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Published by: M. Zubair Alam on Jan 14, 2011
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1lllr-j~11L2_,6 i9c-t 2o{o Statutory Notifications Order {S.R.




Islamabad, Octber26., 2U 1 '0

(1)/20 10. - in exercise or the powers conferred by section 505 of the Companies

Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of .1984), read with section 470 thereof and clause ,c) or section 4."1. of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Act ](/97" tXLH IOf 1997) and SRO '0. 64g(I)/86, dated l11J J lily, 1 \)86, the Securities and Exchange Commissicn M Pakistan is hereby pleased to direct that 1(1f the Sixth Schedule to the said Ordinance the' following shall be substituted. namely:


(S-ee section 466" and 470)


I [n case of In cas.corl
Hem online physical
submission submission
or of
documents documems
lh, Rs.
I. ]3:y a company havjn~ a Sh,1U',f cHpihIl:-
2.500 5.000
\ ] ) for registration of a company whose nominal share
capital does not exceed lOQ,OOO rupees, a fee oj'
_ ........
(2) For registration of a company whose nominal
share capital exceeds 100.000 the • .
additional fe~ to be determined i.1cCQI'dil"l,ff to the
amount of nominal share capital a::) follows,
(1), For every 100.000 rupees of nominal share 500 LOGO
capital or parr nr 100,000 rupees, ~IP to
10,000,000 rupees, a fees of ,."
(ii) For every lOO,O()O rupees of nominal share I 300 I 750
caj2ilal or ran of 1 O~,_OOQ mEtes, after the. ~ .. /."".r-..

): .. ~.


nisi 1 O.OOO,QOO rupees. UPH) 5,000,000,000 a fee of .. ,





(Hi) For every 10QJJOO rupees of nominal 'sh,are capital 01' part of '~OO,OOO rupees after the first 5,000,000)000 rupees, UplO any amount of fcc of.",


For registration _of an i~lct'e,tt,Se in the s~:are capital made after the fi rst re "'t. " lion of tb e com p11l1 v: an

• Q! ~. i '~~ .I •

amount equal to lhic.'o , b;elween the amount

'which \ ... .ould hav~'oeell payable on r~;;;o'$aration 01' the company by reference to its capital as increased and the amount which would have been payable by reference to its capital immediately before the increase, calculated ,at the rates gwen under clause 2.


"Explanauou" For the purpose or calculation of fee for registration of an increase in the share capita] of the company which was originally formed 011 the basis of physical business now' opting mlinc submission; Lhe. dilfe renee of fee shall be calculat ,J on the basis or rates applicable to a company treating as formed on online s u bmi ssi on.

(Lj') For registration of any existing company, except such companies 'as are by the Ordinance exempted from payments 01 fees in respect of reglstraticn under this Ordinance, the same fee as is charged for registration a 11CW company.



For fi!~ng, registering or recording any document noti lying particulars relating 'to a in )rtgag,eir:harge or other Interest created by 11 company; or any modifieatlon therein or satisfaction ihercof, a fee 0[ .. "


For filing, registering or recording any document other than that at Sr. N(1 (5) above. required In be filed, registered or recorded under the Ordinance or rnakiug a 'record or any fact under t11C

Ordinance, a tee of; .


H.. By a compan~i nat havihg ,~ share capital, other than ~ company registered under a liccnct! gnmtcd under sectinn 42.


- .


\4) liar filing .. registering or recording any document 5.00.0 ],500

notifying particulars relating to a m.tYrtgagcicharge

Dr other interest created b· a company, 'Or any

modificauon therein or satisfaction thereof a fee

oL_ ..


For registration of any existing company, except such .n company. which is, by the Ordinance. exempted from payment of fee in respect of registration under Ole Ordinance, the same fee as is. charged for registc.ring a new company.

(}) Companies limited by guarantee and baving share capital sha . ll be- charged registration tee as mentioned at i1(;:l11 I above.



(5) For tiling. registering or recording any document 600 1.500

other than ~hat at Sr. No. {4) above, required to be

Jiled, registered ~}f recorded under the Ordinance

or making a record of <:U1Y fact under the

Ordinanccu fee of ...


Ill. Hy a coulipany I~cg'ster,ell under ;,1 hecnce gr.!linted under . ectiun 42 and not having a share caph.~~:-

For all application seeking grtIL['I{ of licence or its renewal, a non-refundable processing fee of .".



For registration. a fee or .... ,




(3) Companies limited by guarantee and having .share

c:apilalsbaU b~ charged registration of fee as mentioned at item 1 above.


Fen fi.Hng or recording any document notifying particulars relating to a mortgagc/chatge or other interest created by a company, or any modification therein or satisfaction thereof, a fee of .....



