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Mec E 460 Project Proposal

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Develop a measurement system to facilitate data collection during air tanker test drops.

Air tanker drop tests require an air tanker to release a load of water, retardant, gel, or
foam over a grid of cups. After each drop, cups are collected and weighed. This data is
used to create a concentration contour map of the drop. Several drops are conducted
each day for several days, requiring the rapid removal of loaded cups from the grid and
deployment of empty cups to the grid. The size of the grid depends on the size of the air
tanker being tested. However, it can easily require the removal and deployment of 500
or more cups each drop.

Scope of Work
 Define design specifications through conversation with customer.
 Prepare three design concepts by creative brainstorming.
 Select design concept through consultation with customer.
 Prepare detailed design calculations and analysis.
 Prepare assembly and parts drawings suitable for manufacture.
 Review detailed design drawings for manufacturability.

Preliminary Design Specifications

 Stable, rigid stands
 Fairly lightweight
 Easy to insert into, and remove from, the ground
 Holders must hold cups in place (to sustain the wind force of the drop) but allow for
the easy placement and removal of cups
 Waist height

 Dimensioned assembly and parts manufacturing drawings.

Prototype Resources

Project Sponsor
Name: Colleen Mooney
Company: FPInnovations, Wildfire Research Group
Address: 1176 Switzer Drive Hinton, AB T7V 1V3
Telephone #: 780.817.1849
Email address:

Available Meeting Time
A company representative is available for 4 hours biweekly to meet with student groups
on school premises.

Maximum Number of Groups

 One design team

Intellectual Property Ownership

 Design IP is owned by FPInnovations

Cup holders designed and currently used by the USFS:

Cup holders designed and currently used by FPInnovations:


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