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2022 FIFA Worldcup Bids at a Glance

2022 FIFA Worldcup Bids at a Glance

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How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report


By Jo-Ryan Salazar (Los Angeles Galaxy Featured Columnist) on December 13, 2009 0 likes 1,276 reads 10 comments

A user on BigSoccer by the name of comme asked users to rate the bids from the countries that will be making a push for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups. I figured this was worthy of a column. I am going to rate the country's bids on a ten-point scale based on these criteria: Stadia (Both existing and those they have committed to build) Infrastructure ( Accommodation and transport) History (How long ago did they recently have the tournament and how deserving are they of it now) Impact (What effect will the tournament have on football in the country) Geography (How easy would it be to get around at the tournament) Climate (Where will the most conducive temperatures and altitude be found for high quality football) Economic readiness (How capable are the hosts of providing the facilities) Safety Shall we begin? I want to also note that Mexico will not be graded, since they pulled out. Let's start with... Australia Stadia 9 Historically, Australia has been known to have stadiums fit for Aussie Rules, rugby and cricket. And that's just about it. However, these pitches can be used for footballing purposes. Notable stadia that can host World Cup finals games include Etihad Stadium in Melbourne (with

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9/19/2010 4:51 PM

forged primarily by those who immigrated from Europe and brought the game over to the Antipodes.. that's a different story. Australia already has a solid infrastructure for player accommodations and transportation. which stadiums will be chosen? Hmmm. It may not be perfect due to geography. Cities that should host matches are Sydney. There's the City of Manchester Stadium and Old Trafford. Economic Readiness 10 Australia. but let's make this clear: when it comes to hosting a sporting event. History 8 Australia has a solid football tradition. or when the NRL and AFL are going through their campaigns. but it can hold its own to host a FIFA World Cup. a number of Commonwealth Games and other sporting events in different codes. Gosford. Townsville. Hosting a match in Perth could be a problem if it will throw its name in the hat. Overall Score: 72. Wollongong. the Swan Street Rectangular Stadium and Olympic Park as solid training grounds).How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. James' Park in Newcastle. combined with the impact they have made as a member of the Asian Football Conferederation. Safety 10 Australia would be one of the safest countries to host a FIFA World Cup.5 If FIFA awards a World Cup Finals to Australia. If the NRL and AFL decide to relent and push their season ahead of schedule. and is low-risk. Sunderland's Stadium of Light. It is not as developed as Western Europe. Expect temperatures in the 70's to 80's Fahrenheit (20's Celsius) in the host cities. This country has never hosted a FIFA World Cup. Geography 7. Geelong and Canberra. Big strength. it can be argued that the time could not be any more better. this has to sit well with the Australian Football League and National Rugby League. Let's see. Adelaide.. But with the recent success of qualifying for the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. Climate 9 For best results. and would rebound in time to host the FIFA World Cup. There's Pride Park in Derby and KC in Hull. There's Birmingham's Villa Park. Newcastle. Brisbane. And Australia's cities are spread out around the coast. yes. More on that below. Leeds' Elland Road and Leicester's Walkers Stadium. the FIFA World Cup has to take place after the AFL Grand Final and the NRL Grand Final. EnergyAustralia Stadium in Newcastle and Bluetoungue Stadium in Gosford. you can leave it to Oz. stadium:mk in Milton 2 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM . It will strengthen the national teams and local/state programs that focus on soccer. This is a major strength that would benefit the players and fans and others overseeing this event. In terms of getting around at the tournament. It's going to be warm. economically. And the indelible mark it will lay will affirm that this code has as much a relevance as those that have been more settled. Gold Coast. Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium. it would be a safe decision...aside from Wembley (which will host the opening game and the final). More players will develop an interest for the sport. Stadium Australia (which can host the final) and Sydney Football Stadium in Sydney. the same month that the 2000 Summer Olympics were held. Impact 10 Hosting the FIFA World Cup would leave a lasting impact on football in Australia. then a good deal of the matches would take place in September. Look for the FIFA World Cup to take place in October-November of either year. is recovering from this current recession. There's St. Parramatta Stadium. Infrastructure 9 Having already hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics.com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-.5 This could be a weakness for Australia. Townsville's Dairy Farmers Stadium the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Melbourne. the Adelaide Oval . England Stadia 10 Hmmm. Of course. Perth. but it won't be as bad as it would be if it was held in December.

