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Future of Bangla Rock Band Website

Future of Bangla Rock Band Website

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Published by: pagla420 on Aug 11, 2008
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Executive Summary
The main goal of doing this project is to find out the fans needs, their expectations from their favorite bangla rock band websites and to determine what additional changes are required to fulfill their needs. For this reason we conducted a survey. The sample population of the survey was 30 and they were mostly North South University Students. From the survey result we determined what additional features they want to see in these web sites. Based on these features we have created a website of a virtual rock band called “Khal Kete Krorkodile Ashlo.” With the current resources and customer demands, we have created this website as far as we could. Nevertheless, the improvement process is still going on. As the fans response suggest, this website will certainly be accepted by the fans, and will bring a new dimension. We have tried to add the basic things and make it more appealing. The merchandising and concert information options have certainly helped us to reach fans worldwide. This web site also includes few options which have not been practiced before in any Bangla band website. We believe that this is a world class website that can satisfy almost every need of the fans.


The purpose of this report is to o To find out the features that fans want to see in their websites. o To find out the lapses of current bangla band websites. o To include options that has not been practiced in bangla band websites. o To create a guideline for the website builders to follow.

Since our goal was to show a website that will satisfy the users needs, we needed to know what the users really want. That is why we conducted a survey to get an idea about the service they want from a website. The survey supported our concept in almost every category. Practical demonstration is the best way to establish this kind of concept. For that reason, we created a website meeting the specifications we felt necessary for a website.

To establish such concepts, it requires a lot of time and technical resources. But due to the time constraint we were unable to conduct a wide range survey, which could be more helpful for us to establish our concept. Also we could not interview all the

4 major bands to get their point of view about such concepts, which might have provided us more accurate all-around picture. In addition, Due to the technical deficiency, we could not create the website in more detailed form. Using credit card option in a website requires a certain amount of data confidentiality. This requires a lot of technical support, which was not available to us.

1.5Historical Background:
The main objective of creating such a website is to satisfy the needs of the users. We first wanted to know what they really want from the website and according to that we have created this website. But in doing so we have encountered a few problems – firstly it was very time consuming and secondly it required a lot of technical resources. Since we did not have enough time we could not conduct a wide survey on the people who uses websites then it could have supported us in expanding our concept. The other problem that we faced was that we could not interview all the music bands in order to gain information or their views on this concept. The other problem is the technical issues. We wanted to create this website in more details such as to use the credit card option but due to data confidentiality issues we could not add this option.

1.6Sources and methods of collecting data:
In order to create such a website we had to find out what people want from these rock band websites and therefore we prepared questionnaires and carried out a survey. Through this we tried to find out which age group is mostly interested in browsing these websites and what exactly they want to see here. We also tried to find out whether they

5 want to buy merchandising facilities from these websites or not. One other information we needed was regarding the fan club. A research was also carried out to see if people were really interested in joining the fan clubs of these rock bands. All these information were done through primary source no secondary source could have been used since it was mainly public-opinionated.

Guitar tabs- Guitar notations for beginner players. Gears- Instruments that the musicians play Fan club-a virtual club consists of fans of a certain band Amps- Amplifier (Used for sound purpose) Bass- One kind of guitar



Rock music is getting popular day by day in our country. In recent years we have seen the rising of some very promising rock bands such as Black, Aurthohin, Artcell, Cryptic Fate etc The trend of having an official website for the band is also becoming very popular. But the question is that is the quality of these websites is up to the mark? It is sad but true that most of these websites are very backdated poorly organized and does not reflect the fans needs. If we compare the quality of these websites with any website of an English rock band then we will be able to understand the true picture. It is true that we have budget constrain, lack of expertise and lack of technology in our country but still we should try to improve the quality as much as we can because these websites represent the music industry of our country to the music lovers around the whole world. 2.2Survey Analysis According to the survey that we have conducted these are the following features that fans wanted to see.

