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Planning for Business Idea

Planning for Business Idea

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Published by: giagnhb04 on Nov 06, 2007
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Laptop Care

Professional laptop care service

business plan 

Nguyễn Hòang Bảo Giang Đặng Quang Dương


Unlike some typical computer care services at Ho Chi Minh City, Laptop Care is a unique and professional service. Most importantly, Laptop Care’s goal is satisfied the trust, the please to customer by the safe, and high quality result for all their laptop problems. Belong with the advanced technology, professional environment work and expert engineers, Laptop Care wish to become a leader care service for laptop at Ho Chi Minh. Laptop Care will become a potential successful service at HCM city. Why can it be successful? Laptop is a useful portable device that can help people solve their personal problem no matter what or where they are. In some case, it also can replace some technical equipment such as: the desktop, mobile phone, CD or DVD player and others. The current trend, the people has rather like using laptop than desktop because laptop has features that are more superior. Beside, Ho Chi Minh is a biggest city where has the active life and the dynamic working. The demand of using laptop becomes very large at there. Unfortunately, the laptop is a device is very hard to repair because it has too small size and many complicated components inside. Laptop Care provides professional engineer force who can deal with those problems as well for customer. Thus, if there is a laptop care service at Ho Chi Minh City, it will have many good opportunities and advantaged conditions to be success. Planning to perform the Laptop Care idea business is very important step. It is the process to analyze and to evaluate carefully all the necessary conditions such as: objective, market, location, capital, and so on. Actually, all the conditions to execute Laptop Care idea have a lot advantage in current time. Therefore, we hope that Laptop Care will be a successful plan and can lead us to be the businesses success.

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Why choose the Laptop Care Service for business? 1. May the idea make sense to get profit? 2. How perform the plan? The location, the capital, the workforce, market, objective and goods, time. 3. Is there any risk in the plan?

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