it's seamless. Chelsea. Leeds. All right. when Sir Bobby Charlton brought home Ye Auld Jules Rimet Trophee. to be exact. the Man Uniteds. Liverpools. Hello? This is NOT 1930. The financial crisis has hit England like a freight train at midnight. Liverpool." It's only the close of 2009. and a slew of white elep-er. straightforward. It's great football weather if the Finals are held in May-June.5 "Riding on the coattails of the London 2012 Olympics. Arsenals. they do have some stadia in Palaran in Samarinda. And England-the creators of the code (Ebenezer Cobb Morley. Climate 9 Average maximum temperatures will be in the 50's to upper 60's Fahrenheit (11-20 degrees Celsius). and one can sense this headline in the papers about a decade from now. for England to host the World Cup Finals once again. Safety 8 England has been a possible terrorist target. Plymouth. all right? Having just one stadium will already end any hopes of you progressing. Birmingham. Impact 8 It would be a huge impact. so we'll just have to wait and see. Did I mention London's Olympic Stadium joining into the discussion? Sigh. Palembang's Gelora Sriwihjaya Stadium. The bloody Brits got it made here. Economic readiness 7 Ouch. Manchester. If you know your usual suspects in the Premier League (i. Overall Score: 71. More than four decades.. but with all the stadiums concentrated. and the proposed stadia from Plymouth and Nottingham. The biggest of this bunch are Pekanbaru's Rumbai Stadium and the Gedebage Stadium in Bandung But let's tarry on here.them bellies are starving. Indonesia Stadia 4 You have to wonder why underdog bids like Indonesia even bother to bid for a FIFA World Cup (in this case. Evertons and Spurs of the world).5 The economic readiness and safety are two Achilles Heels that could damage England's bid to host a FIFA World Cup Finals. Geography 10 Rail system will need to get up to speed. 3 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM . Derby. they haven't been fed a World Cup Finals since good ol' Alf Ramsey and de dog days of '66. So many stadiums. Yep. and if England can't get it together.e. Here's a huge weakness right here. Aston Villas. Hull. It's been a while. Don Valley and Bramall Lane. Infrastructure 9. the Lagaligo Stadium in Palopo. England throws another large party with the FIFA World Cup. But can't the other countries get a chance at this too? The Premier League is footing the bill already. Briston. Count the cities of London. so short a list.. Add the Olympics to the mix. Nottingham. Leicester. after the Premier League season. the 2022 edition) when they have only one World-Cup standard stadium in Jakarta's Bung Karno. Did you hear that? That was the sound of a white elephant saying "Cheerie-oh" in Stratford. History 10 The Three Lions.. then you know the basics of England's successful club history in a nutshell. yes.. no-nonsense geography.com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-. the Sheffield trio of Hillborough. Keynes (ugh). you know. England has a solid infrastructure to host a FIFA world Cup. bless his soul) would love to bring the World Cup Finals back to the mother of the Home Countries. new stadia being constructed. Sheffield and Sunderland as host city candidates. But things can change.How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. See. But one should gawk at the numerous football cathedrals that the bloody Brits have in place when they are given the nod by Sepp Blatter's crew.. But it should be otherwise safe..I leave to you to figure out the consequences. Newcastle. Milton Keynes. No one can forget the London underground rail bombings that occurred after London had won the 2012 Olympics...

