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General Knowledge test

Time 30 Minutes

Q1 Who is the present prime minister of Pakistan?

Ans. Yousaf Raza Gillani.

Q2 Name the person who shot dead Delhi ACP Rajbir singh in Gurgoan
district of Haryana.
Ans. Vijay Bhardwaj.

Q3 From which state of India PDP party belongs to?

Ans Jammu and Kasmir

Q4 Who has been appointed the National Security Adviser by the UPA
Government ?
Ans J. N. Daxit

Q5Which cricketers holds the world record of maximum number of

sixes in Tests ?
Ans Chris Carins (New Zealand)

Q 6 Which of the country was readmitted to the Commonwealth

Ans Pakistan

Q7 How age of a tree can be determined?

Ans By Counting the annual growth rings of its stem.

Q 8 Where is the Lingaraja Temple built during the medieval period is

Ans Bhubaneswar

Q 9 Where is the deepest oceanic trench Mariana is located?

Ans Pacific Ocean

Q 10 Who is the author of the book, “The Man Who Divided India”?
Ans Rafiq Zakaria

Q 11 In which sea the Nile river outflows?

Ans Mediterranean Sea.

Q 12 What do you mean by cyclones?

Ans. A low pressure system area in which the wind blows spirally
Q 13 What do you mean by equator ?
Ans An imaginary line dividing the earth into two equal parts.

Q 14 What do you mean by isobars?

Ans Lines on the map connecting the places of the same pressure.

Q 15 What do you mean by isthmus?

Ans Narrow neck of land joining two land areas.

Q 16 Name the instrument used for measuring the relative density of

Ans Lactometer.

Q 17 Which instrument is used for measuring atmospheric pressure?

Ans Barometer.

Q 18 Name the device used for converting mechanical energy into

electrical energy?
Ans Dynamo.

Q 19 What do you mean by by-election?

Ans A mid term election to fill a seat rendered vacant.

Q20 What do you mean by VETO?

Ans. Right to reject any resolution or enactment passed by the

Q 21 What do you mean by autonomy?

Ans Power to control internal affairs.

Q 22 What do you mean by budget?

Ans Annual estimate of expenditure and revenue of a country or a
subordinate authority like a corporation.

Q 23 What is inflation?
Ans Increase in the quality of money in circulation without any
corresponding increase in goods; so, it leads to rising prices spiral.

Q 24 What do you understand by word excise duty?

Ans Duty levied on goods manufactured within the country.

Q 25 The science which deals with the structure of animals, plants or

human body?
Ans Anatomy.