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1. Abba Father 51. You are God in heaven and in 77.

God who appears unto His

earth beneath people
2. Loving Father 26. God of Love and peace 52. God who rules in Jacob unto 78. God of the spirits of all flesh
the ends of the earth
3. Everlasting Father 27. Eternal God 53. God of wonders 79. God who is blessed for ever

4. Heavenly Father 28. God of all comforts 54. Mighty God 80. God who lives forever

5. Father of Spirits 29. God of patience and consolation 55. All mighty God 81. God who reigns forever

6. Father of lights 30. God of glory 56. God who rules the raging of 82. The only wise God
the sea
7. Father of mercies 31. God of my mercy 57. True God 83. God - Revealer of
8. Father of glory 32. God who called me by His grace 58. The only true God 84. My God and King

9. Father who created (bought) me 33. God of Abraham 59. One God the Father 85. Great God

10. Father who made (formed) me 34. God of Isaac 60. The only wise God 86. God of riches

11. Father who established me 35. God of Jacob 61. God of our Lord Jesus Christ 87. God who supplies every
12. My (Our) Father 36. God of Jeshurun 62. God of heaven 88. God who gives the increase

13. One Father of all 37. God of Israel 63. Holy God 89. God who gives us victory
14. Father of our Lord Jesus Christ 38. God of Elijah 64. God of truth 90. God of peace

15. Righteous Father 39. God of David 65. God of promises 91. God who is angry with the
16. Father who is in secret 40. God of Daniel 66. God who keeps His covenant 92. Jealous God
17. Father of the righteous 41. God of Shadrach,Meshach & 67. God of hope 93. God who forgives us
Abed Nego
18. Father to Israel 42. God the Father 68. Merciful God 94. Wonder working God

19. Living Father I Praise You 43. God of our fathers 69. God who is rich in mercy 95. God who makes all things

20. Father who is going to give the 44. My father's God 70. God of righteousness 96. God of my salvation
Kingdom with good pleasure

Oh God I / We Praise You 45. God of the valleys 71. God of vengeance 97. God our saviour

21. The most high God 46. God of the hills 72. God of truth and without 98. God who is the health of my
iniquity countenance
22.Great God 47. God of the whole earth 73. God of hosts 99. God of my exceeding joy

23.God of gods 48. God who is overall, the eternally 74. My God... My God 100. Blessed God
24. Living God 49. God of all kingdoms of the earth 75. God who begot me(God that 101. God who calls us by name
formed me)
25. Loving God 50. God of heaven and earth 76. God who sees me 102. God who calls in to
existence the things that do not

128. The Lord who judges me 154. King of the Jews 180. The Holy one who inhabits 206. Your name is ointment
eternity poured forth
129. The Lord our God who goes 155. King of Israel 181. The Lord who says "I am 207. Holy and terrible is Your
before us Holy" name

130. Lord the Spirit 156. King of Jacob 182. The Holy one in our midst 208. Your name is great in
might O Lord
131. One Lord, Jesus Christ 157. King in Jeshurun 183. Glorious in holiness 209. For Your glorious name

132. Great is the Lord and greatly to 158. The King upon the holyhill of All Praises To Your Holy Name 210. For Your great name's
be praised - So Zion sake

133. Lord You are good 159. The Lord of kings 184. Lord Jehova 211. Your name is above every
name - So
134. Unchanging Lord 160. The one who gives victory to 185. Jehovajireh (The Lord shall 212. Blessed be Your glorious
the kings provide) name which is exalted above all
blessing and praise
135. The Lord is upright - So 161. Ruler of the kings on earth 186. Jehova Shalom (God of 213. Your name is near (to us) -
peace) So
136. O Lord God of truth 162. Prince of princes 187. Jehova Shammah(The Lord 214. Your name O Lord, is a
is there ) strong tower
137. Mighty Lord 163. King of all the earth 188. Jehova Nissi (The Lord is my Holy Spirit We Praise You
138. Lord God of heaven 164. The Lord who is terrible 189. Jehova Heleyon (The Lord 215. The Holy Spirit
(awesome) to kings of the earth most high)
139. Lord of heaven and earth 165. King of peace 190. Jehova Rohi(The Lord is my 216. Spirit of truth
140. Lord of the whole earth 166. Our peace 191. Jehova Tsidkenu(The Lord is 217. Spirit of grace
our righteousness)
141. Lord of both the dead and the 167. Prince of peace 192. Jehova Tsebahoth (The lord 218. Spirit of glory
living of hosts)

142. Lord Your dominion is an 168. He who breaks the spirit of the 193. Jehova Mekaddishkem(The 219. Spirit of life
everlasting dominion and Your rulers Lord who sanctifies me)
kingdom is from generation to

The King We Praise You 169. He who brings the princes to 194. Jehova Ropheca (God the 220. Spirit of our Father
nothing healer)

143. Lord the King 170. King forever and ever 195. Jehova Hoseenu(The Lord 221. Spirit of Christ
our maker)
144. King of kings 171. My King 196. Jehova Eloheenu(Jehova our 222. Spirit of understanding
145. King of glorys 172. King of heaven 197. Jehova Eloheka(Jehova Your 223. Spirit of might
146. Great King 173. Your dominion shall be from 198. Jehova Elohay (Jehova my 224. The life giving Spirit
sea to sea, and from the river to the God)
ends of the earth
147. King of saints 174. There will be no end to Your 199. Elohim (God is present 225. The generous Spirit
Kingdom everywhere)
148. King of Salem Lord The Holy One - We Praise 200. Elshaddai (God Almighty) 226. Spirit of wisdom
149. King of righteousness 175. Holy! Holy! Holy 201. For Your name "JESUS" 227. Spirit of the Lord

150. Spotless King 176. Most Holy 202. For Your name "IMMANUEL" 228. Spirit of the Lord God

151. King eternal 177. Holy one of Israel 203. For Your name "THE WORD 229. The eternal Spirit
152. King immortal 178. Holy one of God 204. For Your name which is 230. The Holy Spirit, the power
exalted of the Most High
153. King invisible 179. Holy Child 205. Your name is pleasant - So 231. Spirit of holiness

258. God who is exalted by His power 283. My fortress 308. Christ - the Son of the 334. You bore our grief and
Blessed carried our sorrows
259. The head of all principality and 284. My stronghold 309. Son of man 335. You shed Your blood for us

260. O Lord, You are exalted as head 285. A very present help 310. Son who has been made 336. The chastisement for our
over all perfect for ever peace was upon You - So

261. God who is highly exalted 286. Horn of my salvation 311. He who is called Son of 337. He who tasted death for
David everyone
262. Great and mighty in power 287. Pioneer of our salvation 312. God who never fails in His 338. You were mocked for our
promise sake
263. Fairest Lord 288. Anchor of the soul 313. Christ, the same yesterday 339. You were scorned by men
today and forever
264. Most Upright 289. The one my soul loves 314. Perfect in love 340. You were despised by the
265. Sun of Righteousness 290. The Bridegroom 315. Father in heaven, You are 341. You were numbered with
perfect transgressors
266. Righteous Judge 291. Rock of ages 316. He who is perfect in 342. He who made intercession
knowledge for the transgressors
267. Righteous and Upright God 292. Lily of the valleys 317. Light of the world 343. For Your stripes that heal
268. He who increases the harvest of 293. Rose of Sharon 318. The true light 344. Resurrected Christ
our righteousness

