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PSS Injury and Wellness Center Marks Its 5th Year Anniversary

Atlanta, Georgia, PSS Injury and Wellness Center is proud to announce that it has reached a
momentous milestone by celebrating its 5th anniversary of operations in February 2011.

Founded in 2006 by owner Ed Schneider, DC, the company has since delivered a fully integrated
collection of chiropractic and wellness services for customers across a range of pain relief and
maintenance patients including generalize upkeep on health, car accidents injuries, sports
injuries, and several other chronic illnesses and ailments.

“PSS Injury and Wellness Center was established to provide an underserved market with
superior quality, leading edge chiropractic services and wellness solutions,” said Schneider.
“Throughout our 5 year history we have continued that focus with the objective of delivering
measurable chiropractic results for our patients. Our success has come through the success of our
staff and patients.”

PSS Injury and Wellness Center markets to everyone, operating a 6 days a week office,
expansive community interactions through events and seminars, and works with strategic
partners such as local churches, libraries, and schools, etc, to meet the high demand of health
care and educational health programs in East Atlanta.

“Over the past 5 years, PSS Injury and Wellness Center has remained an innovative, adaptable,
and a community focused chiropractic office. We have leveraged these maxims to build and
operate unique, services that help maximize and optimize our patient’s health and knowledge on
how to live the Chiropractic Lifestyle.”