New Testament 3

Pauline Theology

The Apostle and his God
Paul is passionate about God. God is an assumed presumption in his writings. Paul and monotheism ● He was a good Jew. God was father of his people. ● Glory of God is a particularly important concept ○ Splendour and honour (Heb ‫)כבד‬ ○ Came to mean revelation of God ○ God's actions in saving Israel reveal his glory ○ Paul's goal is to glorify God (Rom 15.6) God as creator, father and king ● Creator ○ Paul emphasises God's creative activity 'for him' (Col 1) ○ God still actively involved in creation ● Father ○ God as Father of Jesus (Rom 15.6), of Christians (Eph 3.14) and of all creation (Eph 4.6) ○ Eph 3 – Human fatherhood to be modelled on God ● King and judge ○ Sovereignty and responsibility ○ God demands high standard of allegiance ○ 'Will not the judge of the world do right?' (Gen 18.25) ○ Judgement is crucial to gospel (Rom 1.24, 26, 28 - God gave them up παραδιδωμι) ○ God takes himself seriously God who saves ● Paul's great interest is in God's love for creation ● Eph 1.3-10 ○ Start with predestination, end with last day ○ God is the source of all knowing ● Eph 2.1-10 ○ The way we were (vv1-3) ■ in bondage to world, devil and flesh ■ state of condemnation and death ○ What God has done to save us (vv4-10) ■ motivated by grace, mercy and love ■ made us alive in Christ, raised us up with Christ ■ that he might show the riches of his grace expressed in Christ


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