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INTRODUCTION GREEN FUSE FILMS’ award-winning documentary. science. chronicles the stories of 10 fine artists. and empiricism take root . a hyper-realist who walked away from a successful physics career to instead challenge the physics of a folded square. the artists become less conventional. however. Robert Lang. minimalism. theoretical mathematicians and intrepid scientists who have abandoned conventional jobs and scoffed at hard-earned graduate degrees – all to forge lives as modern-day paperfolders. and meaning. they reinvent an ancient art. abstraction. As the film progresses. Between the Folds. SYNOPSIS THE FILM opens with three of the world's foremost paper artists . and illustrate the innumerable ways that creativity and ingenuity come to bear in the ageold effort to understand and honor the world around us. rattling the fundamental roots of realism that have long dominated traditional paperfolding. bringing forth a rich mix of sensibilities towards art. process. Opus 500. Eventually science emerges as another front in the exploration of folded paper . and the post-modern concepts of abstraction. Stars and Stripes.a former sculptor in France folding caricatures in paper rivaling the figures of Daumier and Picasso. the film paints an arresting portrait of the mysterious artistic and scientific threads that fuel these remarkable minds. creativity. deconstruction. With beautiful cinematography.featuring advanced mathematicians and a remarkable scientist from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT and winner of the MacArthur “Genius” Award for his computational origami research. animation and an original score featuring the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. and an artisanal papermaker who folds impressionistic creations from the very same medium he makes from scratch. As these offbeat and varied characters converge on the unusual medium of origami. Abstract artists emerge with a greater emphasis on process and concept. .mirroring 20th century art itself.

All of us involved in this project have been incredibly energized by the challenge of making a documentary film about ideas.While debates arise on issues of technique. as any film about ideas should. but of people and lives also. it was of great importance that its themes be presented subtly and flexibly. And all along. The potential of a wild scientific idea. so that every viewer can experience the film in ways that are both universally resonant and personally meaningful. Giang Dinh DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT At its heart. uncut square . scientists and mathematicians from all over the world working in the very same medium of origami. The potential of an uncut paper square. And so. For me. the film ultimately culminates with the notion that art and science are but two different interpretations of the very same world around us. For as long as I can remember. that I was determined to bring their inspiring stories to light. And their remarkable stories resonated so strongly with me upon abandoning my own former work. And the medium of paperfolding . To Fly. symbolism and purpose. I knew there had to be something special about it – that in the simplicity of a square must be hiding some untold potential for creativity and new ideas. the driving impulses behind art. as a filmmaker. this has also been a project about transformation – not only of paper squares. sculpture and math have seemed deeply connected – all ways of interpreting our experiences in a language that's universal. The potential to see things differently. When I first learned about the curious phenomenon of fine artists. Therefore. we knew its central themes would speak to different people in different ways. Most of those featured in the film left traditional lives to devote themselves to the thing they love most – paperfolding: the magical process of transforming 2 dimensions into 3 dimensions. "Between The Folds" is a film about potential. as well. science.emerges as a resounding metaphor for the creative potential and transformation of us all.a blank. my devotion to this film rests in the hope that others take inspiration from these incredible stories of transformation. .

Smithsonian Magazine. the Peabody Essex Museum and the international "Masters of Origami" exhibit in Salzburg. Pangolin. Austria which hosted over 53. Furthermore. we feel confident that it's a remarkable time for a documentary to reach the public about this underappreciated global art form. Its various trailers have been watched over 40. its practitioners and the fascinating and simple principles that make it so unique. CBS. Another one of the film’s subjects. The LA Times. The New York Times has featured it in five lengthy articles in their magazine. Dr. WNYC and WBUR/NPR. has been featured on numerous television networks across the country and was also a featured speaker at the recent 2008 TED conference. Science Times and Arts sections. without any formal marketing. NY. ABC. origami's popularity has increased by astonishing measures. Guardian UK. however.000 hits and has been "googled" in over 40 countries around the world.000 visitors in under three months. Wired. one of the film's primary subjects. recently won the MacArthur "Genius" Award for his work in Computational Origami. Christian Science Monitor. Museums worldwide have sponsored extensive origami exhibits. The Boston Globe. Erik Demaine. In the past several years. including the Mingei International Museum in San Diego. and presently has artwork in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Considering these trends. Robert Lang. Dr. Eric Joisel . He was also featured as one of Time Magazine's Top Science Innovators in 2005.PRODUCTION NOTES & ANECDOTAL ACCOUNTS A FEW WORDS ABOUT ORIGAMI TODAY THIS is the only documentary that we know of about origami. Parrish Art Museum in Southampton. the film's website has attracted over 80. as have other mainstream media outlets including The New Yorker.000 times on YouTube and other websites.