269. He who loves righteousness and 294. Cluster of hennablossoms 319. The light that enlightens 345. The resurrection and the
justice every man life
270. The Lord who speaks 295. A bundle of myrrh 320. Light to the nations 346. The way, the truth and the
righteousness and declare things life
that are right

271. He who brings His judgement to 296. You are altogether lovely -So 321. The faithful witness 347. The First Born
272. He who guards the paths of 297. The chiefest among the ten 322. The lamb that had been 348. The First Fruit
justice thousand slain
273. The Lord who will cause 298. Your speech is most sweet 323. Lamb of God 349. The Door
righteousness and praise to spring
forth before all nations

274. Our Law giver 299. My beloved is white and ruddy 324. The one Shepherd 350. Conqueror of death
275. How unsearchable are Your 300. The bright and morning star 325. Great Shepherd 351. Conqueror of hell

276. You are faithful 301. Apple tree among the tress of 326. Good Shepherd 352. The one who has the keys
the wood of death and hell
277. Who is like You, O Lord? 302. You are like a gazelle or a 327. He who had laid down His 353. He that has the key of
young stag life for the sheep David
278. Holy and blameless 303. You are loved by virgins 328. Chief Shepherd 354. He that opens that no man
279. You are undefiled 304. You are loved by the righteous 330. You were wounded for our 355. He that shuts that no man
transgressions opens
280. My deliverer(My saviour Isa 305. Beloved Son 331. You were bruised for our 356. Bread from heaven
43:3) iniquities
281. My refuge 306. Loving Son (Dear Son) 332. You bore the sin of many 357. Bread of life

282. My shield 307. Son of the Most High God 333. You took our infirmities and 358. River of life
bore our sickness

384. My light 413. For the blood without blemish 441. The one who dwells in
385. My Holyone 414. For Your spotless blood 442. He who dwells in Zion 470. A High Priest who can
sympathize with our weakness
386. My covert 415. For the precious blood of Lord 443. Lord, You are gifted to dwell 471. High Priest of the good
Jesus Christ among men -So things to come

387. My glory 416. For the blood of sprinkling 444. You dwell with the one who 472. He who has unchangeable
has a contrite and humble spirit - priesthood
388. My goodness 417. For Your blood that speaks 445. He who dwells between the 473. You are a Priest for ever
better things shoulder of His beloved according to the order of
389. My hiding place 418. For the blood of new covenant 446. He who is seated at the right 474. Creator of Israel
hand of God
390. My high tower 419. For the blood of the 447. He who sits above the circle 475. Shepherd of Israel
everlasting covenant of the earth

391. You are the portion of my 420. Gift of God 448. He who sits enthroned over 476. Ruler of Israel
inheritance and my cup the flood

392. You maintain my lot 421. Christ our passover 449. He who sits in the heaven 477. The strength of Israel

393. My portion in the land of the 422. The propitiation for our sins 450. The Lord who is in His 478. Hope of Israel
living temple
394. Guide of my youth 423. You offered Yourself without 451. The Lord who is upon many 479. Rock of Israel
spot - So waters
395. My Master 424. You have become a surety of a 452. He who is seated at the right 480. The consolation of Israel
better covenant hand of the Father

396. My beloved is mine 425. Messiah 453. He who treads the high 481. The Light of Israel
places of the earth
397. The one who cares about me 426. Forerunner 454. He who walks in the midst of 482. The dew unto Israel
the seven golden lampstands
398. My witness 427. Our Guide 455. He who holds the seven 483. The glory of Your people
stars in His right hand Israel
399. He who goes over before me 428. Rabbi, Rabboni (Jn 20:16) 456. With the merciful, You will 484. The Lord who sanctifies
show Yourself merciful - so Israel

400. My Judge 429. The stem of Jesse 457. With the blameless man, 485. Judge of Israel
You will show Yourself blameless
- So
401. Judge of all the earth 430. The root of David 458. With the pure, You will show 486. The Mighty one of Israel
Yourself pure
402. Christ the righteous advocate 431. The Branch 459. With the devious You will 487. God the fear of Issac
show Yourself shrewd
403. Christ who strengthens me 432. He who is called David the 460. Our Lord and Teacher 488. The Mighty one of Jacob
404. Jesus of Nazareth 433. He who is called David the 461. Teacher from God 489. The Portion of Jacob
405. Christ our intercessor 434. Lord You are worthy to be 462. Chief Apostle 490. He who loved Jacob
(Advocate) praised - So
406. Wonderful God 435. Lord You are pleased in our 463. Chief Prophet 491. He who had accepted Job
praises - So
407. He who alone does great 436. Fearful in praises 464. Great Physician 492. The Lord who restored
wonders Job's losses
408. He who calls us, "My friends" 437. Lord who inhabits the praises 465. High Priest 493. The Lord who gave Job
of Israel twice as much as he had before

409. Friend of sinners 438. He who dwells in the high and 466. Great High Priest 494. The Lord who blessed the
holy place latter days of Job more than his
410. He who is separate from sinners 439. The one who dwells between 467. High Priest forever 495. You are wonderful in
Cherubims counsel and You are excellent
in guidance - so
411. He who justifies the ungodly 440. The one who dwells in 468. A merciful and faithful High 496. You are great in counsel
unapproachable light Priest and mighty in work
412. The opened fountain 469. High Priest without sin 497. The hills from where my
help comes

525. The Blessed and only Potentate 551. The express image of God's 576. The Lord who upholds all 602. Lord, You make the poor
person those who fall to sit with the princes of his
526. One who is immortal 552. You are of purer eyes 577. The Lord who raises up all 603. Lord, You maintain the
those who are bowed down justice for the poor

527. The unseen 553. Head of the body of Church 578. He who heals the broken 604. Father of the fatherless
hearted and binds up their
528. The brightness of His glory 554. The Lord who nourishes and 579. He who raises the poor out 605. Defender of widows
Cherishes the Church of the dust

529. The last Adam 555. Lion of the tribe of Judah 580. Lord You are a refuge for the 606. Helper of the fatherless

530. Father, the vine dresser 556. Man of war 581. Lord You have heard the 607. Lord You will regard the
desire of the humble prayer of the destitute and will
not despise thier supplication

531. The true vine 557. Mighty in battle 582. He who hears the cry of the 608. He who upholds the
afflicted widows and the fatherless

532. The sower of good seeds 558. Mighty in strength 583. Lord who maintains the 609. The Lord watches over the
cause of the humble (afflicted) strangers - so

533. He who prunes the branch to 559. The one who crushed satan's 584. Lord who delivers the poor 610. He who loves the stranger
bear more fruits head from him that is too strong for giving him food and clothing

