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Permits for operating facilities.
Permits for operating facilities.

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... -"'-'- -_. --. - -' - . --- ...


N. listings of Transfer Station, .

Material Recovery Facility, I

Processing Facility and Disposal !

Facilities Permits as of I

.'-_ ... __ D_~c_emb.e(_1,,-1.~?5 __ ,_j



pavis Street Transfer Station

• Conditional Use Permit No. 76-16, City of San Leandro, Board of Zoning Adjustments

• Solid Waste Permit SWFP #01~AA-006 (landfill), SWFP #01-AA-007 (transfer).

Alameda County Department of Environmental Health

• Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit #3-10. City of San Leandro Water Pollution Control Plant

• Air QualitY Permit to Operate Plant #2773, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

• Authority to Construct Wood Waste Tub Grinder and Wood Waste Screen. Bay Area Air Quality Management District

• Permit to Construct Storm Drain Outfall (1979). San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

• Underground Fuel Storage Tank Permit #16455, City of San Leandro Fire Department, Hazardous Materials Division

• Hazardous Materials Storage Permit, City of San Leandro Fire Department.

Hazardous Materials Division '

• Storm Water Discharge Permit for Industrial Activity #2 015002422, Regional Water Quality Control Board

• Storm Water Discharge Permit for Construction Activity #2015301667, Regional Water Qu.ality Control Board

Recycle America of Northern California w 77th Avenue

• Conditional Use Permit #CM91-394, August 1992, Modified October 1994, City of Oakland Planning Department

• Solid Waste Facility Pennit #01-AA-0269, Alameda .coun!y of Environmental Health

• Storm Water Discharge Permit Industrial Activity #201 $009826, State Water

Resources Control Board . @ J

. /IV

- ; .

. /

Exhibit N Page 2

1,' ,

,', ' , 0'1. ... ,,'

Altamont Landfill

• Waste Discharge Requirements No. 94-052, California Reglonal.Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region, Sacramento, Issued on March 2, 1994

, ~. .' .. '; , ' . . . ..

: i-. ' .,., ..~

• Solid Waste Facility Pennit No. 01-AA-0009,. Alameda County Department of Environmental Health, Office of Solid Waste Management, Hayward, Issued on July .. ... ·14,·1994, conourred Withey 1he california· I hteg rated Waste Management'.Board· on July 8,1994


.• .; ConditionalUse: Permit ,C-6395j: Alameda CountY Planning Department, Hayward,

Issued on June 2, 1994

.• Finding· of Concurrence Resolution 94-95, Alameda County Waste Management Authority, San Leandro, Issued on August 24, 1994

1:1 Permlt to . Operate (23 sources), Bay Area Air Quality Management District, San Francisco, Renewed annually on February 1, February 4; and August 4

r • •


N-l List of Transfer Station,

Material Recovery FaciJity, I

Processing facility and Disposal I Facility Permits Applied for j ___ ......;(In,.~r.P_c~s_$)'--- __ __,.

Exhibit N-l


Allamont Landflll

• Expansion PermfI:. AIamada County Planning Department

.' National PoUutant Discharge EJiminafJon Sysiem. Regional Wa1er Quality Co~trol Board (Permit to discharge aaan war from the Waste Wafer Traatmant Ptant Into wetiMlds area)

DlyJI stmt Inmsfer bdlPD


Ma1eriBI Recovery FacIIIly. Alameda County Health Care SeMces Agency (LEA) and California lniagJ8i8d Waste Management Baan:I (ClWMB), considered a permit modification


Yard Waste Material Screening Prvjact.

- City of San LeandlD letter appmval pnx:aas WIth no change required to CondltJonat Use Pennit

- Letter to LEA; considered 8 permit modification

- Bay Area Air Quality Management OIs1;rict. discussions pending regarding

potential new permit requirements

Rercxme America 0' Northam California - nth Ayenul




-·-N--2-~~tofTr. ~~~~~on,-l

Material Recovery Facility, Processing Facility and Disposal Facility Permits as of July 1, 2005 :

--------- . )


List of Transfer Station, Material Recovery Facility, Processing Facility and Disposal Facility Permits as of July 1, 2005

Davis Street Transfer Station

Permit Agency Name Permit Number Expiration
Permit to Operate Bay Area Air Quality 2773 5-1-2006
~gement District
Pretreatment Permit City of San Leandro 3-10 6-25-2010
Environmental Services Division
Industrial Storm Water General State Water Resources Control Permit Number NA
Permit Board CASOOOOOI
Solid Waste Facility Permit California Integrated Waste 01-AA-0007 5-18-2009
Management Board
Permit to Operate Solid Waste Alameda County Environmental PT0302853 12-31-2005
Collection Vebicles Health
Minor Waste Tire Facility California Integrated Waste 01-TI-0037 2-17-2008
Permit Management Board
Statewide Portable Equipment California Air Resources Board 110458 and 12-31-2006
Registrations 110459
Conditional Use Permits City of San Leandro 76-16,96-1 NA
Hazardous Material and Waste City of San Leandro Customer # 2-28-2006
(CUPA) Re~tion Environmental Services Division 12845 1

, j

Altamont Landfill

CIWMB Solid Waste Facility Permit Issued 1978
(enforced by LEA) SWFPNo~ 01-AA .. OO09 Last Reviewed 1998
o. 5 Year Review Due 12103
SWRCB ·0 . Waste Discharge Requirements Adopted JUne '7,2002
(enforced by RWQCB) 'WDR Order No. RS-2002;.O,i 19 Ongoing/No ExpiratiQn Date
•• , .. < : •• ..- .......... o '
, SWRCB National Pollutan~ Discharge, "
(enforced by RWQCB) Elimination System (NPDES) Permi: Adopted June "7; 2002'
NPDES No: 0083763 Expires June 1. 2007
, ""General l'iuJ7istrial Storm Water . NOls filed'm 1992"& 1997
(enforced by RWQ~) " , Discharge Permit OngoingINo Expiration Date
Number 5S01S000600**
BAA_Q:Mn Plant Number A2066 Reissued Annliallv _(Feb)
A1am~ County CUP No. C-5512 " Res. # R-2000-414 of the County
PIal;' ling Department Board of Supervisors
AdOpted March'9, 2000
Alameda County 'Co1W1vIP Finding of Conformance May 24, 2000
Planning Department. ACWMA Resolution #2000-10
USEPA, Region IX ' Determination of Acceptability under September 29, 1998
the CBRCLA Oft:Site Rule
CDFG Streambed Alteration Agreement for Issued July 1,"1976.
Fill Area 1 No renewal needed
" ,
CDFG Streambed Alteration Agreement for Submittal In Progress
Fill Area 2
USACE Section 404 Dredged and Fill Material Submittal In Progress
Permit for Fill Area 2 * AGENCY NAMES:

• CIWMB: California Integrated Waste Management Board

• LEA: Local Enforcement Agency (Alameda County Department of Environmental Health)

• SWRCB: State Water Resources Control Board

• RWQCB: Regional Water Quality Control Board

• BAAQMD: Bay Area Air Quality Control District

• ACWMA: Alameda County Waste Management Authority

• USEPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency

• CDFG: California Department ofFish and Game

• USACE: United States Army Corps of Engineers

** The WDID# on the Notice of Intent filed with the Water Board is listed as 5BOlS000600, however, the RWQCB has been using sees" for site correspondence and in their database in recent years.


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