But it also seemed like it would be so hard to pull off well! But so it went .MAKING THE SOUNDTRACK WITH PAPER WHEN our composer Gil Talmi suggested using paper in our soundtrack. I never expected that amongst the cavernous and computer-filled halls of MIT would I meet such remarkably creative people. our crew arrived in Boston to spend 2 days filming with Dr. Erik is MIT's youngest-ever tenured professor. . and in 2004 he won the MacArthur "Genius" Award for his origami research. the restrained and the boundless – like the art form itself. Erik Demaine at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It's been a thrill to be able to supplement the amazing original score that Gil is writing with paper sounds. We made it up as we went along – learning the sounds of paper by ripping. thicknesses. of course. he's been heavily featured in the press for using such a strange and creative medium as origami for advanced theoretical and scientific research. We spent two days together. folding. hitting. Martin likened science to sculpture. who holds a research post at MIT. .a field determined to understand what's possible with folding. As we spoke. . bringing bring origami to life through music. Erik is a prodigy who has made remarkable advancements in the field of Computational Origami . It's such a fitting score for our project. So many of the ideas about paper that the film aims to convey visually are now also being communicated through sound. crumpling. drumming – and. Martin. On one level it almost seemed obvious . Ever since. exploring the Lab and talking about paper and folding. I was speechless. FOLDING THROUGH THE EYES OF THEORETICAL SCIENTISTS AT MIT ON a cold day in January 2007. Erik introduced us to his father. Martin homeschooled Erik and taught Erik to be curious and look for answers in everything. made just for making noise with paper – paper of all textures. and explained that while folding paper he can create something beautiful while also understanding the world a bit better. Not yet 30 years old.we're making a film about the incredible versatility of paper and its ability to encourage and embolden creativity – a film about paper's qualities as both a technical and totally freeing medium. flicking. and the next time Gil and I met we were in a custom-fashioned sound booth (courtesy of Gil). grains and timbres. finding inspiration in the complex and the simple.

we visited Ein Kerem. wealth. As I watched.Cosmosphere. a location where both Muslim and Jewish children met to fold paper together. the power of this abundant and simple medium struck me. Not long after. smiles and body language how to do the folds. The creative activity created new bonds between the children . but also as a tool to learn basic math . religion. however.part of the teaching program created by Miri Golan. Miyuki Kawamura FOLDING WITH ARAB AND JEWISH KIDS IN ISRAEL NEVER did the truly democratic and versatile qualities of paper as a creative medium ever seem so clear to me as they did during the week our crew spent in Israel with Miri Golan and Paul Jackson. Paper is everywhere. or skill – can access it. . Here. and they laughed and helped each other. We began at Melawe'er. an all-girls Muslim school in the Old City of Jerusalem.children who were otherwise most likely taught that they had nothing to share with each other. Later we visited Gilo. demonstrating with their hands. race. the folding transcended language and religion. a hard-line coed Jewish school. And people – regardless of age. The children at both schools took to the paper instantly: first as something to explore. and briefly presented in the film. two of our film's primary subjects. Everyone can create something unique out of it – whether an object or an experience.

