Pima County Sheriff's Department Detail Incident Report for 110110077

Nature: HARASSMENT Location: Foothills Beat 1

Tucson AZ 85741

Offense Codes: 2625

Received By: Smith,Kimberely

How Received: 911

Agency: PCSD

Responding Officers: Theel,DavidE Salgado,Guadalu Caudillo.Gilber Lopiccolo,Chari Leonardi,Paul V Bames,Eric C Joiner,BrettM

Responsible Officers: Caudillo,Gilber When Reported: 09:29:57 01110111

Disposition: Active 01/10111

Occurred Between: 09:28:49 01110111 and 09:28:51 01110/11





Assigned To:



Status Date: **1**/**

Date Assigned: **/**/** Due Date: **/**/**

Case History:


Unit: 103

Enroute: 09:45:19 01110111 Completed: 11:26:1101110/11

Arrived: 09:49:0401/10111

Unit: 416

Enroute: 09:30:1901110111 Completed: 09:31:1501110111


Unit: 48

Enroute: 09:30:19 01110/1 1 Completed:

Arrived: 09:37:4201110111

Unit: 518

Enroute: 09:31 :08 0 III 0/11 Completed: 12:28:0001/10111

Arrived: 09:36:4901110111

Unit: 532

Enroute: 09:37:50 01110/11 Completed:

Arrived: 09:49:58 01110/11

Unit: no


Arrived: 09:50:0001110/11


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Detail Incident Report for 110110077

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Detail Incident Repott for 110110077

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12:04:40 01110/2011 - Lopiccolo,Charl 110110077

C, A. Lopiccolo #4736

On 01110/10 at 9:37 A.M. I responded to ************************************* harassment call at that location. En route, I was advised via mobile data

computer that the owner of this residence had seen several persons hanging over

his back wall, trying to take pictures, and trying to come in the side gate.

Upon arrival, I made contact with L1. Theel on scene, who advised Deputy

Caudillo was in the vicinity with a suspect. I responded to Deputy Caudillo's

location, the intersection of Orangewood Dr. and Orangewood PI. He was out with two subjects, a Caucasian female, and a Caucasian male, All subjects were

standing in the vicinity of a silver 1996 Dodge van bearing Arizona license

ACB2442. Deputy Caudillo was making contact with the Caucasian female, later identified to me as Nicole Ullerich. I made contact with the male, identified

via a photograph on Arizona operator's licens~·. as Thomas Stuart

Gilmer, date of bhtha •• Mr. Gilmer stated he was a videographer

representing Gecko Broadcast Inc. The company was contacted the day prior by representatives from the television program "Inside Edition" requesting he

serve as a videographer for one of their reporters on scene.

Background checks of both individuals and the associated vehicle were negative. I stood by for security while Deputy Caudillo conducted interviews with both individuals and his investigation was complete. I then returned to the incident location and stood by for security until my presence was no longer required, N.F.I.

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Supplement Dictated by E. Barnes #5566 on 01110111 at 1425 hrs. Total Dictation Time = 7:47 mins.

On 01/10/2011, at 0929 hours, I responded to ************************************* reference to a harassment calL

Upon arrival I stopped out with Deputy G. Caudillo #1452, who had two suspects detained on the side of the road. I asked him what he needed me to do. He


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Detai/lncident Report for 110110077

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asked me to respond to the residence. I went on to ************************************* and met with Lieutenant D. E. Theel #860 and Sergeant P. V. Leonardi #632. I

was asked to get my camera and take photographs of the area where an individual

had entered Mr. Loughner's back yard, to take photographs of the foot prints


I went to my patrol vehicle, grabbed my camera, went to the back yard and took photographs of where Mr. Loughner said the individual had walked in his yard. The photographs were later turned in for processing.

I was then instructed by Sergeant Leonardi to stand by and watch Mr. Loughner because they were going to take him to do a line-up. I stood by and waited for Deputy B. M. Joiner #5083 to retrieve his patrol vehicle, so we could walk Mr. Loughner straight out and put him into the car for the identification. Sergeant Leonardi then told me to bring Mr. Loughner out. I walked Mr. Loughner out and seated him in the back seat of Deputy Joiner's patrol vehicle. Deputy Joiner

then drove off.

I remained at the residence, waiting until they returned. Once they did so, I helped Mr. Loughner out of the patrol vehicle and walked him to his back yard, where I stood by with him. I was then instructed to get a taped statement from Mr. Loughner on the events that occurred today.

Deputy Joiner and I went into Mr. Loughner's house and conducted the interview. I taped his account of the events that took place today. See the CD copy for further information in reference to this statement.