534. Author and finisher of our faith 560. Christ the victor 585. Lord who delivers the poor 611. God who gives the
and the needy from him desolate, a home to dwell in
who(despise) spoils him
535. The Breaker (He who breaks 561. The Lord who has triumphed 586. Lord, You bless the one who 612. God You provide from Your
open the barriers) gloriously considers the poor, deliver him in goodness for the poor - so
the time of trouble, preserve him,
keep him alive, will not deliver
him to the will of enemies and
strengthen him and sustain him
on his sick bed - so
536. The Lord who fights for me 562. God who always lead us to 587. Lord You will save 613. The Lord who has
triumph in Christ thehumble people and, You will compassion on His servant
bring down haughty looks

537. Consuming fire Sing Praises To The Lord With 588. The Lord executes 614. The Lord who delights in
The Words Of David And Of righteousness and justice for all the welfare of His servant
Asaph who are oppressed - so
538. You are like refiner's fire and 563. The great King above all gods 589. There is none like You O 615. Lord who confirms the
like fuller's soap Lord to help both the mighty and words of His servant
the weak
539. The great and awesome God 564. Lord, You are greater than all 590. Lord You will place the poor 616. Lord who performs the
gods in the safety for which he longs counsel of His messengers

540. You are awesome in Your doing 565. Lord, You are exalted far 591. You do not regard the rich 617. Lord who makes His
toward sons of men above all gods more than the poor - so servants a flame of fire

541. The shield of my help 566. You are to be feared above all 592. You have been a strength to 618. Lord who redeems the
gods - So the poor soul of His servant

542. The sword of my majesty 567. Lord, You are above all gods 593. You have been a strength to 619. He who will avenge the
the needy in his distress blood of His servants

543. Heavenly Bread (Manna) 568. You are greatly to be praised 594. A refuge from the storm 620. The Lord who makes His
face shine upon His servant
544. The Potter 569. The Lord who bestows His 595. A shade from the heat 621. The steps of a good man
riches upon all are ordered by You O'Lord

545. God with no partiality 570. He who gives us power to get 596. Lord, You hear the poor - so 622. Though he (goodman)
wealth falls, he shall not be utterly cast
down, for Lord, You uphold him
with Your right hand - so

546. A tried, precious cornerstone 571. Both riches and honour come 597. Lord, You set the poor on 623. God who saves the upright
of You high far from affliction - so in heart

547. A sure foundation 572. You do not despise Your own 598. Lord You have delivered the 624. The Lord who weighs the
that are in bonds life of the needy from the hand of hearts
the evil doers
548. You are anointed with oil of 573. He who hears the groaning of 599. Lord You make the families 625. God who tests the heart
gladness the prisoners of the poor like a flock and mind

549. The Ancient of days 574. He who brings out those who 600. Lord, You stand at the right 626. God who tests the
are bound in to prosperity hand of the poor to save him righteous
from those who condemn him -
550. Lord, who is slow to anger 575. He who sets free those 601. Lord who lifts the needy out 627. God who is with the
appointed to death of the (dust) ash heap generation of the righteous

654. The Lord who is praised by 669. Lord, You shall pluck my feet out 684. Taking us by our arms,You taught us 698. You have made me the head
of the net to walk -so of the nations
Cherubims and Seraphims

655. The one who lifts up my head 670. You will keep my feet from being 685. He who delivers His servant from the 699. God who subdues the people
caught deadly sword under me

656. My horn, You have exalted (will 671. You make my feet like the feet of 686. He who redeems us from the power 700. You will subdue the nations
the deer of sword in war under our feet
exalt) like a wild ox (unicorn

657. He who sets me on high places 672. You have enlarged my path under 687. Lord You have covered my head in 701. He who delivers (delivered)
me, that my feet did not slip the day of battle me from the strivings of the people

658. The Lord who sustains me 673. God who makes my way perfect 688. You have redeemed my soul in 702. You shall keep me secretly in
peace from the battle which was against a pavilion from the strife of
me tongues
659. O! Lord, You alone make me 674. He who owns all my ways 703. God who avenges me
dwell in safety - so

660. Lord, You were and You are my 675. Lord You have also brought me out 689. You have subdued under me those 704. The Lord who says
into broad place who rose against me "Vengeance is mine, I will repay"
support - So

661. You will light my lamp and will 676. Lord, You have not given me into 690. Lord You have heard the reproach of 705. You will repay my enemies for
the hands of the enemy; but have set my enemies and all their schemes against their evil
enlighten my darkness - so me
my feet in a wide place

662. You have opened my ears 677. When I called in my distress Lord 691. Lord You have heard the lips of my 706. Lord, You will not be slack
You answered me and set me in a wide enemies and their whispering against me with him who hates You, but will
place - so all the day repay him to his face

663. Lord, You have heard the voice 678. You have delivered me out of all 692. O Lord, You have seen how I am 707. God, You shall let me see my
trouble wronged desire on my enemies
of my supplications

664. Lord, You have heard the voice 679. You save me from violence -so 693. God who arms me with strength 708. They are brought to shame
of my weeping who seek my hurt - so

665. Lord, You have put my tears 680. You shall deliver me in six 694. Lord, You have commanded Your 709. Lord, through Your
troubles, yes, in seven no evil shall strength to me commandments make me wiser
into Your bottle - So
touch me - so than my enemies - so

666. Lord, You have delivered my 681. You will bring me into the strong 695. Yes, You have loved me with an 710. He who cast out many nations
city everlasting love. Therefore with loving great and mightier than me
eyes from tears - so kindness You have drawn me - so

667. Lord, You have delivered my 682. He who teaches my hands to make 696. Though I have not known You, 711. The Lord who has driven out
feet from falling war You have named me - so from before us great and strong

668. You have set my feet upon a 683. He who trains my hands for war 697. Your greatness has made me 712. Lord, You made me trust,
rock and my fingers for battle great when I was upon my mother's

728. Lord You have healed me 753. He who said, "I have removed 778. God who has not turned 803. Lord, who goes before me
Your iniquity from You, and I will away my prayer and Your mercy
clothe You with rich robes" from me - so

729. You have kept me alive 754. You have forgiven all my 779. Merciful God, You shall come 804. He who rides the heavens
iniquities and healed my diseases to meet me to help me, and in His
excellency on the clouds

730. When my father and mother 755. You have redeemed my life 780. You have formed my inward 805. O Lord, You have searched
forsake me, then Lord You will take from destruction parts and covered me in my me and known me
care of me -so mother's womb

731. Lord, You shall strengthen my 756. You have crowned me with 781. I am fearfully and 806. You know my sitting down
heart loving kindness and tender mercies wonderfully made and rising up

732. You will keep me safe from all 757. You have anointed me with 782. My frame was not hidden 807. You understand my
the evil thoughts of men fresh oil from You when I was made in thought afar off
secret - so
733. Lord You have lifted me up 758. Lord, You satisfy my mouth 783. Your eyes saw my substance 808. Even before a word is on
with good things being yet unformed my tongue, O Lord, You know it
734. You have brought me out of the 759. You have put a new song in 784. By You my Lord, I have been 809. The Lord has given me the
miry clay my mouth upheld from my birth - so tongue of the learned - so
735. You have lifted me out of 760. You shall surround me with 785. You are the one who took 810. You comprehend my path
horrible pit songs of deliverance me out of my mother's womb and my lying down

