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DB Drill Checklist

Stance & Start

1 Backpedal - Zone Turn

2 Backpedal - 45 - Backpedal
3 45 - Backpedal - Zone Turn
4 Backpedal - 45 - Speed Turn
5 Backpedal - Run Break
6 Fast Feet - Sprint

Zone Drill

1 Zone Turn - High Point Drill

2 Center Field Drill
3 Divider - Center Field Drill
4 Cov. 2 Level Impede
a) 2 & Screw
b) Bump, See, Squeeze

Man to Man Drills

1 Punch Drill
2 Punch - Match Hips
3 Punch - Match - Break
4 Fade Drill

Agility Drills

1 W Drill
2 N Drill
3 90 Plant & Drive
4 45 Plant & Drive

Ball Drills

1 Backpedal - Come At
2 Backpedal - Turn - Come At
3 High Point - Zone Turn
4 Out of Phase - Play hands
5 Dog Fight 90
6 Dog Fight 45

Contact Drills

1 Defeat Stalk
2 Tackle Up
3 Contain - Tackle
DB Drill Checklist
Line (Quick Feet) Coverage Drills
Man in Middle
Backpedal 2nd receiver Read
Stance and Start Disguise Drops
Form Backpedal Using Sideline as defender
Backpedal and touch 1 on 1
Backpedal Studder (With Partner) Goalline Drills
backpedal and weave (tight)
Backpedal and Weave (Wide)
Weave with Partner
Backpedal and Flip Play Off Block
Backpedal Flip and Break Back Rip
Pedal and Flip with Partner Punch
Pedal Flip, and Studder with Partner Bull Rush and Pull
Backpedal and Break in 4 Directions Playing the Cut
Backpedal and Speed Turn Disengage
Disengage and Tackle
Other Agility Drills
Crossover run break @ 45 (6 Cones, up and back)
Various Box Drills 4-8 Cones
Pedal Flip, Speed Turn

Plant and Drive
Cone Plant Drill
W Drill
M Drill Tackling Drills
Long W Drill Giant Lift Stationary
Pedal 45 Degree Break (3 Cones) Giant Lift Walk
Pedal 45 Degree Break (4 Cones back and forth) Giant Lift Open Walk
Pedal 45 Degree Break (8Cones All across) Giant Lift Break Down
Angle Tackle
Breakdown Anlge tackle
Ball Drils Come at an angle Breakdown angle tackle
Come At Goalline tackle
Pedal two yards Break 90 Open Field tackle
Come at and Break
Pedal, Flip and Come back
Pedal Flip 45 Break and Catch
Crossover Run and break on Comeback
Pedal Flip, and Speed Turn to 90
Backpedal Flip and catch right Behind
Pedal Break on 90 to Cone, Do not look until late
45 Degree Drop and W to Coach
Highest Point, Deep Ball
Tapioca, Fade Drill

Ball Drills/Strip Drills

Come at the Coach (Partner Behind)
Close Drill Two BP and one breaks opposite to Sideline
Catch Up Drill
Catch up Crosser Drill
M/M Fade Drill
Run Behind Punch, Chop
Dog Fight Coming at
Dog Fight Angle