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Deployment Document

Deployment Document

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Published by: nguyen_phuc_53 on Jan 13, 2011
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DN: GA-QSG_102.


Deployment Tool Quick Start Guide
Copy code from TFS & deploy to serve

Important: Setting hosts file: open your hosts file and add this line deploy.org hosts file location: * Linux: /etc/hosts * Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Get list of files from TFS
1. Go to get file page: or You will see the screen as below:

2. Start getting file: Enter criteria to get file Let take a look at below example bases on PR-425

- PR: Name of the task that you want to get - Minimum Date: System will work on files from chosen date up to current. Note: To process file from beginning leave this field blank. - Version: There are 2 options: 1. Latest version: Latest version of files on system. 2. Latest of current PR: Latest version of files bases on PR name. - User: Only get files that modified by selected user. If you do not care about specified user, choose All Press “Go Go Go” button to get file.

Copy File
There are 2 ways to copy file.
1. Copy files from getting file

If you use above step (get files from TFS) please follow this guide line.

1. Copy these Files: Copy all chosen files from local folder (vinhdt) to package folder 2. Get File From TFS: Get all chosen files from TFS server to local folder (vinhdt), after this action a list of files will display and you choose “Copy these Files” to copy them from local folder (vinhdt) to package folder. 2. Copy file normally: go to http://deploy.org/deploy/cf.php

Enter PR name (example: PR-425) and list of files need to copy. Please use this format: file_name - changeset_id Ex: class/sniffer.php - 1058

Then press “Copy Files” to copy file from local folder (vinhdt) to package place.

Create package
To create package (PR) please follow step 1 (Copy files from TFS) and step 2 (Copy File)

Deployment url: http://deploy.org/deploy/main.php To deploy you have to: 1. Preparing package and version To create package, see step 3 (Create package) To create version: Choose package (one or multiple) then determine “Generate” or “Overwrite” and click “Do it” to transfer selected package(s) to version space. Important: If you choose “Generate” new version will be create, otherwise selected package(s) will be copied to selected version. To view version status: Click to choose a version you want to observe 2. Deployment:

Your version will not be deployed to any place you want, you have to follow step by step. Firstly you will copy it to QC, then OFFLINE and finally LIVE just by select a version and press “Deploy”. Deployment space overview:

If You Need Help
[contact me at: phuc.tuan.nguyen@navigosgroup]

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