736. You who lift me up from the 761. You have turned for me my 786. He who separated me from 811. Though I walk in the midst
gates of death mourning into dancing my mother's womb of trouble, You will revive me

737. In famine, You shall redeem me 762. You have put off my sack cloth 787. O' God, You have taught me 812. When my spirit was
from death and clothed me with gladness from my Youth overwhelmed within me, then
You know my path
738. You have brought my soul up 763. Lord, You drew us (me) with 788. You are the Lord my 813. You have hedged me
from the grave gentle cords, with bands of love God,who teaches me to profit behind and before and laid Your
hand upon me
739. You have delivered my soul 764. I am poor and needy, yet my 789. He who leads me by the way 814. As a man chastens his
from the depths of sheol Lord thinks upon me - so I should go son, so the Lord my God
chastens me - so

740. You have delivered my soul 765. God who receives me 790. You are my hope and trust 815. Lord, You have chastened
from death I Praise You from my Youth me severely, but have not
given me over to death

741. Lord, You made me bold with 766. God who sustains me 791. You have numbered my 816. Lord You have not given
strength in my soul wanderings us a prey to the enemy's teeth -
742. You have pleaded the case of 767. God who has fed me all my 792. You shall increase my 817. In the day when I cried
my soul lifelong to this day greatness and comfort me on out, You answered me
743. You have redeemed my soul in 768. I know God, You are for me -so 793. He who awakens me 818. You drew near on the day I
peace from the battle which was morning by morning and awakens called on You, and said, "Do not
against me my ear to hear as the learned fear"

744. Lord You have redeemed my 769. You are with me as a mighty 794. He who makes me differ 819. How precious are Your
soul from every distress awesome one - so from another thoughts to me O God!

745. You have granted me life and 770. Lord, You came down for me 795. You will guide me with Your 820. You have strengthened
favour and Your care has preserved against the mighty counsel and afterward receive the bars of my gate and
my spirit me to glory blessed my children within me -
746. Your care preserves my soul 771. Lord, You have delivered me 796. You will not allow my foot to 821. You make peace in my
from all fears be moved - so borders
747. Your care preserves my body 772. You shall give me the desires 797. He who keeps me will not 822. He who walks in the midst
of my heart slumber of my camp, to deliver me and
give my enemies over to me

748. My transgression is forgiven - so 773. Your left hand is under my 798. The sun shall not strike me 823. You would feed me with a
head and Your right hand embraces by day nor the moon by night - so finest wheat and with honey
me - so from the rock You would satisfy
749. My sin is covered - so 774. Your right hand is full of 799. The Lord shall preserve me 824. You give us our hearts
righteousness from all evil desire - so

750. Lord You do not impute the 775. He who justifies me 800. The Lord shall preserve my 825. Lord who has remembered
iniquity of mine soul us in our lowly state
751. You forgave the iniquity of my 776. Lord, You shall bring forth my 801. The Lord shall preserve my 826. Lord, You have been
sin righteousness as the light and my going out and coming in from this mindful of us
justice as the noon day forth and even for ever more - so

752. You have cast all my sins behind 777. You, O God have heard my 802. Lord, You have acqainted 827. You have made us rise and
Your back vows with all my ways stand upright

853. You take pleasure in Your 867. The Lord who fills the heaven 881. God has spoken that power 895. The earth is full of the
people and earth belongs to God - so goodness of the Lord - so

854. You have exalted the horn of 868. He who fills all in all 882. O! You who hear the prayer, 896. He who has set all the
Your people - so to You all flesh will come - so borders of the earth

855. He who visits His flock and 869. He who satiates the weary soul 883. There is nothing too hard for 897. The Creator of the ends of
makes them as His royal horse in the and replenish every sorrowful soul You, O my Lord the earth
856. You led (lead) Your people like a 870. The saving refuge of His 884. You have made everything 898. He who builds His Layers
flock anointed beautiful in its time in the sky, and has founded His
strata in the earth

857. The voice of the Lord is powerful 871. He who exalt the horn of His 885. With God nothing will be 899. He who established the
- so anointed impossible world firmly

858. The voice of the Lord is full of 872. The Lord who preserves the 886. Abba, Father, all things are 900. For the years of the right
majesty - so faithful and fully repays the proud possible for You hand of the Most High

859. The voice of the Lord breaks the 873. He who fashions the hearts 887. When You spoke it was done 901. The number of Your years
cedars - so individually and considers all their and when You commanded it cannot be discovered
works stood fast

860. The voice of the Lord divides 874. He who forms the spirit of man 888. Every knee shall bow and 902. You crown the year
the flames of fire - so within him every tongue shall confess toYou, withYour goodness - so
O! God
861. The voice of the Lord shakes the 875. He who declares to man what 889. The earth is satisfied with 903. Your paths drip with
wilderness of Kadesh his thought is the fruit of Your works - so fatness

862. The voice of the Lord makes the 876. Lord, You render to each one 890. The earth is full of Your 904. With You is the fountain of
deer give birth according to his work possessions life

863. For Your saving arm and for 877. The angel of the Lord encamps 891. Lord, You renew the faceof 905. Your judgement are a
Your right hand all around those who fear Him and the earth great deep
delivers them - so
864. For the eyes of the Lord that run 878. Lord, You have given me the 892. Lord, You visit the earth and 906. Your thoughts are very
to and fro throughout the whole heritage of those who fear Your water it deep - so
earth name - so
865. For the light of Your 879. Lord, You are near to those 893. You greatly enrich it through 907. Oh, the depth of the riches
countenance who have a broken heart, and save the river of God full of water both of the wisdom and
those who have a contrite spirit - so knowledge of God
866. Lord, You are more glorious and 880. If I trust in the Lord, the Lord 894. You bless its growth 908. Your greatness is
excellent than the mountains of prey shall bring it to pass - so unsearchable
- so

923. Lord, You have stretched out 949. The Lord who crowns me with 975. O! God, Your word is living
the heavens like a curtain loving kindness and tender mercies and powerful - so

924. He who counts the number of 950. For Your compassions that fail 976. Your word is like a fire and
the stars and calls them all by name not like a hammer that breaks the
rockin pieces
925. He who seals off the stars 951. For all Your benefits 977. He who makes His words fire

926. The Lord who knows how to 952. Lord, You are clothed with 978. The word of the Lord is right,
deliver the godly out of temptations honour and majesty - so and all His work is done in truth -
927. He who knows to reserve the 953. You are girded with strength 979. Your commandment is
unjust under punishment for the day exceedingly broad - so
of judgement
928. God who is greater than our 954. You cover Yourself with light 980. Lord, You did, and You will
heart, and knows all things as with a garment do awesome deeds to us - so

929. Lord, You are greater than Jonah 955. He who puts on righteousness 981. Lord, in righteousness You
as a breast plate will answer us - so

930. You are greater than Solomon 956. He who puts on a helmet of 982. Lord, Your anger is but fora
salvation on His head moment, but Your favour is for a
life time - so
931. You are greater than all 957. He who puts on the garments 983. Lord, You will not always
of vengeance for clothing chide nor You will keep Your
anger forever
932. You are greater than the temple 958. He who is clad with zeal as a 984. There is forgiveness with
cloak You - so
933. The Lord is great in Zion 959. He who has the sharp two 985. With You is abundant
edged sword redemption
934. He who is in us is greater than 960. He who makes His angels, 986. For the help of Your
he who is in the world spirits countenance