7% 23% 43% 27%

Marchendising Fanclub Downloads others

8 Depending on these information we have created a website including all these popular features. The website is consists of these following options       Fan club Gears Merchandising products Concert information Download Profile

2.3Fan Club:
How often have you thought of receiving letter from your favorite Rock Stars or actually talking to them? It’s like a dream come true, isn’t it? Well, in Bangladesh it is a dream off course because we do not have the privilege of a good medium to get connected us to them. All we have are few websites of the bands, which provide us with very little (unsatisfactory) information. But that doesn’t quench the thirst. This dissatisfaction of the music lovers has motivated us to think of building a Fan Club. There could be a sub-section of Fan Club which will contain every single detail of the individual band members starting from their date of birth to their educational qualification, hobbies etc. the opinions and person favorites of the band members will also be included in this section. This will certainly enhance the knowledge of the music lovers about their favorite band.

9 Another sub-section could contain the lyrics, piano chords, guitar chords and drum tutorials of all the songs of that band. If any fan wants to sing any of the songs of their favorite band, this section will help them a lot. The most interesting part of this Fan Club is the Chat Room. It will provide a chance for everyone to chat with his or her favorite Rock Stars. All one has to do is just be a member of the website and let the band members know whom they want to chat to. The band members may fix a time slot and the schedule will be published in the website. An online contest will also be held for the fans where the winners will get free tickets of the concert will also get the chance to meet them during their practice session!! We are very much confident that the Bangladeshi bands will receive enormous response as soon as their website will provide these kind facilities to their fans.

Formal expression of gear is the equipment needed for a particular activity like climbing, fishing, music; sports etc. in sense musical instruments are musical gears. Say guitar (acoustic or, electric), keyboard, drums, flute, piano etc. In Bangladesh a group of people, especially young generation are fan of Bangla Rock Bands. There are lots of Bangla rock band. Fan groups who are always interested to know about their favorite band and also the young singer whose are in initial state, means learning process, are curious about the music gears. They cogitate about their music. But they face some problems to quench their thirst. They are no close to the musical instruments. There are a lot of brands like for guitar – Yamaha, Signature, Ibanez; for keyboard – Yamaha; for drums – Tama etc. The music lovers, who are going to learn to play some musical instruments, don’t know which one is suitable for them. They also

10 don’t know the price, where to get it from, the different models, the features of the different models etc. At present in our Bangla rock band websites we find sort of lack ness, which cannot facilitate the young singers or music lovers. The Bangla band website may provide a section named ‘Gears’ in which they will help the learners providing sufficient information about the instruments. In this section they may give some tips about how to use the instruments, some maintenance tips etc. they can also give the information about the gears they use. If they can provide or displayed all sort of music gears, which used in Bangla rock band, it will help the future music lovers. It can be a greater step to the music society.

2.5Merchandising Products
Band members frequently change their instruments. It is a hustle for them to sell those used products because they have to do some advertisement for those products and then bargain for the price. By doing this, they are also depriving the fans. It would be more convenient for them if they publish their advertisement in a website. Fans always try to buy them mainly for two reasons. First, the instruments the band members use are usually of good quality and they keep them in good conditions. Second, any fan would love to have the instrument his or her dream musician used. In other countries, band websites offer this opportunity and it is also very popular among the fans. So far no band website offers this opportunity to their fans even though fans in our country do look for this opportunity. Therefore, in our future website we are offering this opportunity for the first time ever in our country. In the website instruments will be displayed with detailed

11 descriptions and price tags. Anyone interested can book the instrument under his/her name and can have a date for demonstration. Payment can be done by credit card. In addition we are selling customized caps and t-shirts with band logos, band members’ autographs, album covers etc printed on them. Besides the financial aspects, these offers provide much deserved service to the fans.(see the appendix)

2.6Concert Information
Our website also includes a separate section only for concert information. All the concerts for the month will be displayed along with the date, venue, participating bands, ticket price and venues where tickets will be available. In near future we are planning to introduce an online ticket selling system. This will include an exclusive discount. The most ticket buyer for six months will receive an exclusive prize. This will provide much needed service for the music lovers.(see the appendix)

We are providing three kind of download options- picture, mp3 songs and music videos. Full-length mp3 songs and music videos are available only for the subscribers due to copyright act. Limited duration sample songs and videos are available for free download. All the pictures are available for free. In addition, for the first time in our country we are providing music tabs for download. So it will be easier for the fans to play their favorite tones.