it will be an immense source of pride to be the only Southeast Asian country (and just the third in all of Asia) to have hosted a FIFA World Cup finals. the National Olympic Stadium. Because of the demise of Tokyo's bid. Pelemband. It's an expensive infrastructure we're talking here. History 8 Like Australia. Indonesia have never hosted a FIFA World Cup. the Sapporo Dome. Soreang. The infrastructure was one of the reasons why Tokyo lost the 2016 Summer Olympic Games bid to Rio de Janeiro (although it has been argues that there are other reasons to go with this. it's just Mother Nature taking her seat in the clouds. Japan has competed in Olympic Soccer as far back as the 1936 Berlin Olympics. let me know.All right. among others. Nagai Stadium.com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-.. Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo. Besides. Don't mind the explosion just miles ahead. Japan already has some stadiums in place. Geography 3 Welcome all you island hoppers. This would be a first for them. such as geography and history). Impact 3 The real reason why this could sink: They last had the tournament in 2002. Samarinda.How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. Sleman. We're talking 70% to 90% humidity combine with high temperatures in the 20's and 30's Centigrade and the possibility of typhoons. Wait a minute. Infrastructure 6 This could be an issue. I see. Pekanbaru. and not a lot of construction is needed here. finalists: the other team AND the elements! Economic readiness 2 Another reason why Indonesia faces long odds: it's a developing country for goodness sakes! Brazil's got it made when comparing their economy to Indonesia (aside from their role as a giant in the footballing world). And among the teams in ASEAN. don't you have a Rugby world Cup 4 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM . Climate 4 Prepare for some hot and sticky football on the way. Bogor. Safety 1 Welcome to a terrorist haven. Saitama Stadium.. Indonesia hosted the 2007 AFC Asian Cup Final. Infrastructure 4 If there is even any infrastructure from Indonesia worthy of being considered World Cup capable. There are fifteen cities with stadiums of at least 34. Japan Stadia: 10 Japan already was successful in hosting a World Cup with Korea in 2002. Please do not mind the typhoon dropping sheets of rain. so they thought. Bandung. Newsflash. and has been played in the Land of Rising Sun since the Meiji period. Hiroshima Big Arch. Toyota Stadium in Toyota City and Oita Stadium. "Hey..000 for football. Palopo. I will say that you have been ingesting the wrong drug. and the fanatics who lap up the Premier League will embrace it. Have fun clashing with two opponents. so implied Japan Football Association Vice-PResiddnt Junji Ogura. it's just a demonstration on what to do if you ARE within an explosion site. FIFA World Cup Finalists. Ahh. Surabaya. Impact 8 For Indonesia. There's the Yokohama International Stadium. But that's not the only reason why this bid could fail. See impact History 8 Football is a popular sport in Japan. Overall score: 34 Outlook? Bleak. Japan's chance of hosting a FIFA World Cup Finals took a hit. And the 2011 Southeast Asian Games could be used as a tune-up? Hmmm.. Kobe Universiade Memorial. Tangerang. why don't we host another ourselves-without Korea's help?" Like England. You mean there is? Ah. Cities that will get their chance include Jakarta (the Bung Karno should host the opening and final). Japan: Tt's way too soon for you to host a FIFA World Cup. Extra points for that. Medan. North Jakarta. and Gianyar. Tenggarong. the Socceroos may be witnessing a bad moon rising in the form of the Garudas.

000. Al Wakrah and Ar Rayyan. That means they are close to some tough war zones (i. Not a terrorist target. Sure. That is if you can stand the heat. when oil workers living in Qatar first kicked the leather bladder around. Kobe. Infrastructure 5 It's a small country. But after that. and low-risk. just like 2002. just like Australia. Al Khor. Given that Qatar is a oil-rich state. More on that later.if you can afford it. Geography 10 Biggest strength: it's a small country! You can literally wander from venue to venue in a day. or increase the seating. Qatar Stadia 2 This is an underdog bid. one can only speculate how he will do this. History 8 Here's a strength for Qatar's bid. Ar Rayyan.625. with a capacity of 50. Economic readiness 7 Those petroleum dollars better roll in fast for the sheiks. Al Khor and Al Wakrah. Now.. just like Indonesia. Fukuoka. All the other stadia have a average seating capacity of no more than 20. Easy. Too small. Overall score: 43 The climate issue. Qatar is still in the Middle East. Toyota City. Impact 6 It will be a huge victory for the development of the game in the Middle East. and the infrastructure isn't helping make things any better for this bid. how do you do! The players have to deal with the desert heat and plenty of fluids to go around. That's it. and a potential underestimation of the swaths of 5 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM . not really much worth noting. The issue here is Qatar's readiness for the large swaths of humanity that will descend upon Doha. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani. Their footballing history goes back to 1948. For this part. Niigata. but how is that going to really make any difference? Seriously.e. Simple. In spite of its solid safety records: 1. because they will make or break this bid in terms of economic readiness. Safety 10 Big strength. but encourage it. The only major stadium in Qatar is the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha. 2.. making it the country's most popular sport. Sapporo. that's a different story. Sheikh Mohammed says that they will make the stadiums temperature-controlled. The End. Saitama. Osaka. Climate 1 The bid's first major downfall: it's friggin' HOT! El Scorcho. Oita. Climate 5 The summer humidity can work against Japan's bid. Rifu. has a decision to make: create new stadiums. Kashima and Kobe are potential World Cup host cities. Hiroshima.500 professional footballers play in Qatar. One thing is for certain: the stadiums will not be ovens.com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-. and familiarize yourself with commuting by air-conditioned vehicle. The FIFA World Cup will likely be held in late May to June. the lack of big stadiums. Japan is economically ready to rebound in time to host a successful FIFA World Cup Final. It will be interesting to see if Qatar can tolerate the skinship that will come from those countries who note only are used to it. that is. Geography 8 Japan is easy enough to get around... to prepare for in 2019? A-ha. Safety 4 Factors that weigh into this score. Today. over 6. Aside from Tokyo and Yokohama.How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. Only four major cities with stadiums: Doha. Economic readiness 9 Never underestimate the resilience that is the Japanese economy. Iraq). The chairman of the bid committee. Overall score: 59 Japan is trying to big for a FIFA World Cup Finals too early.