935. Your understanding is infinite - 961. Lord, You satisfy the longing How Manifold Are Your Works! In
so soul Wisdom You Have Made Them All
936. Great is Your goodness 962. You fill the hungry soul with 987. The Lord who made the
goodness heavens Ps 96:5
937. Great is Your beauty 963. He who sends His word and 988. He who made the worlds
heals Heb 1:2
938. Great is Your faithfulness 964. For Your word which gives me 989. Creator of the heaven and
comfort in my afflictions the earth

939. Your mercies are very great 965. For the wonderous thingsfrom 990. Creator of the light
Your Law (Bible)

940. Great is the glory of my Lord - 966. Lord, You have caused me to 991. Creator of the firmament,the
so hope upon Your Word - so seas and the salt in it
941. Your mercy toward me is great - 967. For Your word which gives me 992. For the trees, plants,
so life creepersand grass which bear
flowers,fruits, vegetables and
942. Lord, You command Your loving 968. You have dealt well (are 993. For the Sun, Moon and Stars
kindness in the day time - so dealing well, will deal well) with
Your servants
943. Your loving kindness is better 969. Your word is a lamp to my feet 994. For the fishes, birds and
than life and a light to my path - so animalswhich live in water
944. The Lord who gives grace and 970. Your words give light 995. For the birds of the air, for
glory andunderstanding to thesimple - so the domestic and forest
animalsand for the reptiles
945. How precious is Your loving 971. For Your word which isvery 996. Lord You created man out of
kindness O! God pure and tried the dust of the earth and
breathed into his nostrils the
breath of life and made a helper
comparable to him - so
946. Your mercy endures for ever 972. Your word was to me the joy 997. For the appointed seasons
and rejoicing of my heart of the year, for the rains, for the
sunlight and for the wind and
947. It is of Your mercies that we are 973. Your words do good to him 998. For the rivers and streams,
not consumed - so who walks uprightly for the lakes and waterfalls and
for the springs
948. Your mercies are new every 974. Your words are faithful and 999. For the mountains, hills,
morning worthy of all acceptance platues, valleys, plains, deserts
and for the ice lands
1000. For the forest and dens, for
the minerals of the earth, for
thewater, oil and gas under the
19. He who makes the day dark as night
How Wonderful Are Your Deeds O' 20. He who turns the rivers into a 37. You are as rivers of water in a 54. Lord, You supply seed to
Lord!I (we) Praise You wilderness dry place and as the shadow of a the sower and bread for food
great rock in a weary land - so -so

1. He who smote the first born of 21. He who turns the water into dry 38. The Lord who opens the eyes 55. You give food to the hungry
Egypt ground of the blind - so

2. He who executed judgements on 22. Lord, You turn a fruitful land 39. You will lead the blind in 56. Lord, You give food to those
the Gods of Egypt into barrenness for the wickedness paths they have not known who fear You - so
of those who dwell in it

3. He who made the sea into dry land 23. You turn the wilderness into 40. You will make darkness light 57. You bless the work of our
pools of water before them and crooked place hands - so
straight - so
4. He who divided the Red Sea , and 24. Lord, You turn the rock into a 41. The Lord who gives power to 58. Lord You will fulfill the
broke the heads of leviathan pool of water the weak desire of those who fear You -
5. Lord, You broke the heads of 25. You turn the flint into a fountain 42. He who increases strength to 59. The Lord who gives His
leviathan in pieces and gave them as of water those who have no might beloved, sleep
food to the people of the wilderness -

6. You broke open the fountain and 26. You turn the dry land into water 43. Lord, You confirm Your 60. Lord, You preserve all who
the flood springs inheritance when it is weary love You - so

7. You dried up mighty rivers 27. You give a barren woman a 44. He who pours water on him 61. Lord, You preserve the
home, making her the joyful mother who is thirsty simple
of children
8. You made Your people to walk 28. He who brings the time of birth 45. The Lord who pours flood on 62. Lord, You are near to all
through the river on foot and he who causes delivery the drylands who call upon You in truth

9. In the day time, You let Your 29. The Lord who rebuilt the ruined 46. He who calls for the waters of 63. Lord, You are righteous in
people with the cloud and all the places the sea, and pours them out on all Your ways - so
night with a light of fire - so the face of the earth

10. He who split the rocks in the 30. The Lord who replanted that 47. He who sends rains on the 64. Lord, You are gracious
wilderness and gave them drink which was desolate just and on the unjust (Holy) in all Your works - so

11. The waters of Marah were made 31. Lord, You will seek what was 48. Lord, You are good to all and 65. Lord, You will break in
sweet by You O! Lord lost - so Your tender mercies are over all pieces the gates of bronze and
that You have made - so cut the bars of iron
12. He who sent the bread of the 32. You bring back what was driven 49. You make Your sun rise on 66. Lord, You will give the
angles as food in abundance away - so the evil and on the good - so treasures of darkness and
hidden richesof secret places
13. He who overthrew Pharaoh and 33. You will save the lame, and 50. Lord You give food to all in 67. He who uncovers deep
his army in the Red Sea gather those who were driven out due season - so things out of darkness

14. He who broke the wall of Jericho 34. You will bind up the broken 51. He who gives to all life, 68. The Lord who gathers
breath, and all things together the out castes of Israel

15. He who struck down great kings 35. You will strengthen what was 52. He who preserves man and 69. Like birds flying about, so
and slew famous kings sick - so beasts will the Lord of hosts defend
Jerusalem - so
16. He who opened the mouth of the 36. You are a hiding place from the 53. He who satisfies the desire of
donkey to speak wind and a cover from the tempest every living thing

17. You made the Sun stand still over

Gibeon and the Moon in the valley of
18. He who makes the morning
87. Lord who relents from the 135. You will be our guide even to 178. Yours, O Lord is the 213. "He shall cover you with
destruction death - so greatness, the power and the His feathers" for this promise I
glory, the victory and the majesty Praise You
- so
88. Lord who abundantly pardons For The Spiritual BlessingsI Praise 179. All that is in heaven andin 214. Under His wings you shallt
You earth is Yours ake refuge, His truth shall
beyour shield and buckler for
this promise
89. Lord who revives the spirit of the 136. We are the elect according to 180. Everything under heaven is 215. You shall not be afraid of
humble and revives the heart of the the foreknowledge of God the Yours - so the terror by night, nor of the
contrite Father - so arrow that flies by the day, nor
the pestilence that walks in
thedarkness, nor the
destructionthat lays waste at
noon day"for this promise
90. God who puts down one and 137. Through sanctification ofthe 181. The earth is the Lord's and 216. "A thousand may fall at
exalts another Spirit, we are elected for obedience all its fulness - so your side and ten thousand at
- so your right ha+D256nd, but it
shall not come near you" for
this promise I Praise You
91. He who sets on high those who 138. We are elected for the 182. Yours is the Kingdom O' Lord 217. "No evil shall befall you
are lowly sprinkling of the bloodof Jesus - so nor shall any plague come near
Christ - so your dwelling" for this promise

