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1. Thinking that achieving success at home country means that the company can achieve success anywhere in the world. 2. Rejecting the consultant recommendation of starting the company¶s expansion overseas with franchising in Europe. 3. Starting the overseas expansion with 10 branches in each country. 4. Set the opening date for the new branches to coincide with the start of the high business season in the USA. 5. The decision of serving to the customers in the two c ountries the same menu served in the USA. 6. Did not take into consideration the risk of fluctuations in exchange rate when taking loan in Yen. 7. Renting the first locations they were shown and hiring the first applicants they interviewed. 8. Launching the same promotion campaign in both countries. 9. Using the logo with its smiling cow in India. 10. The decision of shutting down the business without prior planning.

1. A company should test the new market with franchising. 2. An extensive study should be prepared for the targeted countries in which the following must be determined:
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Political and economic stability / instability. Social and religious cultures. Tastes. The start of high and low business seasons. The risk resulting from fluctuations in exchange rate. The best locations to open new branches.

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