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How are you?

How are you?



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Published by: NebulousHorizons on Jan 13, 2011
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A simple question Asked with no ill intent Even so, I face it with resentment.

I don’t think you realize how good it sounds To “open up” a little But I feel physically unable. Closed up like a fortified bunker You tell me it’s unhealthy. Why is being safe so ghastly?

That little question sits in my thoughts Still ringing in my head Possible answers, before alive, are dead. Prying at the hinges of my mind Trying to penetrate the walls of my heart s bunker This crusade you now surrender. Though relief courses through me My heart longs to open wide To let you see inside

Perhaps, if you ask me later, I’ll open up my soul to thee Hopefully, then you will see I’m so confused, I’m lost Go this way, no! Go that! Like two cats in a furious spat Tough and calloused. Insensitive. That’s how I wish my heart would be. Instead it hurts, burns within me.

Those around see my feelings on my sleeve Are things always as they seem? My composure is proving difficult to redeem. When times are good for me They worry if I’m alright. Right now unhappiness is out of sight. Yet the times I’m not ok Even those closest don’t notice And after a while…

That hurts.


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Jason Werbics added this note
Thoughts echoed in the minds of millions affected by the Great Economic Collapse. A Xmas readcast by the Peasant Philosopher.
Tabitha Wade added this note
Love this, sweetie! The ending is really strong, and you have some great imagery. I think it would be even stronger if you stick with the more free-form feel of the beginning rather than going into the rhyming scheme. You end up back in the free form feel at the end and it closes really well. (Ironic to say, considering the close, I know.)
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