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This information, furnished! at request of the New York Post, is presented here in the public interest. Pus. tsHep BY WATCITTOWER Buster ann Tracr Society, Inc. Brooklyn, N. Y., U.S. A. July, 1940 Made in the Uniled States of America JUDGE RUTHERFORD UNCOVERS — FIFTH COLUMN New York Post New York City Attention Mr. Maleolm Logan Dear Sir: . You have stated to me that the New York Post has assigned you to get information con- cerning Jehovah’s witnesses. For the past fif- teen years, at the request of the public press, I hgve repeatedly furnished information con- cerning the work of our organization, and that -without any of the facts being published. Fre- quently the press would misrepresent what had been stated, making us appear entirely in a different light from what the facts show. For ten years I used on an average 240 radio. stations each week, detailing important infor- mation to the public. The press ignored that information. I have been informed by reporters for the public press to this effect: “Higher-ups have said to us that nothing shall be published that Rutherford furnishes.” During the past twenty years I have written and published books to the number of: ninety-nine and which have been published in seventy-eight different lan- 8