hostname Boise 9. the source resends the data. What is the most commonly used exterior routing protocol? ** BGP RIP OSPF EIGRP 8.CCNA 2 Final V4. Why are port numbers included in the TCP header of a segment? to indicate the correct router interface that should be used to forward a segment to identify which switch ports should receive or forward the segment ** to determine which Layer 3 protocol should be used to encapsulate the data to enable a receiving host to forward the data to the appropriate application to allow the receiving host to assemble the packet in the proper order . A network administrator is asked to design a system to allow simultaneous access to the Internet for 250 users. If an acknowledgment of the transmitted segments is not received from the destination in a predetermined amount of the time.1 5. The network administrator needs to configure the router with a name. The ISP for this network can only supply fiv e public IPs. the destination requests that the segments be resent . Refer to the exhibit. How does TCP ensure the reliable transfer of data? if data segments are not received from the source. The TCP Protocol Interpreter process verifies the transmitted data at source and destination. What can be used to accomplish this task? routable translation dynamic translation static translation ** port address translation 7. ** TCP uses the SYN -ACK portion of the three -way handshake to ensure that all data has been received .

) ** The debug ip rip command displays RIP routing activity in real time. C .straight-through . Because of router processor usage.straight-through. B . C . B -crossover.com/? (Choose four. Refer to the exhibit. 12. What is the purpos e of the routing process? to encapsulate data that is used to communicate across a network ** to select the paths that are used to direct traffic to destination networks to convert a URL name into an IP address to provide secure Internet file transfer to forward traffic on the basis of MAC addresses 11. B . Which combination of cables and symbols is correct? A A **A A A A crossover. the debug ip rip command should be used only when necessary. What minimum configurations must be set on a host to allow a request to be sent to http://www. The switch is in half -duplex mode. C .straight-through. What is the meaning of the amber SYST LED? The switch has no configuration file in NVRAM.straight-through.straight-through.cisco. C .1 10.CCNA 2 Final V4.straight-through crossover. B . B .crossover rollover. The switch is fu nctioning properly. **The debug ip rip command can be issued at the user EXEC configuration mode.straight-through straight-through.straight-through . C . 14. Which two statements are true about the use of the debug ip rip command on a Cisco router? (Choose two. The debug ip rip command displays a combination of the information that is displayed by the show ip route and show ip protocols commands. the SYST LED on the front of the switch transitions from blinking green to amber.rollover. The debug ip rip command should be used instead of the show ip route command whenever possible. B -straight-through. A Catalyst 2960 switch has been taken out of storage to be used as a temporary replacement for another switch that needs to be repaired. C . ** The switch has failed POST and must be sent for service.) **DNS server WINS server **IP address NetBIOS ** subnet mask ** default gateway 13. About a minute after the switch has st arted.straight-through straight-through.

What type of WAN serial connection is in use? leased line packet switched ** circuit switched point-to-point . and 192.168. Which type of UTP cable should be used to connect Host A to Switch1? rollover console crossover **straight-through 19.16.) exchanges datagrams unreliably is used to send IP error messages forces the retransmission of unacknowledged packets ** creates a virtual session between end -user applic ations **carries the IP address of the destination host in the TCP header is responsible for breaking messages into segments and reassembling them at their destination 17.64/28 subnetworks? with BGP **with a static route with a directly connected route with an interior routing protocol 18. In which layer of the OSI model is the problem most likely occurring? transport network data link ** physical 16.16. The technician observes that the lights and fan on the router are not operational. The network shown is connected using services from the same I SP. 192.32/28.16/28. a modem is heard dialing a telephone number to transfer the transaction data to the central office. When customers use credit cards to make purchases at a small business.168. After an unsuccessful p ing to the local router. the technician decides to investigate the router.16. Refer to the exhibit.1 15. What are three characteristics of the TCP protocol? (Choose three. How will the Fohi router dynamically learn routes to the 192.CCNA 2 Final V4. Refer to the exhibit.168.

The IP address of the Inter net server is 192. ** Workstation A will send an ICMP e cho request message to workstation B. The user started the data conversation by sending an e -mail. The data conversation is identified by TCP port 80 on the client. A ping 192.) **inspection of the destination IP address in data packets ARP requests from connected routers manual configuration of routes ** updates from other routers DHCP information broadcasts updates from the SMTP management information base 23. ** Workstation B will send an ICMP echo reply message to workstation A. How does a router know of paths to destination networks? (Choose two. The router will reply to the echo request with a proxy ping response. **The Internet server will send data to port 8547 on the client. What events will occur if this command is successful? (Choose two. and then has the user verify that the NIC has a green link light. 21. The help desk technician employs a bottom -up approach to troubleshooting.17.) The router will block the ping req uest message. subnet. 22.1.1. Workstation A will send a UDP ping request message to workstation B.20 command is issued on workstation A to determine if workstation B can be reached.1 20. and gateway settings using ipconfig on the PC . .) ** The data conversation was started by the HTTP application process running on the client. The technician first has the user check the patch cable connection from the PC to the wall. Which two statements describe the data conversation shown? (Choo se two.168. What will the technician have the user do next? Enter an IP address into the WWW browser address bar to see if DNS is at fault.CCNA 2 Final V4. Connect to the user home router t o check firewall settings for blocked TCP ports. Use traceroute to identify the device along the path to the ISP that may be at fault. Refer to the exhibit.43 . A user reports being unable to access the Internet. ** Verify the IP address. Workstation B will send a UDP ping reply message to workstation A.

