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Near West Investigations, Inc, 740 West Fulton Market Suite C1 Chicago, Illinois 60661 312.455.1992 January 12, 2011, Chicago Police Department Attn; Freedom of Information Officer Records Inquiry Section, Unit 163 3510 S, Michigan Ave. Chicago, I 60653 via email to Re: Illinois Freedom of Information Act Request To Whom it May Concern: fon under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. ‘This is a request for inform: hereby request any collated, cross-tabulated, summarized, or other compilation of data which contains the results of the morale survey of Chicago police officers. Said complication should indicate the entire number of responses to each question of said survey together with statistical summary of the responses to each question. Any “open field” or text responses should been provided separately by convenient It is imagined that this data exists in an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, MS Access database, or other common file format. The delivery of such data-file would be preferred. If unable as such, then this information is requested vie other common electronic format. Creation of paper is discouraged. Electronic files up to 5 megabytes may be sent to, Larger files should be placed on @ data CD/DVD or USB “thumb” drive, Tunderstand that the Act permits a public body to charge a reasonable copying fee not to exceed the actual cost of reproduction and said fee shall not include the costs of any search or review of the records. 11am willing to pay such a fee for this request up to a maximum of ten dollars ($10.00) which should cover, the cost of a usb thumb drive on which to deliver the data. If you estimate that the fees will exceed this, limit, please inform me before completing this request. However, I request a waiver of al fees for this request because disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest, i likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the government, and is not primarily in my commercial interest. 1 seek not to use the data for any commercial purpose but rather to make the data freely available to all members of the public. 1 am the publisher of the Peeling the Onion blog located at the ChicagoNow website and wil! make the data available through this site. ook forward to hearing from you within the time period specified by statute. /Bind Regards, (yee Ua Se ‘Jim Bosco J President Near West Investigations, Inc.