Money The King

Money plays all the key roles in person s life from milky layer to poverty line.

The whole system in world has been monitored by King who has money

In corrupted world from politician to news world to government officials, all takes bribery first to gain their job and to maintain their position to hold his under tree structure NEWS agencies run their system not only by self created revenue from advertisements with their TRP rates, each and every political party to business people to industries provide funds to this agencies to show good part of their side what about other side like corruption and environment problems created by this people. Each politician who gained seat in LA or RS, firsts aims to make money spent on elections, some more money for next elections and lastly to their grand children. From last 15 years, each year Rs 10,000 cores of money moved out of India without the accounting of income tax i.e, black money. It s around Rs 1,50,000 cores of money, if we use this money no need of world bank for now and future, if we divide each Indian will get Rs 50,000 per head as of now population. This was openly told by world survey but no Indian NEWS agency ready to do survey on their own and get popularity because they too have share in it. In India, election carried out at every five years for LA, RS and every six years for LC where the candidates have to give their details regarding family tree and property to Election commissioner for contesting with certain amount of depositing. By next election ie five years gap after getting seat in LA or RS, their property gets incremented by minimum 50% to 500% fold times. This is how politicians make money after getting post in one term.

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