UPH – Dr. Jose G.

Tamayo Medical University
Sto. Niño, Biñan, Laguna College of Nursing BSN LEVEL IV NCM 105 – QUIZ 2nd Semester 2010-2011 Name: __________________________ Section: _________ Clinical Instructor: ________________

Date: _________ Score: ________

Identification: No erasures or stray marks please.

__________________ 1. What is the etiologic agent of Diphtheria? __________________ 2. It is a drug usually given in a combination shot with tetanus and pertussis vaccines. __________________ 3. It is most often seen among persons with poor hygiene who live in crowded conditions. __________________ 4. This tea is excellent in dissolving dried mucus and killing bacteria in the respiratory tract. __________________ 5. Kind of Diphtheria that can lead to severe breathing problems, heart failure, blood disorders, paralysis, coma and even death. __________________ 6. Potential side effects of DPT. __________________ 7. __________________ 8. Common symptoms of Diphtheria. __________________ 9. __________________ 10. The disease may remain manageable, but in more severe cases ________ in the neck may swell, and breathing and swallowing will be more difficult. A. Spleen B. Lymph node C. Lymphatic system D. Immune system


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