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1- What do you consider motivation is?

a b c d
Necessary Critical to success Not necessary Don’t know

2- What really motivates your staff?

a b c d
Financial reward Competition Job security Praise and recognition

3- Do employees of your company feel empowered?

a b c d
Yes No In certain projects Don't know

4- Your organizations pattern of motivation

a b c d
Top-low Low-Top Only top Only lower

5- How do employees fell about the company?

a b c d
1 loyal 2 safe Valued

6- How much employees are involved in development (Rate 1-5) (5 shows max involvement)

a b c d e
1 2 3 4 5
7- How do you motivate Diversified Workforce?

a b c d
By better relations Flexible pays By providing flexible All

8- How do you motivate contingent workers?

a b c d
Equitable pay Attractive pays Opportunity for All
permanent status

9- Do you believe in motivation through spirituality?

a b c d
Yes No May b Don’t know

10- Do you determined to build relationship with the people you interact with

a b c d
Yes No Often Don’t know