A customer reports connectivity problems to an ISP technician.1.168. What should the technician suspect is the problem? ** misconfigured firewall bad port on switch or hub misconfigured IP addressing on the customer's workstation wrong DNS server configured on the customer's wo rkstation wrong default gateway configured on the customer's workstation Serial0/0 R 192.0/24 is directly connected. Upon questioning the customer.168.1 24.3. 00:00:20. Serial0/1 C 192.3.CCNA 2 Final V4. Which type of address is 192.17.111/28? host address network address **broadcast address multicast address 26. 00:00:19. the technician discovers that all network applications are functioning except for FTP.0/24 is directly connected. The show ip route command was executed on one of the routers shown in the graphic and the following output was displayed: C 192.168. Serial0/1 From which router was thi s command executed? A B C D .1.168.1. What is one purpose of the TCP three -way handshake? sending echo requests from the source to the destination host to establish the presence of the desti nation determining the IP address of the destination host in preparation for data transfer requesting the destination to transfer a binary file to the source **synchronizing sequence numbers between source and destination in preparation for data transfer 25.4. Serial0/1 R 192.0/24 [120/2] via 192.2.0/24 [120/2] via 192.168.168. Serial0/0 R 192.4. 00:00:20.0/24 [120/1] via 192.168.

168.0 31. Which two sets of commands are required to configure passwords for all management ports on a Catalyst 2960 switch? (Choose two.168.240 ** 255. A user reports being able to access the Internet but not being able to download e -mail from the mail server at the ISP.255.0 255. Refer to the graphic.4.0 192.0 240.0 ** 255.255.2 255. mask. What should the user check on the user workstation? ** the POP3 and SMTP server settings in the e -mail application the patch cab le connections at the back of the workstation and at the wall plate the DHCP settings in the operating system the IP address.2 RouterA(config)# ip route 192.0.0 192.168. Which command will configure a static route on Router A to direct traffic from LAN A that is destined for LAN C? RouterA(config)# ip route 192.168.2 RouterA(config)# ip route and default gateway values the NIC drivers 30.) **RouterA(config)# ip route 192.1 RouterA(config)# ip route 192.255.0 255.0 255.1 28.255. Which subnet masks could be used when subnetting a Class B IP address? (Choose two.255.0 . Refer to the exhibit. 255.CCNA 2 Final V4.168.) ALSwitch(config)# interface vlan 1 ALSwitch(config -if)# password ci sco ALSwitch(config -if)# login **ALSwitch(config)# line vty 0 4 ALSwitch(config -line)# password cisco ALSwitch(config -line)# login ALSwitch(config)# line vty 0 15 ALSwitch(config -line)# password cisco ALSwitch(config -line)# login ALSwitch(config)# enable secret class ALSwitch(config)# enable password cisco ALSwitch(config)# interface fa0/1 ALSwitch(config -if)# password cisco ALSwitch(config -if)# no shutdown **ALSwitch(config)# line cons 0 ALSwitch(config -line)# password cisco ALSwitch(config -line)# login 29.0 192.0 192.168.

Refer to the exhibit. In order to allow hosts that are attached to RTA to reach the server that is attached to RTB.16.168. Which two commands will the administrator use to accomplish these tasks on the two routers? (Choose two. a static route from RTA t o the server LAN and a default route from RTB back to RTA need to be configured.0 S0/0/1 RTB(config)# ip route 0.65. worms.6 RTB(config)# ip route 10. They alert network administrators to various type of denial of service attacks as they o ccur. RTA(config)# ip route 0. They enable encryption and authentication of confidential data communications.5 255.10.6 33.) **RTA(config)# ip route 10.0 0.0 0.10. The network administrator has configured the RTA and RTB interfaces.252 10. What is used by a routing protocol to determine the best path to include in the routing table? Convergence t ime Default distance ** Metric Type of router 36.168.248 255.1 **RTB(config)# ip route 0.63 192.0 How do port filtering and access lists help provide network security? **They prevent specified types of traffic from reaching specified network destinations.16.6 RTA(config)# ip route 10. They prevent viruses.) 34. The network administrator of the building in the graphic nee ds to choose the type of cable best suited to add ServerB to the network.16.60 192.0.65. Which cable type is the best choice? STP UTP coaxial **fiber optic 35. Refer to the exhibit.16.64 . Refer to the exhibit.CCNA 2 Final V4.16.0.32 ** 10.10.10. Which IP addresses could be assigned to the hosts in the diagram? (Choose two.10.252 10.0 10.16.31 192.35 ** 192. and Trojans from infecting host computers and servers. 255.255.168.

