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The Red Brownie Company (Website Info)

The Red Brownie Company (Website Info)

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Published by: smaniya5707 on Jan 13, 2011
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Our brownies are fudgy ,freshly baked and full of chocolate just as they should be. Handmade in a domestic kitchen, and courier-delivered, they are guaranteed to light up your day, your party, your office or the life of someone you care about ± you choose and The Brownie Company will make it happen.

At The Brownie Company, we use only the finest ingredients, including plain chocolate, flour eggs, butter vanilla extract. There are no artificial additives or preservatives in our brownies. We offer five different flavours

Simply dust with icing sugar and pop a few candles on top and there you have it ± the perfect celebration. 3) Chocolate Orange Brownie A chewy chocolate fudge brownie with freshly grated orange zest for the perfect chocolate orange fix. WEDDINGS AND PARTIES If you have a party in the diary. these are chocolate flavored brownies with frosting and no sugar!! **) Chocolate orange hemispheres dessert 3 layered dessert with orange soufflé . Or simply serve at the end of the evening.double chocolate orange mouse and brownie . Our brownies arrive as whole traybakes and can be cut into small bite-sized chunks or into larger brownies ± the choice is yours. hazel nuts and nutella 5) Sugar free brownie For diabetic and diet lovers. high-appreciation afters? They are so versatile and can be used as a delicious summer dessert to match up with strawberries and cream or a wonderful winter warming pudding with ice cream.. 2) Double chocolate brownie Rich and moist chocolate brownie topped with chocolate fudge icing.1) Walnut chunk brownie A classic done fudge brownie loaded with fresh walnuts and topped with chocolate chunks. Anniversaries or Eid whatever the occasion the options are endless.. why not use our brownies for low-stress. For a birthdays. A perfect combination of chocolate.topped with the ultimate BROWNIE SENSATION µs chocolate icing. . 4) Nutella brownie "Absolutely Scrumptious".

WHOLESALE Our brownies are very popular in restaurants and cafes.to discuss your order and the date you wish your brownies to arrive. HOW TO ORDER Please call the Brownie Company on 0324 2155756 or email -----------------------------. If you are interested in offering our award winning brownies to customers in your store. Deliveries are made between Monday-Sunday inclusive. please call us to discuss. .

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