Petersburg.. History 8 South Korea's football history goes back to 1882. A football stadium in Gwangju is named in his honor. Impact 3 And just like Japan South Korea's bid also suffers from bidding for a World Cup too soon after they hosted one. Whether or not expansion will be necessary has yet to be determined. Already plans have been implemented for World Cup-ready stadiums in Sochi. where temperatures range in the 70's to 80's Fahrenheit (25-30 degrees Celsius). spanning 11 cities. established 1928. Even though they will bid for 2022. Infrastructure 5 Tourists to Russia will be in for a headache. The Soviet Union's football teams won gold medals at the 1956 and 1988 Olympics. And having the cities spread far apart is a bad idea. Podolsk. free-world humanity descending upon Qatar could break this bid into pieces. Krasnodar. Climate 6 A continental climate means that the FIFA World Cup will have to be held in April to May. History 9 Football in Russia has had a rich history. Nizhny Novgorod. Kaliningrad. And there are just 16 stadiums in all of Russia with at least 20. 6 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM . earning a fourth-place finish under Taeguk Warriors manager Guus Hiddink. please crank up the safety! South Korea Stadia 9 South Korea will focus their bid on the 2022 FIFA World Cup.. Petersburg. when the citizens of Incheon were introduced to the game by British sailors. The problem here is that the Dynamo seats only 36. Russia's a big country. St. Infrastructure 7 Like Japan. because transportation is not well-developed. Russia Stadia 7 It all begins with Moscow. Why build new stadiums. Overall score: 51 More stadiums are needed. Geography 5 Achilles heel alert.com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-. Sochi. witnessed its national team reap major success in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Impact 8 A FIFA World Cup Finals would be the icing on the cake of this football-crazy country. Kazan and Moscow. Fourteen cities that will be in the running are Moscow. Yekaterinburg. And for the love of Catherine the Great. host cities will be spread across eastern Russia.000 seats. Yekaterinburg. South Korea's bid suffers from an expensive infrastructure. Kazan. The Korea Football Association.000 seats. The destinations have to be more concentrated. Rostov-on-Don. For this bid to be successful. twenty years is not too long of a gap. There are 12 stadiums with more that 40. and Volgograd. Saransk. Then again. This means that some expanding of current/creation of new stadia will be necessary to host a FIFA World Cup. while the Dynamo Stadium can set the stage for a solid third-place game. when you can use the ones from the 2002 edition? The Seoul Olympic Stadium holds the largest seating capacity. This could be problematic. But it is nonetheless a solid framework. Economic readiness 7 Not even the likes of Roman Abramovich will be able to sustain a FIFA World Cup Finals of this magnitude. to go with a 1960 European Championship and a fourth-place finish in the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England. with a capacity of 69. aside from Moscow and St. but the point is Russia's economy is not as strong.540. Yaroslavl. The Luzhniki should make for a perfect opening game and final. it's not like he is going to foot the bill. Samara.How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. Safety 4 Russia is a high-risk destination for FIFA World Cup.841.