) ** Syslog Telnet HTTP HTTPS ** SNMP 39.0 shown in the graphic. The RTB router is connected to two Cisco devices b y Fast Ethernet links.255. 40.255. Refer to the exhibit.) **The router is connected to a router named Boise. which subnet mask would accommodate the number of hosts in each subnet? 255. Dynamic NAT allows hosts to receive the same global address each time external access is required.255.240 255.CCNA 2 Final V4. . Static NAT allows an unregistered address to map to multiple registered addresses. What is true regarding the differences between NAT and PAT? PAT uses the word "overload" at the end of the access -list statement to share a single registered address.255.0 ** 255. Which two protocols allow network devi ces to report their status and events to a centralized network management device? (Choose two.1 37.224. The graphic shows the output of a command issued on router RTB.255.168. **PAT uses unique source port numbers to distinguish between translations. Router RTB is directly connected to two other routers. .0.248 38.0 255. Given the network 192.255.2. **The IP address of the router interface connected to router RTB is 192.224 255.255. Router RTB is connected to a Cisco 1841 router.0 255.168. what two statements are true of router RTB? (Choose two. According to the output.255.

) to dynamically assign IP addressing information to network hosts to simplify the administration of host and default gateway addressing on client computers to assign TCP port numbers to hosts as part of the data transfer process **to resolve human -readable domain names to numeric IP addresses **to replace the static HOSTS file with a more practical dynamic system 44.0 10. ping echo request packets arrive at a host that is attached to the Fa0/0 interface of RTB.1. and the replies do not make it back to the ISP router. What will fix this problem? The ISP must be configured to forward packets from the 192. **The ip route command needs to be edited so that the next hop address is 10.1.1 address is the next hop address.0? 30 256 **2046 2048 4094 4096 .1.6 A ping issued from the ISP is successful to router RTB.1. A hacker attempts to reach confidential information that is stored on a server inside the corporate network.168. The network administrator uses the command below to configure a default route to the ISP network : RTB(config)# ip route 0. 42. What are two purposes of DNS? (Choose two.1. A network technician is using a network management station to gather data about the performance of devices and links within the ISP.0.0 network.1. The ip route command should be removed from the RTB router configuration. A network security soluti on inspects the entire packet.0 network address with a subnet mask of 255.1 41. Refer to the exhibit. How many host addresses may be assigned on each subnetwork when using the 130. Which application layer protocol makes this possible? **SNMP FTP DHCP SMTP 43.68.CCNA 2 Final V4. 0. The ip route command needs to be edited so that the 192.0.248. How ever. Which security measure protected the network? an IDS **an IPS a host-based firewall Anti-X software 45.168.0. and blocks the packet from entering the inside network.255. determines that it is a threat.

102.102.7 **to measure the time that packets take to reach 192.) RTB# ip address 192.255.97 255. The command copy tftp running -config has been entered on the router.255.99 255.1. Which two commands will the administrator use to accomplish this task? (Choose two.1.255.7 **to test reachability to 192.7 to identify the ISPs t hat interconnect the NOC with the remote host with the address 192. A small tire retailer requires a low -cost WAN connection to its headquarters in order to manage its inventory and process cus tomer sales in real time.168. what information is used by the router to forward data packets from one interface of a rou ter to another? **destination network address source network address source MAC address well known port destination address 47.255. In an IPv4 environment.) to map the path to and return to the technician's workstation .168. A NOC te chnician at an ISP enters the command shown.168.98 255. The network administrator need s to configure the Fa0/0 interface of RTB so that hosts from RTA can connect to the server that is attached to RTB.248 RTB(config-if)# ip address 192.252 50.1. Which WAN connection type is best suited to its needs? Sonet T3 **dialup DSL leased line 48.1. Refer to the exhibit.168.1 46.168.CCNA 2 Final V4.102. Refer to the exhibit.102.255. What will this command do? copy the configuration in RAM to a ser ver **copy the configuration file from a server to RAM copy the configuration file in NVRAM to RAM copy the configuration file in NVRAM to a server copy the configuration file from a server to NVRAM 49.168.97 255.252 RTB(config)# ip address 192. What are two reasons to use this command? (Choose two. RTB(config)# no shutdown **RTB(config -if)# no shutdown **RTB(config -if)# ip address 192.168.7 to locate connectivity problems along the route to 192.1.

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