92. He who lifts to safety those who 139. We are chosen that we may 183. The judgement is God's - so 218. "He shall give His angels
mourn proclaim Your praises - so charge over you to keep you in
all your ways"for this promise
93. He who resists the proud 140. He who foreknew (us) 184. The heights of the hills are 219. "His angels will bear you
Yours - so upon their hands lets you dash
your foot against a stone"for
this promise
94. He who gives grace to the 141. You also predestined whom 185. The sea is Yours - so 220. "You shall tread upon the
humble You foreknew to be confirmed to lion and the Cobra, The young
the image of Your Son lion and the serpent you shall
trample under your feet" for
this promise
95. He who called the generations 142. You also called them whom 186. Salvation belongs to the 221. "I will deliver him who has
from the beginning You predestined - so Lord - so set his love upon me and set
him on high because he has
known my Name"for this
96. Lord who removes kings and 143. You also justified them whom 187. Our body is for the Lord - so 222. "He shall call upon me and
raises up kings You called - so I will answer him, I will be with
him in trouble and deliver him
and honour him" for this
97. Lord who changes the times and 144. You also glorified them whom 188. We are Your holy people 223. "With long life I will satisfy
seasons You justified - so him and show him my
salvation" for this promise

98. He who turns the king'sheart 145. According to Your abundant 189. We are called by Your name 224. "The Lord will not cast off
wherever He wisheslike the rivers of mercy You have begotten us again - -so His people, nor will He forsake
water so His inheritance"for this promise
99. Lord, who reignover all - so 146. We have been born again, not For The Miracles Of Our Saviour 225. "You shall eat the labour
of corruptible seed but Jesus Christ I/We Praise You of your hand" for this promise
uncorruptible through the word of
100. In Your hand is power and might 147. The Lord who bought us 190. Lord, You changed water 226. "You shall be happy and it
into wine shall be well with you"for this

101. In Your hand it is to make great 148. He who called us out of 191. You made the blind to see, 227. "Your wife shall be like a
and to give strength to all darkness in to His marvelous light the deaf to hear and the dumb to fruitful vine in the very heart of
speak(Jn 9:7, Matt 9:33) your house"for this promise
102. Lord who gives wisdom to the 149. He who called us by glory and 192. Lord, You healed a man with 228. "The Lord bless you out of
wise and knowledge to those who virtue a withered hand, made the lame Zion and may you see the good
have understanding to walk and the crippled, straight of Jerusalem all the days of
your life", for this promise

103. Lord who teaches men 150. He who called us to His eternal 193. You delivered the demon 229. You will see your
knowledge glory by Christ Jesus possessed children's children, for this
promise I Praise You

104. God who has chosen the foolish 151. By God we are called into the 194. You cleansed the lepers 230." I will pour my spirit on
things of the world to put to shame fellowship of His son Jesus Christ your descendants and my
the wise our Lord blessing on your offspiring" for
this promise
105. He who catches the wise in their 152. We are called that we may 195. You raised Lazarus,Jairus's 231. Thus says the Lord, "Even
own craftiness inherit a blessing - so daughter and thewidow's son of the captives of the mighty shall
Nain from death unto life be taken away, and the prey of
the terrible be deliveredfor this
106. God who has chosen the weak 153. Lord, You make us rejoice with 196. You stilled the sea and the 232. "I will contend with him
things of the world to put to shame joy inexpressible and full of glory - wind whocontends with you and I
the things which are mighty so willsave your children" for this
107. To bring to nothing things that 154. We have obtained precious 197. You walked on the sea 233 "All your children will be
are, God You have chosen the base faith like the Apostles by the taught by the Lord and great
things of the world and the things righteousness of our God - so shall be the peace of your
which are despised and the things children" for this promise
which are not - so
108. God who loves the people 155. Your divine power has given to 198. According to Your word 234. "The mountains shall
us all things that pertain to life and when the fishermen cast the net
depart and the hills be
godliness - so into the deep sea, they caught a
removed, but My kindness shall
great number of fishes and not depart from you nor shall
another time when they cast My covenantof peace be
theirnet on the right side of the
removed says the Lord who has
boat, 153 big fishes were caught
mercy on you"for this promise
109. He who shall stand as banner to 156. We know that the Son of God 199. The money for the tax was 235. "My grace is sufficient for
the people has come and has given us an got from the mouth of a fish you,for My strength is made
understanding - so perfect in weakness"for this
110. He who seperated the sons of 157. Because You first loved us 200. Lord, You healed the woman 236. "Even today I declare that
Adam with the issue of blood, healed I will restore double to you"for
Peter's mother-in-law and a this promise
paralytic man who had this
infirmity for 38 years
111. He who set the boundaries of 158. For the manner of love our 201. You fed the multitude of 237. "The young lions lack and
the people Father has bestowed on us that we more than 5000 with 5 oaves and suffer hunger; but those who
should be called children of God two fishes, and the remaining seek the Lord shall not lack any
food was gathered into 12 good thingfor this promise
112. He who corrects (punish)the 159. Lord You have made us kings 202. You fed 4000 people with 7 238. "I will satiate the soul of
nations and priests - so loaves and a few little fishes the priests with abundance"for
this promise

113. He who rules over the nations 160. We are fellow citizens with the 203. Jesus, You healed an 239. "My people shall be
Saints - so epileptic and a man who had satisfied with My goodness" for
dropsy this promise

114. He who makes a way in the sea 161. We are members of the 204. The fig tree withered away 240. " I will instruct you and
and a path through mighty waters household of God - so by Your curse O Lord teachYou in the way you should
go and I will guide you with my
eye" for this promise

115. You are the Lord my God who 162. We are being built together for 205. You disappeared from the 241. "Call upon me in the day
divided the sea whose waves roared a habitation of God in the Spirit - so midst of those who wanted to kill of trouble, I will deliver you and
You you shall glorify me"for this

116. He who treads on the waves of 163. We are the royal priesthood - 206. You made the soldiers who242. "Call to me and I will
the sea so came to catch You, fall back to
answer You and show you great
the ground and mighty things, which you
do not know - for this promise
117. He who covers the depths of the 164. We are a holy nation - so 207. You healed the right ear of 243. "Look to me, and be
sea Malchus which was cut off saved,all you ends of the
earth"for this promise
118. He who assigned to the sea its 165. We are Your own special 208. Lord, You cleanse the sinful 244. "Give, and it will be given
limit, so that the waters would not people - so heart of a man with Your Holy to you" for this promise
transgress His command Blood and make him a new
creation - for this great miracle
119. He who stills the noise of the 166. We are God's fellow workers - 209. Lord, You rose from the 245. "Ask and it shall be given
seas, the noise of their waves and so dead to you" for this promise
the tumult of the people