History 8 The USA's best finish at a FIFA World Cup was third place-in Uruguay 1930..600. like Japan it can get hot and humid in the summer. 2022 should be a piece of cake. If you need a team hotel free of distractions.. Maybe this is what happens when you are the first nation to have co-hosted a FIFA World Cup. Geography 8 There's a lot of similarities between the Japan and South Korea bids that I might as well give the same score. I wish I had to potential to add one extra point for seating capacity. But if they were able to do it in 2002. finalists. Goyang and Daejon. Jeonju. their best finish was a quarterfinal appearance in 2002. has the same issue of bidding for a FIFA World Cup too early after they already co-hosted one. And there are 27 cities that can host a game or two. Daegu. Pizza Hut Park in Houston and Columbus Crew Stadium will make for some solid training camps for a number of teams that make the Finals. Gwangju. The history of soccer in the States goes back before the Football Association was established: 1862. we got those too. and its women's national team ranks among the world's best. you got it. Expect average temperatures in the lower to mid-20's Celsius in July. Just about all of them are American football stadium. But they are like the Millennium Bug: Will they really pose a threat to the safety of those taking part? With the way things are going up there.000. In any case.. But this ten will be the biggest of the tens I will give this bid. I also mentioned that there are a number of places for training before they head out into the battlefield.S. Your list of potential host cities: Seoul.. bid. this is the USA. Suwon. They were tied for third with the former Yugoslavia (now Serbia when taking into regard the true descendant of the team). but only if you're a well-to-do football fan. Hey.unless you take into consideration North Korea. Ann Arbor. and it houses 45. Arlington. out of 70 potential stadia. Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Incheon. The smallest of the 32 is RFK Stadium. so I'll give South Korea one extra point. Overall score: 58 South Korea.com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-. United States Stadia 10 You want stadiums? We got 'em! You want seats? We have 'em! You need training pitches and all the fixins? Yeah. the Lower 48. During this stretch. It's a big country. There will not be as much an impact on this World Cup as it was with the 1994 World Cup. Seogwipo. 7 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM .right? Safety 9 South Korea is low-risk. Infrastructure 9 There is solid accommodations for players.. with Cowboys Stadium able to seat up to 110. Eventually. when the Oneida Football Club of Boston was founded. Chicago. All that needs to be sorted out is who will host what. Geography 9 Enough room to go around.. Climate 6 Again.. Ulsan. like Japan. but they will face heavy odds against their competition. Take your pick. Busan.How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. Let's not forget that soccer-specific stadiums like the Home Depot Center. losing to tournament runners-up Germany. Impact 5 Here is a weakness of the U.it doesn't look that way. but it's recent enough to not have as strong an impact. The United States Soccer Federation was founded in 1913.. Pasadena. Economic readiness 8 I think South Korea can bounce back in time to successfully pull off a FIFA 2022 World Cup. The USA's bid is loaded with stadiums just waiting to get in line for the fun. easy to get around. Landover. But it's not as bad. if not the #1 ranking for many a month. The men's side tasted success since their 1-0 victory over England in the 1950 World Cup by qualifying for the first of six straight World Cups and counting in 1990. Dallas. coaches and media. It's not as soon as Japan and Korea's bids. 32 stadiums in 23 cities were candidate venues. You have Los Angeles.

hosting the FIFA World Cup will be another feather in the hats of both hosting associations. Seattle. Tampa. Economic readiness 8 There should be a score here for "economic willingness. Houston. Like their neighbors to the North. Cleveland. An exhaustive list. Belgium and the Netherlands have solid hotel accommodations. Denver. Thank Congress (and that hawk from Texas known as George W. Enschede. Liege's Stade Maurice Dufrasne.C. Heerenveen and Rotterdam.. However. History 9 The Benelux region has a solid football history.000 along with the 60. Eindhoven. the Benelux can!" Not exactly large stadiums from this bid. Blame the polar jet stream and the low pressure systems. Bush) for the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that any snags are snuffed and squashed. and Eindhoven's Philips Stadion. Safety 9 8 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM . Palo Alto. Climate 9 A maritime climate means great football weather for a FIFA World Cup in this region. Detroit. but there are notables in Brussels' King Baudouin Stadium (which can be expanded and renovated). Otherwise. Eindhoven will function as the "capital city" of the World Cup.. the Philips Stadium could use a big increase in seats. Belgium is recognized for its footballing depth. Expect average temperatures ranging between 10 to 22 degrees Celsius (60's to 70's Fahrenheit). Spread the love. This is the bid's biggest strength. Bruges. the Amsterdam ArenA. Louis. Philadelphia. Miami Gardens.How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. they have the resources to pull off their best World Cup since 1994." but assuming that this financial crisis passes soon enough to put America back at work. Also. Ghent and Liege. Glendale (AZ). Jacksonville. the Oranje (Orange). Geography 10 The Benelux region is known for having commuters go from point A to point B by bicycle. Enter Belgium and the Netherlands. and Washington D. Kansas City. East Rutherford. Safety 8 This place can be troublesome as a terrorist target. great football weather. St. who decided that "if East Asia can do it. the Red Devils (as the national team is called) has not qualified for the World Cup since a string of six consecutive appearances dating from 1982 up to 2002. Could there be a Tour de FIFA World Cup 2018/2022 in the works? Cities in the Netherlands that will be hosting matches are Amsterdam. so these two nations are more than ready to host a FIFA World Cup Finals. Belgium will have four stadiums with at least 40. Climate 7 The climate will be warm to scorching hot. Take your pick. Charlotte. Oakland. The Dutch are especially known for their solid national side. The Netherlands finished second at the 1974 and 1978 FIFA World Cups to go with winning Euro 1988 and a third-place finish at Euro 1976. Impact 8 With football already strong in this region. San Diego. Indianapolis. Nashville. Belgian host cities include Antwerp. Atlanta. Charleroi Genk. Baltimore. Orlando.com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-. de Kuip in Rotterdam (with a new version currently being designed). If this means that they will host the final of this tournament. Overall Score: 64 The question beckons for an otherwise solid USA bid: what will the lasting impact be of hosting a FIFA World Cup Finals just years removed from the 1994 edition? Belgium/Netherlands Stadia 7 So Japan and Korea were able to pull off a joint bid. Economic readiness 9 The economic situation has not been a problem in Belgium or the Netherlands. along with geography. Infrastructure 10 The Benelux region has one of the best transportation systems among these bids.000-seater in Brussels. Foxborough. maybe even better than 1994. Brussels.

