Messages are what you want to communicate to your market. Messages should be clear, consistent and geared to the group you want to reach. They should also be compelling and resonate with your identified market. KEY QUESTIONS:          What is your primary objective? (E.g., share information, cultivate support or get people involved in your collaborative?) What issues will most resonate with your market? (E.g., concerns about the food system, childhood obesity, social justice or neighborhood safety?) What is their perspective on the issues? What values or perceptions do they hold? What assumptions or associations do they have about the issue? What’s in it for them? Do not assume people will care because it’s the right thing to do. How can you make the issue more personal and compelling? When people talk about your issue, what do you want them to say? What are the top three things you want your market to know about your issue? How do you prioritize your messages?

CODE WORDS:     Quote Sound byte Interview Media    Outreach Information share Engagement, etc.

CHALLENGES:    Prioritizing messages. Customizing messages. Speaking plainly without jargon.

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Creating messaging that everyone is comfortable not simply writing, but speaking.

BENEFITS:     Segmenting your audiences helps you to create more effective messaging. Messaging can help contextualize data and evaluation statistics into compelling and memorable stories. Prioritizing your messages can help prioritize the work that needs to be done in your community action plan. All collaborative members are Food & Fitness ambassadors. Message training workshops set them up for success.

EXAMPLE 1: IPOD, VISUAL MESSAGING   Users are fun, dancing silhouettes Users are relaxed and hip

EXAMPLE 2: TARGET, VERBAL MESSAGING     Hello, Goodbye/Goodbuy Expect more, Pay less Great design. Everyday. For everyone. Great design for all. Connecting smart shopping with affordable design.

EXAMPLE 3: COLLABORATIVE EXAMPLE: VERBAL PLACEHOLDERS    Messaging about the interconnectedness of health and food and fitness environments Messaging about sharing experiences and developing more community gardens Messaging about developing policies to create more community gardens

Prepared by Pyramid Communications