F or filing, registering or recording any document other than that at Sr. No .. (4) above, required to be filed, registered or recorded under the Onlinauce or making a record (.) F any fact under the Ordinance, a. fee of ..... ,



;--- ------------------~------- -----:-:------...,--------+-------,--- -+----------1

for filing. registering or recording a: document 25.000 SOTOOG

contauung charter/statute/ memorandum and

articles, etc. far registration by a foreign company

IV. H}' a company established ourssde Pakistan whtcb has a

place of business inPakh (,an:-


~ .. ' '/.'(.-(

/', ".


under the Opdi nance required or authorized to be tiled, registered or recorded a fee of , ... ,.



For filing. registering or recording any document notifying particulars relating to a mnrtgage/charge or other interest created by a company. or any modi Iication therein or satisfaction thereof, a fee

c)(,.. .. ,





for Iiling, registering or recording. any document other than that at Sr .. No, (2) above, required to' be filed registered or recorded under the Ordinance or making.a record ofany 1~Kt under the Ordinance, a fee of, .".




For inspection of doeumenrs antl regi.1<iter kcpll by t!I:Je registrar in respect of a COlIl]l~DY, a Iee ' .....

1----(-3-) ---=r:=-o-r-a---:-c-e-l·t-=-i f1=C1c-d-'--c-.· C)-p-y-O---:f,.----:lh-c-, -M--·· =-e-n-IC-) r-a-n.J-uu-l--a-.,n--d:-t---:'l-O:--:O- --t---l.(-JQ=-fl-~ Articl res 0 f Asso (.';-1<11 ion 0 f other than <l pri vale

limited company, a ret


(1) For a certified copy 'Of the certificate of ] 00 200

incorporation Or ~] certificate of commencement of

business Of a certificate of registration of mortgage

or charge. a fee of.. __



(2) For a certified copy or the Memorandum and Articles of Association of private limited company. a !'~C of ...





4) for a certified copy of any return ofprivate limited company. a fee of, _



(5) For a certified copy of any return of other than a private limited company, a fee of;

(6) Fur a certjfied copy or extract of any other doc urnern or ro gl ster, C al ~ u.1 ated at the rate. per page or fractional part thereof required to be copied, subject to a mrrumum fee of (me hundred rupees, a fee of.. ,.


~--------------------~--~------------------------+-- -------~---------

(7) For providing list ofcompanies registeredwith the R1=l, 2 per Rs, 2 per

Commission, a lee calculated <l.t the rate per data data field dattl lield

field, subject to i:1 minimum fee of five hundred

I'upees] ~ fee of _ •.

(8) For a corpma.w 1.'egistt<Hiol1 and complirmce s stem



~Y.<'" .',f.

I +


generated comparry profile, pet company, a
fee 0:(. ..
F01" seeking approval of UH:" C 0 DUiIl~SS i on or the
registrar i.n HIDe foUowing matters, as the case may be H
uon~rd'un.d,alhleappmica.Honpn~·ce~s~liIg fet" of;
AppHl"a1iml ~'or';-
--- \O,O()O -
0) a! te tali t.m III mentor andum of associauon under 5.,00'0
section 21. a fee of.. .....
{2) availability of any proposed name f~ r registrati on 200 5:00
of a company froth the registrar tlBd.er section 37, a
Iee of ..
(3) approval for change of name from the registrar 2,500 5,000
under section J 8 and 39 n Iee of. .. 1

(4 ) converston of status of company Irom a public 2~50G »000
company to a, pri vate co rnpany under section 44~ a
fee sr.
(5) conversion of status ClI'GI .company from a private 2,500 5.000
c impany to a single member company under Rule
9 of Single Member companies Rules, 2003. a fcc
of. ...
(6) approval to issue, circulate tlud publish the
prospectus from the Commission under section .. ~7.
in the JOl10wII1g manner>
(1) Size of t (al issue including aU types of 2::odJOQ
securities upto Rs. 250 million. a fee or .. ,
t-- (ii) Size of lOI.('l1 i nc I~ udin s aU r 50,0000
issue types 0
securities more than Rs. 250 million and
upio R~. 1000 million • .a fee of. ...
iii) Size Qr total ISSUe, including ti.1l types ~)f 100 .. 000
securities more than Rs, 1000 million. a fee
lor ... ~

(7) rssuancc or shares at discount under section 84, ,(l 10.000
fee of. ..
(.f{) issuance of shares, otherwise than right under fi1'51 50..000 (11'
provis of sub-section (1) .of section X6, a fee oC. :0.1% of the
(The aforesaid [CL: t5h.aU [lot apply to applicmions proposed
for issuance of shares under secuon 86 rO'f the I



purpose of the Employee Stock Option Scheme)

(12, extensinn U'l lhe prescribed period for holding annual general meeting under proviso Q r subsection (1 J' of section 15&, a tee of.,.



v" .. hichever is higher



relaxation from the requirements of the Companies (Issuance or Capital) Rules, 1996 under rule I () thereof:



l13)' permission 10 bold annual general meeting by a listedcompany at a plate other than the town In 'which the registered office of the c.ompa:ny IS situated under the proviso of" sub-section (2) of section 158. a fee cr..;

------------~------------------------~----------~----------+---~-~-----. --

(i i) For share capital proposed to be issued I J I.;JOO

increased above. Rs. SO million to Rs, 100

million, a lee cr, _. _j

I-------~--------,-----_o_----------- -_______,,.------ -I----- ..