120. Lord, You show loving kindness 167. We are God's field(husbandry) 210. Lord, You vanished from the 246. "Seek and you will find"for
to thousands - so - so sight of the disciples who were this promise
sitting with You at the table
121. You, repay the iniquity of the 168. We are God's building - so 211. Lord, You appeared unto 247. "Knock and it will be
fathers into the bosom of their Your disciples even when the opened to You" for this
children after them - so doors of the room were shut promiseI Praise You
122. He who is able to destroy both 169. We are the temple of God - so For The Promises In The 248. "Where two or three are
soul and body in hell Scriptures We / I Praise You O gathered together in My Name I
Lord am there in the midst of
them"for this promise
123. You are mighty to save who 170. We are Christ's - so 212. "Surely He shall deliver you 249. "Lo, I am with you always
speaks in righteousness - so from the snare of the fowler and even to the end of the age" for
from the perilous pestilence"for this promise
this promise
124. He who is able to save to the 171. We are the body of Christ and 250. "I am with you to save you
uttermost members individually - so anddeliver you" for this promise

125. He who is able to aid those who 172. For the salvation 251. "Do not be afraid of thier
are tempted faces, for I am with you to
deliver you" for this promise
126. He who is able to keep us from 173. For the eternal life 252. "Fear not for I am with
stumbling you; be not dismayed, for I am
your God" for this promise

127. He who is able to present us 174. For the anointing of the Holy 253. "I will strengthen you and
faultless before the presence of Your Spirit help you" for this promise
glory with exceeding joy

128. God who is able to make all 175. For the gifts of the Holy Spirit 254. "I will uphold you with My
grace abound toward us righteous right hand"for this

129. Lord, You can do everything and 176. For the call given to dothe
I know that no purpose of Yours can ministry
be withheld from You

130. Lord You are able to establish us 177. For the gifts and the calling of
- so God which are irrevocable

131. He who will confirm us to the


132. God who performs all things for


133. Lord, You perform what

isappointed for me
134. You do whatever Your soul
desires - so
103. God who never lies

104. Truly You are God, who

hides Yourself
105. God who has made His
light shine upon us
106. God who shines forth out
of Zion
107. God who speaks in His
108. God who reigns for ever to
all generations
109. God who is good to those
who are pure in heart
110. You are a God at hand and
not a God afar off
111. God who is enthroned
Lord We Praise You

112. Lord of Lords

113. Lord God

114. Lord of hosts

115. Lord of peace

116. Lord of kings

117. Lord our counselor
118. The Lord who heals us

119. Lord most high

120. Lord our Holy one

121. Lord who sanctifies us

122. Righteous Lord

123. Lord our righteousness

124. Lord our everlasting light

125. Lord God of all flesh

126. Lord God of Hebrews

127. Lord who helps us

232. Spirit of the Son

233. Spirit of adoption

234. For Your good Spirit

235. Counselor (Helper)

236. Spirit of supplication

237. The Spirit who dwells in us

and yearns jealously
238. The Spirit who intercedes
for us with groaning

239. The Spirit who helps in our

240. Hovering Spirit (Moving)

241. Spirit of counsel

242. Spirit of prophesy

243. The right (steadfast) Spirit

244. Spirit of judgement

245. Spirit of burning

246. When the enemy comes in

like a flood the Spirit of Lord
will lift up a standard against
him - so

For The Truth We Have Come

To Know From THE BIBLE We
Praise You
247. Alpha and Omega I Praise
248. The Beginning and the End

249. The beginning of the

creation of God
250. The First and the Last

251. He who says "I am with

the last'
252. The Lord who is and who
253. The Lord who says "I am
who I am"
254. The Lord who is to come

255. "God who is Love"

256. The most High

257. The one who is exalted

above the heavens

359. The fountain of living

360. Author (Prince) of life

361. Our life and length of our


362. Word of life

363. Light of life

364. He who proclaimed the

365. Rock of our salvation

366. Everlasting rock

367. Spiritual rock

368. The rock who begot me

369. The strength (rock) of my


370. Rock of my strong hold

371. Rock of my refuge and my


372. My Redeemer

373. My Helper

374. My hope

375. My Husbandman

376. My Creator

377. My Friend

378. My Beloved, the pleasant

379. You are my praise

380. My salvation

381. The strength of my

382. My strength and my song

383. The strength of my life

498. The one who makes

crooked places straight

499. The only begotten of the


500. The Angel of His


501. Angel of God

502. The Messenger of


503. Servant chosen by the


504. Commander of the army of

the Lord
505. Our Captain

506. Our Protector

507. Our Mediator

508. Our Brother

509. Our Rising Sun (The day
510. Our Holy sanctuary

511. Worthy of glory

512. Crown of glory

513. Diadem of beauty

514. A Child and Son

515. Gracious and full of

516. The desire of every nation

517. O' God, to You belong all

nations - so
518. The Most High who divided
their inheritance of the nations
519. Heir of all things

520. He who upholds all things

by the word of His power

521. He who bore (bears) us on

eagle's wings

522. He who keeps me as an

apple of an eye

523. Your right hand shall hold

524. You are my shade at my
right hand

628. The Lord hears and

delivers the righteous out of all
their troubles - so
629. Many are the afflictions of
the righteous, but Lord, You
deliver him out of them all - so
630. The Lord guards all the
bones of the righteous, not one
of them will be broken - so
631. The righteous will not be
forsaken nor his descendants
(seed) will beg for bread - so
632. The Lord who upholds the

633. Lord, with favour, You will

surround the righteous as with
a shield

634. The Lord shall help the

righteous and deliver them - so

635. You shall never permit the

righteous to be moved

636. The Lord who makes the

righteous to flourish like a palm
tree and help him grow like a
cedar in Lebanon
637. The Lord who loves the

638. The righteous shall be

fresh and flourishing and still
bear fruit in old age - so

639. Lord You are with the good

(upright) - so

640. The Lord who knows the

days of the upright

641. For those who walk

upright, the Lord does good
thing - so
642. The Lord who lifts the

643. The one who beautifies

the humble with salvation

644. To the humble, Lord You

teach Your way - so

645. He who teaches sinners in

the way

646. To them who fear O Lord

You will show Your covenant so
647. The faithful God who
keeps covenant and mercy for
a thousand generations
648. Lord You will never forsake
Your saints - so

649. He who will speak peace

to Your people and to Your
650. He who preserves the way
of His saints

651. He who guards the feet of

His saints

652. God who is greatly to be

feared in the assembly of saints

653. He who is held in

reverence by all those around

713. You make me lie down in

green pastures and You lead me
beside the still waters

714. You restore my soul

715. You lead me in the path of


716. Though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of death I will
fear no evil, You are with me - so
717. He who turns the shadow of
death into morning

718. He who brings the shadow of

death into light

719. Your rod and Your staff, they

comfort me - so

720. You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies

721. You anoint my head with oil;

My cup runs over - so

722. Surely goodness and

mercy shall follow me all the
days of my life - so
723. Lord Your kindness is before
my eyes - so

724. My heart trusted in You and I

am helped

725. My times are in Your hands

726. In the time of trouble You

shall hide me in Your pavilion in
the secret place of Your tabernacle

727. You shall hide me in the

secret place of Your presence from
the plots of men

828. You have made us walk


829. He who pursues us, and

pass safely by the way that we
have not gone with our feet

830. You have made us

exceedingly glad with Your

831. You give us drink from the

river of Your pleasures

832. You send from heaven

Your mercy and truth and save
833. He who shall tread our

834. You have saved us from

our enemies and have put to
shame those who hated us - so
835. You, O God! have proved
us, You have refined us assilver
is refined
836. You have broken the
bands of our yoke