Another exclusive features of the websites of the bands is the profile. The profile contains the details about the band members. Although the Bangladeshi rock band

12 websites have this option, it doesn’t contain all the things the user or the fan wants. This is the dream of the fans to know everything about their rock stars. If the bands can provide all the information with a little bit of extra, like with some animated features and some sounds, the option could be more interesting. In our website we have given a brief history about the band like when and how they form the band, how all the band member have gathered together, when they recorded their first song, what were their experience etc. All these things will be shown with animation and sound. In this way the option Profile could be more interesting for the users and fans.

2.9User manual
We have provided a user manual that shows how to browse and get as much information as possible. When someone opens the website, he or she must get the interest to browse more, which will help us developing our acceptability. On the right hand side of our homepage, there are the main options. Merchandise, Profile, Gears, Concert Information, downloads and fan club are the headings through which the rest of the website is accessible. Now it depends on the people browsing through the website about where and what they want to do. Let’s talk about the options in details. First of all, it is the Merchandise. As explained earlier, it is the option through which our customers can place orders for the things we provide as par their requirements. There are a few things that they can order such as Guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, amps, and caps are the main things that we sell through our website .The price and looks are provided so that the customers get a better view of those things provided. The prices are attached below each product and clicking on the product gives them the availability of getting the full picture of the product.


The customer can easily go through them and see the prices and the looks of the products. This is an exclusive part of our website which is not widely practiced in our country. When a customer clicks on anyone of them he or she likes, a better and bigger picture appears. In the right-hand bottom corner of the picture, they find another two options, BUY and BACK. If they do not like the product, then they do not have to worry, we are in the process of increasing our variety. They can click BACK, which will bring them to the main page again. If they do like it, and want to buy it from us, they can click on the BUY option. Clicking on the BUY option brings them to another page, which shows Customer Information. In the customer information part, the customer has to provide his or her name, address, phone number, city and city zip code. Next, there comes the Profile of each of the group members. This is the background story of each of the members written by themselves about what their lifestyle is and how they got into music world. In the Gears, the preferred instruments are shown. The drums, keyboards, and the guitars are posted which the corresponding members of the group mainly play. The fans can go through this option and get inspired to use the instruments that the band uses. Concert Information is about the place, tickets sales, type and date of the upcoming concerts. If they want to be a part of the performance, then they can place orders for tickets in the same way they did in the merchandise part. Otherwise, they can also know the names of the places the tickets are sold. In the “Fan club” department there is a text box where fans can write their thoughts, comments, advices that will be posted in the dialogue box below the text box.


2.10Future Improvements and Additional Features for the Website:
To make our website more customer-friendly and accessible, we are trying to introduce more innovative features and options. The things we are trying to add are listed below. o In the merchandising option, we are trying to introduce more products, in other words, we are trying to add varieties in our sales option. Customers should get more knowledge and know more features about the products. They must be informed about the full use they can get from the products to get better performance from them and also to get well informed about the product before they buy it. o We are trying to make the articles option more free for our fans. Their views and ideas about the upcoming performances and former ones are very helpful for us, and our ticket sales and places from where our customers get the tickets must be expanded. o The most important feature we are trying to introduce is, we are trying to build instruments playing tool kit that would inspire new players and people who are interested in playing these instruments but are not able to due to the lack of facilities and guidance. The user kit should provide easier ways of getting introduced to the music world with the appropriate guidance and with as much as less facilities as possible. Beginning lessons, getting on with that, easier ways of continuing with instruments and help option for the times when players get monotonous with their preferred instruments.

o In the profile section, we are trying to add videos of our practice sessions. That would certainly help the upcoming bands, which feel tired of practicing day after day without getting any results.



3.1Ending Summery:
As we all know In Bangladesh we have lots of Band and of course they are trying to improve their quality of entertaining people. Most of the bands have their own web sites as well. From these web sites general people can gather information about the different topics of bands. But in our report we showed that these websites are not up to mark. Users are not satisfied with these websites. That is why we have made a model website depending on the primary data we have collected. In this website we tried to show the extra features that the users want from the Bangladeshi band websites.

Band websites represent our music industry to the whole world. So it is not only a matter of the bands pride but it also includes the pride of the country. Though we have lots of constrains in our country such as budget constrain, lack of expertise, lack of technology but still we should try to meet the fans need as much as possible. As our new web site is a model web site for Bangladeshi bands this website can be followed in order to build a international standard website which can meet the users thirst.



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