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TITLE: The Impact of Generational Issues on Christian Education in the Local Church:

What is Unique to Discipleship in the Millennial Context, and Beyond?

TITLE: Generational Issues faced by Millennials and it’s affect on Discipleship

The purpose of this project is to propose unique theoretical parameters and

strategies for discipling members of the Millennial Generation (Gen Y). This relates to a

need that is concerning to many church leaders, as this seems to be a generational

contingent that is hard to read through traditional approaches. Beyond ways to attract

and communicate in worship services, churches must find ways to lead Millennials in

spiritual formation and discipline.

Chapter 1 will focus on the basic elements of this project. In it, the author will

provide definitions for key terms and ideas that provide context for this study. The

demographic of Generation Y will be introduced as distinct from previous generations. It

will include a basic discussion of the effects of postmodern epistemology and expression

on the generation. Ancient-biblical forms of discipleship will be contrasted to modern-

traditional forms, and defining traits of biblical discipleship will be identified that are

suited to effective formation of Millennials. A biblical basis for discipleship will be

highlighted as the key method for human participation in life-transformation, as well as

the formation of personal leadership.

Chapter 2 will provide evidence that the Millennial Generation creates new

challenges in education and formation. This chapter will explore the social research on

the perceived values, social, and learning behaviors of this generation. There will be an

examination of issues related to this generation, posed by secular institutions.

Chapter 3 will describe the shifts that must be examined in current philosophies

and methods of discipleship and Christian education by local churches. There will be a

brief examination of those current, widely used, methods and philosophies. Then, the

modern-day church will be looked at through the millennial lens. Ministry needs will be

discussed to improve discipleship with this generation by highlighting successful

methods, and suggesting alternatives for unsuccessful methods.