837. You will bless those who

fear You Lord, both small and
great - so
838. He who blesses the house
of Israel

839. He who blesses the house

of Aaron

840. We are blessed of the Lord

who made heaven and earth

841. Lord, You give increase

more and more to us and to our
842. The children of Your
servants shall dwell secure - so

843. Their descendants will be

established before You - so

844. The mercy of the Lord is

from everlasting to everlasting
on those who fear Him and His
righteousness to children's
845. As the heavens are high
above the earth, so great is
Your mercy toward those who
fear You Lord
846. Lord, You pity those who
fear You, as a father pities his
847. You have not dealt with us
according to our sins nor You
have punished us accordingto
our iniquities - so
848. As far as the east is from
the west, so You have removed
our transgressions from us - so

849. Lord, You have done all

our works in us

850. Lord, You give strength

and power to Your people
851. Lord, You will bless Your
people with peace

852. The Lord who binds up the

bruise of His people and heals
the stroke of their wound

909. You do great things

pastfinding and wonders
without numbers
910. He who breaks in pieces
mighty men without inquiry and
sets others in their place

911. There is no searching of

Your understanding

912. Your paths (ways) are past

finding out (beyond tracing out)

913. O! Lord, how great are

Your works

914. Your work is perfect and

all Your ways are justice

915. Your righteousness is like

the great mountains - so

916. Your glory is above the

earth and heaven

917. For Your mercy, O Lord

which is in the heavens

918. Your faithfulness reaches

to the clouds

919. The children of men take

refuge under the shadow of
Your wings - so
920. For the chariots of God
that are twenty thousand, even
thousands of thousands
921. He who makes the clouds
His chariot and walks on
wingsof the wind
922. He who rides on the clouds

70. As the mountains surround

Jerusalem, so the Lord
surrounds His people from this
time forth and forever
71. He who says, I will be wall
of fire all around her
(Jerusalem) and I will be the
glory in her midst
72. He who has His fire in Zion
and His furnace in Jerusalem

73. The Lord who builds


74. Lord, it is You who build the

house - so
75. Lord, it is You who guard
the city -so

76. O! Lord, You turn again our

captivity as the streams in the
77. Lord You will not break a
bruised reed, and You will not
quench a smoking flax - so
78. Lord, You have cut in pieces
the cords of the wicked - so

79. Lord, You turn the way of

the wicked down to the ground
- so

80. You cast the wicked down

to the ground - so

81. Surely Lord, You set the

wicked in slippery places and
cast them down to destruction
82. He who frustrates the signs
of the babblers

83. He who drives the diviners


84. He who frustrates the

devices of the crafty so that
their hands cannot carry out
thier plans
85. He who makes judges of
the earth useless

86. Lord who is seperate from


255. "Fear not, I will help

you"for this promise

256. "Do not fear little flock,

forit is your Father's good
pleasure to give you
thekingdom" for this promise
257. "No man shall be able to
stand before you all the days of
your life" for this promise

258. "I will be with you, I will

not leave you nor for sake
you”for this promise

259. "I will deliver you from the

hand of the wicked, and I will
redeem you from the gripof the
terrible" for this promise
260. "The wicked one shall no
more pass through you, he is
utterlycut off" for this promise
261. "The Egyptians whom you
see today, you shall see again
no more forever" for this
262. "The Lord shall fight for
you and you shall be quiet in
peace"for this promise

263. "I will make you to this

peoplea fortified bronze wall"for
this promise

264. "They will fight against

you,but they shall not prevail
against you" for this promise

265. "You shall seek them and

not find them, those who
contended with you" Those
whowar against you shall be as
nothing, as a nonexistent thing”
for this promise
266. "The Lord is good, a
stronghold in the day of
trouble,and He knows those
who trusti n Him, for this
267. "I, even I, am He who
comforts you" for this promise

268. "But on this one will I look,

on him who is poor and of a
contrite spirit and who trembles
at My word" for this promise
269. "As one whom his mother
comforts, so I will comfort you"
for this promise
270. "Can a woman forget her
nursing child, and not have
compassion on the son of her
womb? surely they may
forget,yet I will not forget
you"for this promise
271. "See, I have inscribed you
on the palms of my hands, your
walls are continually before Me"
for this promise
272. "I will go before you and
make the crooked places
straight"for this promise

273. "When you pass through

the waters I will be with You"for
this promise

274. "When you pass through

the rivers, they shall not
overflow you" for this promise

275. "when you walk through

the fire, you shall not be burned
nor shall the flame scorch you"
for this promise

276. "You shall lend to many

nations,but you shall not
borrow"for this promise

277. "The Lord will make you

the head and not the tail"for
this promise

278. "You shall also be a

crownof glory in the hand of the
Lord and a royal diadem in the
hand of your God"for this
279. You will know that I am
the Lord, for they shall not be
ashamed who wait for me"for
this promise

280. "I am the Lord, I do not

change" therefore you are not
consumed, O sons of Jacob"for
this promise
281. There is no sorcery against
Jacob, nor is there any
divination against Israel" for
this promise
282. "Fear not, you worm
Jacob,you men of Israel ! I will
helpyou" says the Lord and
your Redeemer, the Holy one of
Israel - for this promise
283. "But now, thus says the
Lord, who created you, O Jacob,
and He who formed you, O
Israel;Fear not, for I have
redeemedYou; I have called you
by your name; you are Mine"for
this promise
284. "To you who fear my
namethe Sun of Righteousness
shall arise" for this promise

285. "If you ask anything in My

name I will do it" for this
286. "The one who comes to Me
I will by no means cast out"for
this promise

287. "Come to me all you who

labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest"for this
288. "I will pour out My Spirit on
all flesh" for this promise

289. "My people shall never be

put to shame" for this promise

290. "My people will dwell in a

peaceful habitation, in secure
dwellings and in quiet resting
place" for this promise
291. "Believe on the Lord Jesus
Christ, and you will be
saved,you and your
household"for this promise
292. And this is the promise
that you have promised us -
Eternal life - for this promise
293. "Surely blessing I will bless
you; and multiplying I
willmultiply you - for this
294. "Surely there is an end,
and your expectation (hope)
willnot be cut off" for this
295. "If any of you lack wisdom
let him ask of God, who gives to
all liberally and without
reproach and it will be given to
him" for this promise
296. "Wisdom and knowledge
will be the stability of your
times, and the strength of
salvation" for this promise
297. "A little one shall become
a thousand and a small one a
strong nation. I, the Lord will
hasten it in its timefor this
298. "I go to prepare a place for
you; I will come again and
receive you to Myself that
where I am, there you may also
be" for this promise
299. Peace I leave with you, My
peace I give to you, for this
300. "Behold I am coming
quickly"Lord I praise You for
this promise
Amen, Even So, Come Lord
Jesus - Rev 22:20