Meals Jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad Cornish pasty and salad Chilli cheese omelette

, wedges and salad Tortelloni and salad Spaghetti Bolognese Sweet chilli and garlic stir fry chicken or mince

Southern fried chicken, new potatoes and salad Chicken tikka masala ready meal Creamy mushroom pasta ready meal Chicken enchiladas and salad Jacket potato with egg mayo and salad Chilli cheese omelette, new potatoes and salad Chicken tikka masala + rice Lentil dahl, chicken + naan bread Sausages mash and gravy Southern fried chicken new potatoes and salad

Lunches Marmite on toast Scrambled eggs and beans on toast Chicken curry soup Pot noodle gti Carrot and lentil soup Tortelloni Tomato soup

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