9:10 pm 6/16/2010 3rd, 8 Crocodile or Alligator Mayan day

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♥ This video I think I may be have a handle on, or at least a hand-hold on the tail of why everything is so backwards, down here on Earth, or rather, here in 3D. At some point it goes beyond funny, how upside down and turned around things seem to be, here. You can almost go East by heading West, it’s so reliable [heck, what’s with “almost,” ho ho]. Murphy had the essence of this, but certainly not the full understanding. Besides, I think he wrote his little law all in good fun – but I don’t know. There’s surely something to it. Yet, it goes so much deeper than that, and I have a certain sense of something like this: I think it’s due to the fact that 3D is reflecting the Light, the divine. Like a mirroring effect, everything is just a reflection, here. Thus, things would be backwards, and such... and consistently, too. I think we’ve all had the sense of something like this, at one time or another. As we’re all waking up, now, we’re more in touch with the Inner, the Higher Self that we are. Intuition is so on the rise, it’s amazing. I’m so proud of our men, too, for it’s hardest on them. They weren’t raised right. Our men have so much to offer us, but not by leading, the way that they’ve been. No, they’ve been used by the dark force to show us, to illustrate, not power, but power’s misuse. It’s a masculine, a yang thing, alright. Well, what’s the reflection, the mirror image of that? What’s the divinity, hidden beneath? Let’s start looking at it that way, for it’s beginning to shine out at us, through this one and that, here

and there. Do you not see this in the eyes, in the energy, the beauty, the strength and gentility of some of our men in these days? Take Alex Collier, for example. If you know of him, of his early on lectures and interviews, you or divinity, can see where he’s been — and just how far he’s come. It makes me just fall in love with the Andromedans, too. Alex was no easy one for them to work with and through - he fought them a good deal of the way. That was really fighting himself, though - just as you and I do all the time. Seems like that’s what this stage of 3D’s about, is resolving the last of our blocks to awakening... and these, though the last, can be [or seem] hardest of all to work through. There is such ultimate beauty in a soul who has somehow stayed the course, who has run the good race – isn’t there? It’s a beautiful thing, when you consider all the challenges, all the pain and the struggle, the tears and the anguish, all the fear that’s been worked through, transmuted by Love, by the soul of that one. Well, now, look in the mirror, dears. Yes, look at yourself. You are every bit as beautiful as all of that, you know. Someone like Alex, and someones like the Andromedans come along and demonstrate, this way, by showing us his work over the decades, and letting us see at least some of what that’s been about. They do that for us, dears. That is us, outplayed, there. Yes, Alex is us, but we are us, too. What do I mean? Well, think of it. How many lifetimes do you think you might have, altogether? Quite a few, I don’t doubt – I know I do. Well, if we could see, over that time, that great big long period, the cosmic beauty of Love, demonstrated in your soul, we’d quite fall in love with you, too. It’s like that, you know. We’re these awesome great beings we know almost nothing about — on the outer, [conscious level,] that is. On the inner, we quite know all that.

And findally (‘typo’ for finally), yes finally, the time of remembrance has arrived — oh, at last it has come. Oh, how we’ve waited, how we’ve searched, how we’ve prayed and all that, through the years, through the aeons of time for this time, at last – to hurry it on. All of that seems so funny now, in a way. Once it gets here, oh, it’s noting at all like we thought, like we expected it to be or to feel or to seem — not a bit. It’s so different, then. Yet it is thoroughly awesome, for sure – that part’s there. It is so simple, so quiet, so silent, so still. We didn’t expect that – at least I didn’t. It’s both gentle and magnificent, and at the same time. Then, when you think about all those endless, eternal seeming years we’e been at this, and you think of all the words, over the embodiments, that we’ve put into it – into sharing our illuminations, understandings, and the like - this is amazing. Why? Because there’s not a darn thing can be said that will capture or convey what this is. It’s so funny, really. The best we can do is the lovely neti, neti of India — not that, not that — no, that isn’t it. It’s quite funny, too, how this does seem to work, in some delightfully, backwards seeming way. Yep, the divine is right-side up and forwards, and that’s why this 3D world is backwards and upside down, a bit - [we’re] a reflection of that. Actually, this reflection isn’t even us. That’s the real tricky thing. We’re not that; neti, neti. There’s not a single thing down here we are. No, not that – not at all. No, we’re none of it. Maybe just a touch like Avatar, the lovely movie, so creatively done. It had so much that was real in there – the greed, and the harshness, the cold calculation, the darkness undone. Wow. And yet, we’re not like that, either. That was one being acting and working through another one. We’re not a being like that, a being

that can be contained in any skin at all. No, not that; neti, neti. Not that. Oh well, it’s just a start. This intuition, this picture becoming more clear for me. And I enjoy it. It’s great fun, get to see things become clearer to me [to you, to us]. Still, I’m no where near the reality - I’d bet you on that. Just that next step closer, see. As we rise in vibration, our steps get the bigger, get the more powerful, more territory cover, indeed. Won’t be so long ‘til they’re god steps, you know — for you and for me. Yep, just take the reverse of about everything you’ve ever been told. Did they tell you you’re small? Well, flip that around — what do you get? Yep, you’re huge. Just as huge as imaginable, then ten more times that, just for starters. Oh yes – got to perfectly reflect the full smallness they assigned unto us with this greatness, mirror image, reflection of that. Did they tell you you were stupid, not bright? Ha! Look out for that one, though, for mind’s not the answer to that. That’s a trap. Let’s leave that one alone, just for now. We’ll come back to this one when we’re much more solidly awakened, my friends. Anyway, you get the idea. Let’s start being delightfully oppositional in the way that we view things. Turn our trust right around, first of all, to our middle – not theirs. Trust in heart, trust in Source — and no other. Then, whatever we’re told, believe the opposite’s true, and be right 90% of the time, even better than that. Yep, reflection time. I’m going to have fun with this. How ‘bout you?

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