Gamma Rays

Marcus, Marcus and Tianqu

Smallest wavelength and greatest energy of the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum y Can kill cells y Cancerous Cells y Penetrates body tissues CT scans and radiation therapy Properties of Gamma Ray .

Application of Gamma Ray . "Instead we kill the diseased cells from within using iridium radiation treatment. where gamma radiation is delivered through wires inserted into the tumour.y Gamma Knife multiple concentrated beams of gamma rays are directed on the growth (tumour) in order to kill the cancerous cells beams are aimed from different angles to minimize damage to the surrounding tissues Treatment of brain tumours Liverpool vets attempt rescue horse surgery "Removing tumours surgically from the eyelids would be almost impossible because the scar tissue would leave the horse unable to blink.

cancer when DNA is affected Turns people into the fictitious but menacing Hulk Advantages and Disadvantages .y Advantages High degree of accuracy Low risk of infection Low risk of damaging surrounding tissues y Disadvantages Ability to affect molecule change .

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