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A Beautiful Struggle by Flowetic

A Beautiful Struggle by Flowetic

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Published by Kevin Lee
An album review for Flowetic's new album A Beautiful Struggle
An album review for Flowetic's new album A Beautiful Struggle

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Published by: Kevin Lee on Jan 13, 2011
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A Beautiful Struggle by Flowetic

First of all, I m gonna give it to you straight-up and say he nailed it... For his hotly anticipated sophomore effort, Zak "Flowetic" Kazanski presents us with A Beautiful Struggle. If you had any doubts about Flowetic after the first album, Microphone Love, you can forget them now Flowetic is for real. He s back, and this time he s bigger, bolder and totally committed, nay, bounded to an unyielding dream, a vision of the future... not only a future for himself, but a future for music, a future for the listener... Like it's predecessor, Microphone Love, A Beautiful Struggleagain displaysFlowetic's knack for production... for bringing people together, focusing their talent, ambition, effort and artisitic energy for the purpose of creating a coherent and consolidated project... seeking out passion, getting it into the booth, capturing it at its finest meanwhilefitting it all together, sculptingitinto an mutual conception of life, beauty and success... a lasting and valuable product... yeah, it s apparent this is collaboration at its finest folks. Aside from its obvious production value, in A Beautiful Struggle we bear further witness to the becoming and emergence of a songwriter. Flowetic s beats are top-notch, tight and well-composed. Strong, fluid and danceable without becoming too monotonous. Not to mention the incredibly catchy, I meancatchy sing-along choruses... the kind your head doesn t want to let go of. This is something you can put on at a party and just groove to... but it s also something you can listen to at home chilling with close friends or even while you re by yourself walking around town or laying in bed if you really want to pay attention to it and appreciate the quality of the sound, the subtlety and craft. There s always something there to tickle your ears or something to bob your head, tap your foot to ormaybe even something to scrunch your eyes together to, bite your lip and say, mmh, I feel that... that s a beautiful struggle... Flowetic has the touch. Each track has its own distinct overt sound, but the album is kept consistent by a general underlying feeling... a musical, lyrical and emotional theme, a sense of meaningful organization and intent, which allows for a smooth progression from track to track. There s a feeling of wholeness and continuity in the work, a feeling of having listened to just one unified creation, not only an assortment of individual unrelated songs. Every song is so fleshed out, a new idea in itself so that you re sucked into each one separately and you don t want to stop... you want to keep listening to the end until the last track because at the same time it s all tied together... you re slowly being sucked into the album itself, into the world of Flowetic... But Flowetic is your world. A Beautiful Struggle gives us a clear mature look into the depths of the human heart in an honest, sometimes serious,other times fun, sometimes dirty andother times charming light. Ranging everywhere from love and sex to political and social issues, from identity and self-repsect to life, death, family, peers and personal values Flowetic accounts for everything. They ve got it covered, a-to-z, the whole nine yards. You re unlikely to find anything so original and uncompromised but at the same time so completely relevant and understandable. The main contributors I-zizzy, Red Chemist, Raz and Flowetic himself combined with an occasional sprinkling of thehot, sugary female vocals of Donya Thomas, Laura and Leila Ashely provide A Beauitful Struggle with a full, dynamic range of personality. The lyrics arefresh, clever and thoughtprovoking. I-zizzy is the wit. The loveable jerk who gets on your good side bybragging and poking fun at himself andhis style at the same time, not afraid to put it out there knowing it is what it is and that s as

