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play, school, or sports
activities, and at school and
• Head lice are parasites that WHO USUALLY GETS LICE? home
can be found on the heads of
people. Infection with head • anyone who comes in close • Wearing infested clothing,
lice is called PEDICULOSIS. contact with someone who such as hats, coats, sports
This infestation is very already has head lice, or even uniforms, or hair ribbons
common. their contaminated clothing • Using infested combs,
and other belongings brushes, or towels
• School children • Lying on a bed, , pillow, or
• Girls carpet that has recently been
in contact with a person with

Pediculus humanus capitis


• Contact with an already
infested person. Personal
Nit on a hair contact is common during

• Regularly inspect head for lice. PEDICULOSIS action for 20-25 minutes. sleep. This PREVENTION will also deter dandruff formation. • Use your own comb. Leave it for one hour and rinse the hair. apply • Avoid physical contact with this remedy on the scalp infested individuals especially . Use fine- toothed comb to remove nits (lice eggs) and lice. 3. Mix 2-3 tablespoons each of vinegar and lemon juice in two egg yolks. This will ensure water and 2 teaspoon of the complete elimination of vinegar. minutes. Mix 6 teaspoon of clear three days. Do this once in a day for 1. Before going to lice from the hair. Do this twice a week. Apply mayonnaise thoroughly to the scalp and cover hair with plastic bag. 4. 2. immerse cotton in it and apply it in the hair working more at the roots. Finally. and wash it off with their belongings such as lukewarm water after 20 clothing and bedding. Chop an apple into small • Wash clothing and bedding in pieces and apply into scalp hot water to destroy lice and HOME REMEDIES FOR with a strong massaging eggs.

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