Porto and Braga will be the host cities in Portugal. and have finished third at the 1966 World Cup and fourth at the 2006 World Cup. We're talking great transportation and excellent accommodations. Also. Overall score: 70. Twenty Spanish cities and three Portuguese cities will be doing the business. Alicante. I believe they will pull it off. Very safe. Isn't the Mediterranean wonderful or what? Economic readiness 8 If Spain and Portugal are able to recover from the current economic crisis in time. These two countries can do it. the 2018 bid will go to Australia. While this is a non-issue. this is a solid joint bid blessed with an even more solid infrastructure. Geography 9. Murcia. Impact 7 Spain already hosted a World Cup. Portugal previously hosted Euro 2004 (where they finished runners-up to Greece).com/articles/308165-how-do-the-20182022-fifa-. Salamanca.. 2022 will go to England. Badajoz. More on that in history. but could be a terrorist target because of its location in Europe. Vigo and Zaragoza.How the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup Bids Stack Up | Bleacher Report http://bleacherreport. and the priority of single-nation bids over joint bids. But Sepp Blatter has reiterated that joint bids will be deemphasized in favor of single-nation bids. FINAL VERDICT Based on these scores. Elche. History 9 The Iberian peninsula lives. Bilbao. Infrastructure 9. and the 2022 bid will go to Belgium & the Netherlands if FIFA decides to go with the joint bid. if FIFA eschews the joint bids altogether. having the lion's share of the stadium. Lisbon. should FIFA decide to do it again. it's a bit of an interesting question. A country with a proud footballing history. This article is also featured on The View From Victoria Street 9 of 9 9/19/2010 4:51 PM . Santander. but it will be a bit warm.5 Easy to get around. low-risk region. Portugal/Spain Stadia 10 It's a straightforward thing: have the final at the renovated Camp Nou in Barcelona and the third-place match at the Estadio da Luz in Lisbon. were European Champions in 1964 and won again in 2008. Expect temperatures in the 20's Celsius (63-95 degrees Fahrenheit) in Spain and Portugal. breathes and sleeps football.5 Like the Benelux region. the security will be wary of any terrorist dangers that could arise. as they have not hosted a FIFA World Cup.5 This is a safe region. Madrid. Malaga. the stadium issue will need to be sorted out. with 23 candidate host cities on one heck of a footballing region. Gijon. San Sebastian. Iberia's got it down pat. Safety 8. Spain boasts two highly-decorated clubs in Real Madrid & FC Barcelona among a slew of talented teams in La Liga. Barcelona. Portugal is going to gain more from this bid. Spain can host this by itself. Sevilla and Valencia are shoe-ins (with Barcelona hosting the final before 100.000 at the Camp Nou).5 Another solid joint bid. but which four out of the remaining 15 cities will get the nod? Those cities are A Coruña. Spain previously hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1982. But the impact may not be as strong due to Spain previously hosting the World Cup. Overall score: 71 This is a solid joint bid. Oviedo. However. Climate 9 Great football weather. As for Spain.. They will get their chance as part of the joint bid. But since it's in Europe. but it may be a tad bit too soon. Valladolid.

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