good as it gets... take it or leave it no-skin-off-my-back-attitude... accidentally-on-puropose like the flicker of a candle flame the know-it-all who actually knows it all, and knows it... check out his verse in 6. A Beautiful Struggle... His keen assembly of pop-cultural references leaves a lasting impression this is from 4. Cool N****Z Only... We on campus, whippin the Corolla/multi-colored women drawn to me like Crayola and 11. The Look of It... In the street bein nosy, call em Snuffaluffagus/matterafact they James Posey, actin like they tough n shit. I-zizzy fans everywhere will love8. Headphones,a track all to himself. Then we have Red Chemist, the businessman, the serious one, the strong and silent, gentlegiant type who lets his emotions pour out and roar through the broken dam when he gets in the booth...a flood pounding the earth, shaking its core. His rhymes are raw, at times brutal but still tender, heartfelt... it s physical like flesh, in a way slimy, the way KY jelly is slimy, how it s applied andeverything justslides. I may be sumptin else I may be just magnificent/either way I put it my greatness is evident/Shorties checkin out my gear, askin how much money spent/So I get up in their ear and tell em not a damn cent. I might also mention the Chemist s uncanny aptitude toward signing in autotune as heard in one of my personal favorites, a pure Red track,2.Could Not Have You it s as if his voice was meant for it. Raz is the down-to-earth voice of experience, doin it by the book. If there was a school of rap, he graduated top of the class, yet strangely enough there's the least to be heard from him on this releaseand he doesn t get his own track like the other three do... Went back to the lab with a chip on my shoulder, they said where the hell s Raz? I came back I was older. Mad hopes for hearing more Raz in what s to come. Lastly but not leastly, Flowetic the ringleader, the bottom-line... the floorboards, the walls and the ceiling. The visionary, the dreamer, the architect and the contractor but also still another nameless construction worker doin his time. The empathizer, the reflective frustrated soul interlaced with deep, multilayered metaphors, eccentric rhymes and word associationsthat fold over and repeat on themselves like oragami.The most philisophical rap I ve ever heard, especially in6. A Beautiful Struggle, Pain turns to thoughts and the thoughts turns to rhymes/Love turns to hate at the cost of lost time/but when I find a minute I turn them into ink/ then find a piece of paper and let my mind sink/like my brain was made of lead and the page was the sea... and 9. What do I do?... Trust me, rappin like this is fuckin easy/so if you spit emotional shit come and see me. Flowetic carries you along his lyrical river, immerses you in his sea of life and meaning... you sympathize with the frustration, the struggle, the realness of it all, how it hits so close to home, hits hard... way down deep and then it lifts you high up in the air above everything else to get a good look at the big bright sun above the clouds and all the ground below... how it gets you thinkin about things, about yourself, the things you re doing, the things you can be doing... yeah... how it all seems to just come down to you... We re crazy we re crazy (this ll never work) we re crazy we re crazy... In all, if you like getting goosebumps, having a feeling of connectedness, of relating and being related to... if you like music that s pure from the soul, music that speaks to the soul because the soul is where it came from and what it was made for... if you like music polished by a careful hand... if you like a unique focused expression of individuality that goes just far enough out of the box to be inventive but stays close enough to the box to remain accesible... or maybe you just like to dance and have a good time with your friends or you like having your ideas of music and integrity tried and tested... in any case, if you're anyone... if you re goin through some shit, been through some shit, if you ve dealt with it or are currently dealing with it or you have some shit you re about to deal with, put on this EP and listen. You'll see. Flowetic s A Beautiful Struggle gets the point across.

This is the new mainstream. Lovers and haters of modern contemporary radio alike can find something to enjoy about this record. It s a step forward in the right direction a bright hope for the future of music, and the future of the listener. Be on the lookout for this guy, he s gonna be big. If you want some advice, listen to this album. Then listen to it again. It s like a fine wine... or a new friend, but not just any new friend... with a new friend you spend more time with them you start to notice the details in their personality, you become more aware of their traits and habits. Sometimes you notice these things and you say, O man, I can t deal with this, this iswierd... strange... I don t like it, we re gonna have to not spend so much time together. With others you say, O wow that s neat, that s strange, yet interesting, kind of like me... I can relate to that, I like that alot and I want to spend even more time together and discover and learn even more about each other. In this case, with A Beautiful Struggle, it s the latter.The more you listen to it, the more youwant to listen to it... what more can I say? - Fred Davis, January 7, 2011 My last word on this erff gonna be dag . I ma live forever so I never lose my swag. I-zizzy

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