documentary & feature – Writer/Researcher/Archivist Two-time Emmy nominee Kenn Rabin has worked as a writer and archivist for over 20 years on credits including: “MILK”. “Fight in the Fields”. DAVID GELBER: “60 Minutes”. and HP has awarded him recognition from One Show Interactive. “Eyes on the Prize”. "The Mummy Who Would Be King" (Nova/PBS). “ABC World News with Peter Jennings” . Kenn is currently nominated for FOCAL 2006 International Award for Best Use of Archival Footage for his work on “GOOD NIGHT. other television . Cartoon Network. Most recently. Director. a documentary exploring landscape and her childhood roots in Chester County. CHRISTIANNA HANNUM: Swim Pictures . Several of her films related to this project have been installed at museums across US and Europe. TV commercials. she was a director of photography on “An Unreasonable Man” and “Finding Billy” (PBS).Documentary Filmmaker. Tri-Star Pictures. documentaries. PRODUCER. science. Prior to joining “60 Minutes”.: New York University. J. the epic "Galapagos" (BBC/National Geographic). AND GOOD LUCK”. “Daughter from Danang”. Gil studied composition at UCLA with Ian Krouse and the late David Raksin and his clients have included HBO. He has won numerous awards including several Emmy’s and the DuPont Award. “GOOD NIGHT. “Cadillac Desert” and “Bill Moyers’ Journal”. Communicating Arts Interactive & CSCA's Creative Best. an award-winning multidisciplinary studio working in design. COMPOSER – GIL TALMI Gil Talmi is a world-renowned Emmy nominated composer whose music can be heard in a variety of films. film. She is also a pianist and painter. WRITER – VANESSA GOULD Vanessa Gould studied astrophysics and architecture at Columbia University and has worked in the arts and nonprofit sectors. CINEMATOGRAPHY – MELISSA DONOVAN Melissa Donovan is an award-winning cinematographer based in New York City. and an avid collector of pop-up and movable books. WGBH.PROJECT PERSONNEL PRODUCTION & EDITORIAL TEAM DIRECTOR. Herbal Essence. + SCALE | NEW YORK Todd Sines is the director of +SCALE. Ph. Oxygen Channel.D. including one which won an Emmy Award.Cultural Historian J. WGBH. as a freelance book researcher and computer programmer. design. and Editor David Atwood produced and directed shows and series for PBS and WGBH in Boston for 18 years including “Antiques Roadshow” and introductions to “Masterpiece Theatre” with Alistair Cooke and has edited numerous PBS “Frontline” documentaries. His work for Miramax. Ward Regan teaches history and philosophy at New York University and Pratt Institute of Design and is an expert in cultural history and a regular speaker for the New York Council on the Humanities. and WGBH projects including “Frontline” and “The American Experience” . Apple. . AND GOOD LUCK” . "TED: The Future We Will Create" (Independent) and the Bravo TV series "TV Revolutions”. Donovan has shot several national commercials for Kmart. WNET. David was Executive Producer of ABC’s “Peter Jennings Reporting” . and Paramount. David currently produces and directs independent video. Mountain Dew and other sponsors. Gil's most recent work includes music for the award winning documentary feature "New Year Baby" (Broken English Prods/ITVS). PBS. Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt. and video. ANIMATOR – TODD SINES. “The Indian Runner”. Panasonic. KENN RABIN: PBS. television programs. She serves on the board of Quest to Learn school in New York City. “T h e Good German”. her life and career are a blend of art. music. Fulcrum Media. WARD REGAN.Senior Producer. Like Between the Folds. Palm Pictures. Bravo. Pratt Institute of Design . Adobe. He received a "National News & Documentary Emmy Award" nomination for his work on "CBS Evening News with Dan Rather". “Keeping Sound” Documentary filmmaker Christianna Hannum formed Swim Pictures in 1996 and directed “Keeping Sound”. BOARD OF CREATIVE ADVISORS DAVID ATWOOD: PBS. math. as well as operating on spots for Verizon. at WNYC Radio and the HarvardSmithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Pennsylvania and the life of her grandmother. theatre and dance productions.Executive Producer Emmy award-winning producer David Gelber is currently Executive Producer of Ed Bradley’s segments on CBS’s “60 Minutes”. and learning in unconventional ways. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – SALLY ROSENTHAL Sally Rosenthal is a veteran creative force in emerging technologies.

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