(i.ii) lor share capital proposed tl) be' issued / 50,000

u~c,.caS"d above Rs. 100 million •• fee of I

------------------~----~~~~----~~----_r----------T_~---- .. ---

(10) issuance of shares with different rights and 50,000. Dr

privileges under section 90 read with Companies 0.1 % of the

Shan' Capital (Variation i r Right and Privileges) proposed

Rules, 2000. a Iee of. _ . capital

increase whichever is higher

( 9:)

Forshare capital proposed to be issued I increased upto Rs, 50 million, a fcc el',.;


(14) permission to hold a11 Extra Ordinary Gcrreral Meeting at a shorter Notice under the proVISO of sub-section (7) olsection l59, at fee of ".

(l l ) rectification 111 abe particulars of mortgages r charges of extension in time for tilli 1ltJ; the particulars of mortgages/ charge under section 17 1 . a fee of ' ..


I--_~ (i._) __ B_Y_' _<'I_P_'U_b_li_C _C_0I1_.1_P_'-l_ll)_",_a_1_-e_e_' t_)[--:-._' • -+-- __ 1 ~_~ ~:_O-O-O-_I__-l-5-.O-~~

(ii) By a private company, a fcc: of _. - 5.000 ::dJOQ



(IS} direction for holding annual general meeting/ Extra I .1- -1:11'- __ [

t.: j..

Yr .

. Nt.

Ordinary General Meeting under section 170; l
(1) By a public company, a fee of,; t 5~OO-O I 15.000
(il) By a private company. a fee cf... 5.000 5.QUO
(1 G) election of directors by 11 listed company under 5.0:00
section I78A, a Iee of .,.
( 17) approval ~)f loan 16 director under .section 1 ))5. a 5.000 to.OOO
fee of..,
(18) exemption from the applicability o f" prov isi ons of I O~O(jO 20))00
section 206 uncle!' clause (0) of sub-section (2)
thereof, a fee -0 f. , .
(19) approval fer the appointment of any sole purchase. lO,O(lO 20.,0.00
sale or distribution agent under sub-section (3) oL
sccucn 206, a fee 01'. __
{20} preparati on of accounts of mQre than twelve 1.,500 5.000
months 1I.1l111er section 233; ~1 fcc of,.,
(21 ) special audit under section 234A~ a fee or: _ .. 10.000 20,000
22) exemption from the. applicability of fourth 2.500 5.000
schedule or 5[h schedule under sub-section (5) M
section 234, a fee of ...
r- I
(23) exemption from the applicabili ty of section 237 2,500 5.000 i
under sub-section (tl) thereof a [ee elL,
(24) appointment er auditor under. sub-sect [(HI (7) of 2.500 5.000
section 252 in any of the situations arising under
sub-section (1) and (oJ thereof, a fee 0[ ..
I t25J appoinrmem of cost audit Linder section 258, a. fee 1,000 2.000
\26 ~ j nvcsti (J at! on into the affairs of a company under 10.000 10;000
the second prov i5;q (' L section 263. a Fee of, . ,
t2n restoration of a company struck. off by the 5_0'00 10,000
Registrar under sub-section (9) ofsection 439 .. ,
(28) application under the Companies Easy Exit 5.000 10_000
Scheme launched by the Commission, l] fee ol.;
c29) for an application t the Commission seeking 200.000
approval t.o issue securities outside Pakistan, a Ibe I
of.,_ 11
I~ ~
'lUI· Fn an applieation other than [hQ!:)e specified in part Vll 50,0 1.000
above or an appeal submitted to the registrar or the'
Commission under the Ordinance by 01' on behalf of a
company, a fee oj .• -
I •
IX. For an ap p li cat ion/ appeal h:omplaint submitted tn the
registrar or the Commission under the o rdi nance: ~
(1) By a member or the company til' any othe r pe rson 50.0 500
having dealing with the company, a fee of..;
t2) By any creditor of' the company. a fee of. .. 500 I 1.000
L....-... Note: The online fee shall be applicable only in the cases where online submission facility has been provided by the' Ccmm ission,"

P.Nn ,CLD/RD/CO~470/vqo

Na:zir AhJl:lled Shaheen ~xecu.tive Director (Rcgisumlon.)


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