## ### ######## ## G o l d W a v e ## ## v5.

19 ## ## ## # ## ## # # ## ### ## ### ## ## # # ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ### ### ### ##### TM -------------------------------------------------------------Table of Contents -------------------------------------------------------------1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 GoldWave Features Installation, Uninstall Important Additional Notes Evaluation, Copyright & Distribution, Warranty Contacting the Developer

-------------------------------------------------------------1.0 GoldWave Features -------------------------------------------------------------GoldWave is a sound editor, player, recorder, and converter for Windows. Use it to record audio from a microphone, turntable, cassette deck, or Internet streams, copy songs from CDs, or edit and restore audio. Features: * Multiple resizable sound windows with time axis, amplitude axis, and "Overview" box. * Independent left/right channel editing and viewing * Detailed zoom to magnify to a sub-sample level for accurate editing * Vertical (amplitude) zooming * Direct editing with the mouse * Fast non-destructive editing functions: undo, cut, copy, paste, trim, mix, delete * Multiple levels of undo * Intelligent editing that automatically converts sampling rates, bits, and channels when copying and pasting to different file formats * Configurable temporary storage: hard drive or RAM * Tool bars for editing, zooming, opening files, and effects * Status bar with configurable time and range displays * Standard effects: echo, volume, reverse, envelope shaping, panning, filters, resample, transpose, doppler, dynamics, noise reduction, flange, parametric EQ, time warp, and more * Ability to save preset paramaters and shapes for effects * Independent and resizable Controls window with realtime visuals, LED meters, and controls * Play, pause, stop, rewind, fast forward, record, volume, balance, and speed controls * Realtime playback during rewind and fast forward * Realtime waveform, spectrum, 3D bar, spectrogram, analog meter, and more visuals * Flexibility to choose playback/recording devices * User configurable play control

0 Installation. Do not install on Windows 95 or Windows NT. Dialogic ADPCM Cue points tool with the ability to automatically split large files into smaller CD compatible tracks CD Reader tool to digitally read audio from a CD Effect Chain Editor tool to chain effect together Expression evaluator for any type of sound generation and manipulation Complete help on all commands Evaluation version has no features disabled! -------------------------------------------------------------2. SND. 32-bit. DWD. GoldWave Inc.DLL needs to be installed in the GoldWave folder. MP3. 16-bit.5) This program uses open source software.org/zlib/ * Ogg Vorbis library . ASCII text. http://www.gzip. AFC. FLAC. mu-Law.3) For MPEG Layer 3 support (mp3) you must have the Windows Media modules installed. -------------------------------------------------------------3. countdown timer. A-Law. To save MP3 files.2) Uninstall Use the Windows "Add or Remove Programs" feature under Control Panel to remove GoldWave. Uninstall -------------------------------------------------------------2. VOC. VOX. SDS. OGG. 12-bit. IFF. MAT. WMA.0 Important Additional Notes -------------------------------------------------------------3. MOV. SMP.* * * * * * * * Configurable recording options: loop. AU.2) Video display must be configured for 16-bit or 32-bit colour. 3. level activated.com 3.goldwave. AIF. 3.1) Windows 98SE or later is required to run this version. monitor Support for WAV. LAME_ENC. 3. delete the entire GoldWave folder. Installing the latest version of Media Player will add these modules to your system. then run it to begin installation. IEEE floating point.1) Installation Download the self-install program from the website. To manually uninstall. ISDN A-Law. as well as the ability to open RAW files as 8-bit. AVI. acknowledges and thanks the following: * zlib library Copyright (c) 1995-2005 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.4) Updates for GoldWave can be downloaded from the GoldWave website: http://www. 2.

All other trademarks/registered names acknowledged.pig Windows Media Audio file plug-in The package is copyright (c) 2007 by GoldWave Inc.1 Distribution of "Beta" or "Release Candidate" Versions -----------------------------------------------------------Packages designated as 'beta' or 'release candidates' may NOT be redistributed under any conditions.txt A revision change history DirectX. 4. renting the package.Copyright (c) 2005.1 Evaluation -------------GoldWave is not free software.net/ -------------------------------------------------------------4. Such packages are considered under development and are not suitable for general use. Warranty -------------------------------------------------------------4.nifty.pig FLAC file plug-in OggFile.com/blacksword/ * LAME module Many contributors http://lame.htm GoldWave manual GWPreset.exe GoldWave application file GoldWave.pig Ogg Vorbis file plug-in WMAFile.xiph. Copyright & Distribution. defeating evaluation limits or using unauthorized licenses. GoldWave is a trademark of GoldWave Inc.2 Distribution of Release Versions .dll created by Blacksword http://homepage3. settings. sharing licenses. modifying or reverse engineering the package. the program will expire after a reasonable amount of use. distributing/including the package in commercial products.txt Important notes/information WhatsNew. The Xiph.org Optimized Lancer libvorbis. and shapes ReadMe. please follow the ordering directions in the help or on the website. Although the evaluation version is fully functional.hlp GoldWave help GoldWave.sourceforge.Org Foundation http://www. Only "Release" versions may be redistributed.0 Evaluation. 4.pig DirectX Audio plug-in wrapper FLACFile.sourceforge.2 Copyright & Distribution ---------------------------GoldWave ("the package") includes the following software and documentation: GoldWave. To purchase a license and encourage further development. 4.2. You are prohibited from: charging a fee or requesting donations for the package.reg Presets.net/ * FLAC library Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Josh Coalson http://flac.2. A license is required if you decide to keep the program.

4. without warranty of any kind. Use of this software indicates you agree to this. shall not be liable for damages of any kind.goldwave. Only the unmodified self-installing file may be distributed or copied. The package may be distributed on cover and companion CD-ROMs and DVDs included with magazines and books. .3 Warranty -----------The package is provided as is. -------------------------------------------------------------5. GoldWave Inc.com Please refer to GoldWave Help for further information. The package may be distributed on CD-ROMs and DVDs when download sites issue discs of their collections.0 Contacting the Developer -------------------------------------------------------------Website: http://www.-------------------------------------You may copy and distribute the package through web and ftp sites.

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