I was informed there was another witness outside of the residence, in Mr. Loughner's front yard. I interviewed that individual. See the CD copy and transcription for that individual's eyewitness account of the events that took

place today. During that interview the subject identified two members of the press who were standing on the other side of Mr. Loughner's house, on the side of the road. I spoke with them. They stated they had no involvement. One indicated that he was in the back yard of the neighbor's house, but that is as close as he has gotten to Mr. Loughner's house. The other stated that he had never been in the alleyway behind Mr. Loughner's house and they did not have a female counterpart with whom they work. They stated they are freelancers for Fox News, knew the law and would not violate that because their bosses would have their "asses".

We continued to stand by as scene security while Lieutenant Theel gave a press conference. Once Lieutenant Theel was done, I left the scene.


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Detail Incident Report for 110110077

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This concludes my involvement in this incident.


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Supplement Dictated by B. M. Joiner #5083 on 01l1Q/11 at 1417 hrs. Total Dictation Time = 5:44 mins.

On 01/10/11, at approximately 0929 hours, I responded as a backup to what was

originally dispatched as a harassment incident at *************************************

When I arrived at the location, Deputy E. Barnes #5566 and I made contact with Lieutenant D. E. Theel #860, the Foothills District commander, along with Sergeant P. V. Leonardi #632, the Foothills Force Two supervisor, who were on scene speaking to a subject who lived at the residence named Mr. Loughner. I was quickly briefed by Lieutenant Theel that Mr. Loughner was stating he had been inside his residence and he had heard some noises and had seen a female subject in his backyard, apparently taking pictures of the backyard area. Mr. Loughner had told the lady to leave his house by opening a door and yelling at her and threatening to send his dog out that was inside with him.

According to Lieutenant Theel, the subject had then grabbed a nearby ladder in the backyard and climbed up the ladder and jumped over a brick wall on the far west side of Mr. Loughner's residence into a nearby alley. I was also advised

that Deputy G. Caudillo #1452 had stopped a female, who slightly matched the description given by Mr. Loughner, nearby in the area and an investigation was being conducted to see if she was the same female who Mr. Loughner had seen in the backyard of his residence.

Lieutenant Theel advised me to have Deputy Barnes take photos of the backyard area and of some footprints that were seen in some dirt next to the fence where the female was seen jumping over. See Deputy Barnes supplement for further information on that. However, as Deputy Barnes was taking photos of that area,

I was advised by Sergeant Leonardi that he wanted me to drive Mr. Loughner over to the area where Deputy Caudillo had stopped out with the female subject to see if Mr. Loughner could make a visual confirmation that it was in fact the same

subj ect he had seen.

Due to the large amount of media that was parked across the street in front of


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Mr. Loughner's residence, I was advised by Sergeant Leonardi to back my patrol vehicle up as close to Mr. Loughner's backyard as I was able to, that he was going to shield him from the media and to see if we could him in the back my patrol vehicle as quickly as possible. He was going to place him in the back passenger side of my vehicle, but I was then to drive him over, just down the street, approximately a quarter of a mile away, to where Deputy Caudillo was with the female subject. I then went and retrieved my patrol car and backed it up to the area next to the fence surrounding the backyard area as Sergeant Leonardi had directed.

Once there, I unlocked the doors and waited until Sergeant Leonardi had placed Mr. Loughner in the backseat of my vehicle. I then drove Mr. Loughner over to the area where Deputy Caudillo was standing out with a female subject. See his initial case report for further information.

Mr. Loughner stated he was unable to make a complete match and wanted me to drive by again, slower, if possible. He also asked me if I was able to have a male subject, who was also seen with the female subject, stand near her so he could try to match both individuals which I advised Deputy Caudillo of over the radio. He also asked me if it would be possible for him to get a look at the camera that the female had with her because he stated he knows photography and had seen the camera she had been taking pictures with in the backyard area.

I advised him I would just be able to turn around and drive slowly past so he could see both individuals and would not be able to look at the camera at this time. He stated he understood. I then turned around and made a U'-turn and drove back by slowly again. Mr. Loughner stated as he looked at the female he thought he recognized her shoes and said he thought it was the same individual, however he stated this one had her hair pulled back into a ponytail and the subject he had seen had the same color hair, however she had her hair down around her face and did not have it back in ponytail. He also said he was unable to match the other description of the clothes she was wearing due to the fact she was wearing a large coat at this time.

I then advised Sergeant Leonardi that we were coming back to the residence and he made contact with us, again out in front of the residence, and escorted Mr. Loughner back inside his house. Once there, I was then directed by Sergeant Leonardi to standby with Deputy Barnes who conducted a taped interview of Mr. Loughner regarding the situation. Again, see his supplement for further information.

I also assisted Deputy Barnes as he went to speak to other members of the media who were standing across the street and might possibly be involved.


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Detail Incident Report for 110110077

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I then stood by while Lieutenant Theel briefed the media members on scene of what was occurring. All parties then left the scene.

This ends my involvement with this case.

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